I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 193

Tang San looked towards Ye Muyang suspiciously, without the slightest trust in what Ye Muyang said.

“Remember the transaction between the two of us back then?”

The demon knife is still shining with the rays of light, Ye Muyang’s expression is still indifferent, even though he is being caught by Slaughter City at the moment The person above is watching.

“It’s not finished yet, I don’t have time!”

“It’s not finished yet? That means our transaction has not been completed yet. This is all easy to handle. In fact, those The stuff is not very important to me.”

next moment I saw the monster knife rays of light flashed, and Tang San floated out instantly.

Look again, there is already a distance between the two.

“Ye Muyang, you think you can kill me!”

Tang San complexion is gloomy.

“I’m not at all with you, what hatred!”

“No hatred? It’s just your wishful thinking that’s all.”

Ye Muyang stepped forward , The spirit power of the whole body began to operate, and under the blessing of the spirit power, he came to Tang San in an instant.

Tang San couldn’t dodge, and quickly summoned Clear Sky Hammer.

Clear Sky Hammer collided with the demon sword. Although there was no spark, the clanging sound was everywhere.

Under the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Tang San once again separated from Ye Muyang.

Seeing this, Ye Muyang is not in a hurry, but instead is holding a cat and mouse mentality.

The Spirit Ability of the golden Spirit Bone is displayed, and the immortal grip of the ruthless iron hand moved towards Tang San and attacked.

“Torrential Pear Blossom Needle!”

Tang San grim, right hand took out a cylindrical mechanical object, the cylinder moved towards Ye Muyang quickly, the next moment circle The tube burst directly, and countless thin silver needles shot out.

For this, Ye Muyang had been prepared for this long ago, with the demon knife in his hand rolled up, a wall of wind appeared in front of him and formed a barrier.

All the silver needles were blocked.

Tang San’s complexion was even more ugly. After seeing Hu Liena who was waiting next to him, he shouted directly: “Hu Liena, Ye Muyang has hatred with your Spirit Hall, let’s see how he kills Crazy behavior, do you think he will let you go?

How about working together?”

Hu Lina doesn’t believe anyone at this moment. Until now Hu Liena has a self-confidence and even arrogant mentality, and Now she understood that she was the one who was kept in the dark.

She believed and doubted Tang San’s words.

“Nana, how could I be willing to kill you.”

Ye Muyang cast a rather ambiguous look at Hu Liena.

And what makes Ye Muyang speechless is that such an ambiguous look immediately angered Hu Liena. At this moment, Hu Liena participated in the battle without hesitation. The dagger waved and the sound of breaking through the air was in Ye Muyang’s ears. Sounded.

“Damn, you are crazy, don’t spoil my good deeds!”

Ye Muyang stopped Hu Liena in an instant. At this moment, Hu Liena cannot use Spirit Ability, he is not Ye Muyang’s opponent. , And now it is easier to be subdued by Ye Muyang.

At this time, cooking Hu Liena also bought time and opportunity for Tang San, and Tang San knew that he could not beat Ye Muyang with Spirit Ability, and at this time, Sa Yazi began to escape.

“Want to run, Tang San, it seems that you still don’t recognize reality.”

Ye Muyang stepped on, and under the supply of powerful spirit power, he jumped directly to Tang In front of San.

“Ye Muyang, why you must kill me, even if you kill me, Xiao Wu won’t go back with you.”

“Nonsense that many look, kill me first Let’s talk about it.”

When the words fell, Ye Muyang’s whole body directly rose up.

The next moment only leaves behind a flame and sparks that are gradually annihilated.

A Blue Silver Grass barrier appeared directly in front of Tang San. At this moment, Blue Silver Grass had awakened the bloodline of the Blue Silver Emperor, and the pale-gold pattern revealed extraordinary.

“It’s really Tang San!”

Hu Liena was sure in her heart that didn’t expect Tang San actually came to Slaughter City. Until now Hu Liena was concerned about Tang San, and now re-examined, Hu Liena once again realized the danger of Tang San.

Whether it was before or now, whether it is Hu Lina or Bibi Dong, they think that Tang San is more dangerous than Ye Muyang, because Tang San is twin spirits!

What Tang San needs is time. Ye Muyang is at best an innate talent that’s all. Compared with Tang San, there is still a gap.

“Ye Muyang, now my Blue Silver Grass is awakened again, no longer afraid of your flames!”

Tang San’s face is slightly relaxed, and the Blue Silver Emperor is true Not bad.

“Nevertheless, you still cannot escape death!”

The power of this Blue Silver Emperor also surprised Ye Muyang. The power of bloodline is really hard to figure out.

“In the face of absolute power, both are vain!”

The demon sword waved again, and the spirit power continued to be supplied.

ka-cha All the Blue Silver Grass snapped together.

And Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer still strikes.

“Clear Sky Hammer, chaotic cloak!”

The hammer wind is strong and brave, pushing forward with an invincible attitude, showing a crushing dry weeds and smashing wherever it goes. The gesture of rotten wood.

The chaotic cloak hammer method totals 108 hammers. Tang San can train Tang San for a total of 108 hammers. Tang San has already completed one hundred and eight experiences and cannot be used due to Spirit Ability. Tang San is trying his best to use chaotic cloak to counter Ye Muyang.

“Let me see how strong your chaotic cloak is.”

Ye Muyang faced it straight up, and did not flinch in the face of the brave hammer wind.

The demon knife cut out, and the boundless Blade Qi spread out.

Together with the air strikes waved by the Clear Sky Hammer, a layer of shock waves suddenly formed around them, and the impact set off dust in the sky, spreading everywhere.

Tang San also forgets everything, hammer after hammer, the hammer wind continues, and with the wave of Clear Sky Hammer, the imposing manner formed is getting stronger and stronger, and countless hammers wind and waves. , As if coming alive, these energies actually condensed to form a Black Dragon. The roaring Black Dragon roared and neighed to the sky, exuding an imposing manner that crushed everything.

“fuck off!”

Tang San face looks sinister up.

Although Tang San has mastered the chaotic cloak, Tang San still has great pressure to show it.

Ye Muyang got out and fell to the ground, and saw the Clear Sky Hammer chaos cloak. Tsk tsk was amazed. Clear Sky Sect was the first under the heavens sect. It’s not without reason. Just take this chaos cloak. In terms of being able to stand alone, let alone the “Great Sumeru Hammer” known as Divine Skill.

“I will open your eyes today.”

Ye Muyang raised it with one hand.

Spirit Ability phantom emerges on the right hand arm, golden lines continue to spread, and behind Ye Muyang a huge Golden Crow emerges.

The dazzling red rays of light pierced the sky, seeming to cover the entire small World of Slaughter City.

Golden’s big hands emerged, more solid and stronger than ever.

The big hand slowly moved upward and directly held the Black Dragon formed by the air wave. The Black Dragon roared constantly and fought hard to resist.

“break for me!”

Ye Muyang gave a soft drink, and saw his big hands suddenly close.

Suddenly a huge explosion sounded in the sky…

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