I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 197

The purple blue rays of light resemble a living spirit on the lotus seat, forming a lotus that is constantly shining with purple blue flames.

In an instant, the stone statue that was supposed to be eclipsed by calmness now showed a brilliant white brilliance.

A silhouette emerges in the dimness, the eyes are completely devoid of human emotion, looking down at the indifference of sentient beings.

“Who are you?”

An ethereal, dialogue that spans thousands of time and space.

“I am a god.”

Ye Muyang held up the lunar faint glow that turned into a lotus with one hand.

“The traces of the avenue, I understand.”

The silhouette looked towards Ye Muyang as if he knew something, and said so.

“What do you understand?”

Ye Muyang is frowned, unable to figure out the meaning of this.

The silhouette does not reply any more, but gradually disappears.

“Who the hell are you, why do you appear here, and what do you understand?”

Ye Muyang shouted.

For an instant, Ye Muyang’s face was extremely ugly, not because of the inability to help this sudden appearance, but a kind of powerlessness to be at the mercy of countless conspiracies.

“When you truly become a god, you will be qualified.”

The silhouette finally disappeared, and only such a sentence came to Ye Muyang’s ear.

“One day I will rub those who plot against me one after another on the ground!”

Ye Muyang said with a calm face.

Then directly sat down and said to the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King: “Protect me.”

The huge body rose directly into the air, wings spread out, nine The head roar towards the sky, exuding bursts of roar, the boundless Via spread out, all around suddenly became an boundless storm, and Ye Muyang, located in the center, was calm and quiet, without any influence.

At this moment, Ye Muyang floats the purple lotus in front of him, showing the state of night and night. The blue flames burned, and layers of frost condensed on the ground and spread outward.

A trace of pure energy on the purple lotus turns into a balance spring and moves towards Ye Muyang, spreading away.

The destruction of clothing touches is exhausted, and the meridians appear on the body, and the purple energy starts to wander along these meridians and enters the body. That is the process of meridian burning and rapid recovery. Thousands of pains caused Ye Muyang’s mind to become unconscious.

Clutching his teeth, Ye Muyang dared not take a moment, his hair was flying, and the energy fluctuations became more and more violent.

Meanwhile, Hell Road.

Tang San can’t help but become vigilant as he looks at the run-down scene.

There are too many traces here that have just been formed.

Looking down at the Asura sword in his hand, Tang San was excited and sad.

Slaughter King is actually his own Great Grandfather. This is something Tang San couldn’t think of.

It’s a pity that I knew everything that happened to Great Grandfather. I was polluted by the power of the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King. I lost my sobriety. I finally had to cut myself to restore my consciousness. Unfortunately, time is running out. Up.

“Great Grandfather, I will definitely avenge you!”

Tang San tightened the Asura God Sword in his hands.

When he left, Tang San glanced quickly under the power of Great Grandfather and found the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King brought by Ye Muyang.

“Ye Muyang, you will be the enemy of my life!”

Put away Asura God Sword, Tang San’s heart is full of infinite fighting spirit, he just needs time, he must Buy time for yourself!

Hell Road, first test Burning Heart Bridge!

The towering stone pillar supports a stone bridge. The stone bridge is narrow and beneath it is a deep and unmeasurable lava.

Burning with the blazing heat.

There are not thousands or hundreds of people who enter Hell Road, and someone is doomed to die.

Everyone knows that rushing to Hell Road must be dangerous, but for them this is the only way to survive.

“Tiger Old Master, or you can go first.”

At this moment, Miyamoto Crimson is still in a coma, Hu Liena agreed to Ye Muyang’s request and naturally can’t betray her. But I don’t want to see others being affected because of myself.

“You little girl is not bad, little brother Ye is so blessed.”

When Hu Liena said that, Hu Liena was a little confused at first, but then she understood it instantly. Said: “Old Master laughed, he and I are enemies, and one person must die.”

Tiger Old Master laughed but said nothing. Youngster always likes to talk about life and death when he is playing and making trouble. It’s not an old tradition.

Then he said: “little girl, you stick to the morals, I am old fogey, of course, so I don’t have to worry about delays. In my opinion, this place is full of danger.

old fogey, I am here. Slaughter City has been in Slaughter City for quite a while. Although I want to go out, I don’t have to worry about this moment.

Let those people go ahead and find the way.”

Seeing Tiger Old Master’s face calmly, Hu Liena couldn’t say anything more.

The next moment suddenly rang out, and shocked countless people.

There is a scarlet cloud above the sky, and the blood-reeking qi directly diffuses the audience, choking people’s throat.

“What is it?”

“What is that?”

“Blood pool! I saw a blood pool!”

The people around suddenly became nervous.

At this moment, even Tiger Old Master is serious.

To Hu Liena said: “Hurry up and hide with them, the things not to be trifled with are coming.”

Hu Liena acted immediately, but the blood-colored cloud swelled When I opened, the blood pool appeared, and the blood pool was boiling and the water in the blood pool poured back.

The person who was irrigated by the water of the blood pool immediately resumed the use of Spirit Ability.

“Blood-stained pool! This is a blood-stained pool!”

Those who resumed Spirit Ability use suddenly got up, with this long-lost excitement on their faces.

“What’s the matter, why does it look so weird.”

Hu Liena whispered.

“Look, there is nothing good, the blood stained pool, everything is an illusion that’s all.”

Tiger Old Master sneered.

After hearing the shouts of those people, some people who were too eager rushed up directly to bathe in the blood that poured down from the blood-stained pool.

“Don’t go over, there must be demons if something goes wrong!”

At this moment, someone shouted again.

Someone wakes up soon.

All this is too weird. Why did the blood-stained pool suddenly appear here? What are the scarlet clouds?

No one knows that things that do not know the truth are always the most deadly terrifying.


Suddenly there was a cry of pain.

I saw that the person’s body kept oozing blood, and the scarlet thing kept emerging, and then he was forcibly squeezed dry.

Then he looked over, a wailing. The scarlet cloud gradually converged.

A black clothed woman appeared in front of everyone.

“It really is her.”

Hu Old Master said.

“Who is this person, why have I never seen it?”

Hu Liena looked confused.

“It’s normal for you not to know her. To be honest, I don’t know what her details are. This woman is called the shadow, and she calls herself the shadow of the Slaughter King. Those who receive you new testers People are her subordinates.

There are people in Slaughter City who are very afraid of the shadows. They are all controlled by this woman behind the scenes.”

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