I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 194

The huge shock wave dissipated, Tang San half-kneeled on the ground, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand was illusory, and his face could still be seen pale in the dim light.

“Ye Muyang, you can’t kill me.”

Tang San looked towards Ye Muyang with a grin.

“Then let me try.”

Ye Muyang rushed over with the demon knife.

“Blue Silver Domain !”

Tang San’s whole body, blue Domain, is launched.

Blue Silver Domain can temporarily immune Tang San’s weakness and has a powerful auxiliary effect.

“Domain power can’t stop me either.”

The demon sword slashed directly up.

Tang San raised his hammer to resist.

The powerful force fell, and the Tang San look pale image appeared again.

Blue Silver Domain suddenly fell into chaos.

“You can’t kill me!”

Just listen to Tang San angry roar.

His eyes turned into turbid black directly, and countless slender black qi rose up from Tang San’s body.

Black air lingers, intertwined with Blue Silver Domain.

The Blue Silver Domain, which was originally pale blue, has now formed a complex domain infested by countless black air.

“This is what you forced me!

die for me!”

As Tang San gets more angry, his body rises black The stronger the qi, the more obscure its breath is difficult to figure out.

Seeing this, Ye Muyang not only didn’t feel shocked, but there was a kind of conspiracy on his face.

“Only in this way can you be qualified to fight me.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said, with excitement flashing in his eyes.

The demon knife collided with the Clear Sky Hammer, and the shock wave smashed the surrounding gravel. The black air continuously escaped, polluting the space and infecting the Domain.

“Clear Sky Hammer!”

Tang San looks a little crazy at the moment, it is the black energy that drives Tang San’s body, and it seems to be turned into a perpetual motion machine. Muyang irreconcilable.

Ye Muyang, however, is still calm and composed. The demon sword swipes again and again, and every attack is just right. Each knockback arouses Tang San’s anger but does not hurt him.

The boundless anger, that is the anger of being humiliated, even if Tang San is not very clear at the moment, but the deep humiliation he can remember clearly in the heart.

“Tang San, you will thank me for everything I did today.”

Ye Muyang said unfathomable.

Then, holding the double knives in both hands, the boundless Blade Qi condensed on it, and the next moment saw the purple light pouring down from the purple moon being cut open by a huge and invisible knife.

The demon knife cleaved and fell, and the earth suddenly cracked.

The aftermath moved directly towards Slaughter City, the main city shocked away.

At this moment, the main city is no longer silent, only the glory is everywhere, the roar is constant, and the aftermath is resisted.

And several silhouettes appeared in the direction of the main city.

Dust flew away, Tang San’s body fiercely smashed the earth into a deep pit, and his body was still surrounded by black energy. At this moment, most of the Clear Sky Hammer has been infested, from the original The dark golden turns into pitch black black.

“I learned about your life here today, so that you can forget about all your thoughts.”

Ye Muyang looked down at Tang San in the pit with extremely cold eyes .

With a sudden slap of the right hand, the demon sword turned into a sharp arrow to pierce the sky and pierce Tang San directly.

However, at the moment when the Demon Blade was about to resolve Tang San’s life, a red silhouette flashed by.

With a sound, the demon knife was bounced off.

Then the red silhouette moved towards Ye Muyang blasted out a palm.

In an instant, the boundless blood energy is condensed into a pair of huge palms, and at the same time, the whole Slaughter City World is compressed.

Ye Muyang looked shocked.

This palm is undoubtedly a might of Heaven in this Slaughter City.

“The seventh Spirit Ability, the great day avatar!”

Ye Muyang’s golden light continuously emerges all over the body, and the golden light body of the day and tomorrow turns on directly, and the seventh Spirit Ability is also immediately. Shi spread it out.

The huge Golden Crow Spirit flies in the air, and then it continuously transforms into a huge sun.

There was a loud bang.

The earth was hit again, and countless fine sands and gravels were overturned.

Suddenly all around and wailing constantly, it is the people who watch the excitement on the sidelines.

The sound of the explosion soon stopped, and the scene gradually calmed down.

“Is it dead?”

“I don’t know, who was the silhouette just now?”

“Who else can it be, except Slaughter King Who can have such a powerful strength.”

“But since it is the Slaughter King, why did he leave again? Why didn’t he just get rid of this person, and now he disappears again, what is he playing with? ?”

“Maybe there is something behind this person who even the Slaughter King don’t dare provoke!”

These people kept making chaos and heard another explosion sound.

I saw Ye Muyang emerge from the ground, a white clothed suit that looked a bit dilapidated, but it seemed that he was not at all seriously injured.

The flame wings were behind his back, Ye Muyang soared into the air, then his hands spread out, and countless spirit power poured down.

“Run! He is setting up the altar!”

There was a loud cry from nowhere, and then everyone reacted and began to flee.

However, the demon knife fell again, the scene of cutting vegetables resurfaced, and the blood turned into a river again.

The earth and stone are erected in an inch square, and two altars are constantly being formed.

Ye Muyang fell to the ground and just came to Hu Liena and Ah Fu.

“You did a great job.”

Ye Muyang said to Hu Liena lightly.

The words refer to Hu Liena protecting Ah Fu.

“Sometimes I really can’t figure out what kind of person you are!”

Hu Liena frowned and fell into Ye Muyang’s hands again, she no longer has what she used to be Fear, on the contrary, is very calm.

“To like someone is to start with curiosity. Don’t have any thoughts about me.”

Ye Muyang puts on a sentence moved towards two altars that are forming.

And Hu Liena behind him is twitched his lips, and I feel that this guy is still as stinky as before.

“That was the Slaughter King just now?”

Before catching up, Hu Liena asked puzzledly.

“What do you think?”

“Then why didn’t he kill you?”

Hu Liena asked again.

“Do you really want me to die?”

Ye Muyang’s eyes are white. It seems that he still can’t treat Hu Liena this woman too well.

Hu Liena rolled his eyes and said nothing.

“If I die, you won’t be able to get out. Slaughter City is different from before.”

“I can feel it, watching you make such a big mess Quietly, the Slaughter King hasn’t appeared for a long time, and now he’s only showing up and disappearing again. But listening to you, do you know something?”

Ye Muyang stopped looking towards Hu Liena, then suddenly shot.

Hold Hu Liena directly, and then spread out and leave the place.

“What are you doing!”

Hu Liena is shocked. She knows that Ye Muyang is not a good person.

When the words fell, the place where they had stood before exploded, and an attack fell directly.

“Look, I saved your life again.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

And how is Hu Liena a little girl, there will be so easily deceived.

Ye Muyang quickly pushed away and said: “Obviously I’m here to kill you, so don’t get involved with me.”

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