I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 198

“Slaughter King’s person? Then why can she enter here?”

“If she used to be Slaughter King’s person, as for now, maybe not anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

Hu Liena asked.

“Something happened to the Slaughter King, this woman betrayed and wanted to go out. All this seems to have something to do with little brother Ye.”

Tiger Old Master replied.

Then I saw the black clothed woman grabbing with one hand, and Miyamoto’s crimson body was directly grabbed.

The blood pool flooded again, flooding Miyamoto’s crimson.

“Hell Road is not something you waste can pass through,”

the woman said coldly.

Then moved towards Hu Liena and Tiger Old Master and said: “Hu Ben, won’t you come out?”

“You rushed to your Hell Road, why are you looking for me?”

Tiger Old Master looked helpless.

“Who do you think this is?”

The blood mist diffused, and the silhouette of the undead Knight appeared again.

“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Tiger Old Master shook his head directly, without even looking at Yaxer.


The black clothed woman directly moved towards Tiger Old Master and shot.

The boundless scarlet spirit power turns into thousands of threads, one after another surging with terrifying power.

The face of Tiger Old Master suddenly changed, and the grey and black air currents all over his body suddenly surged.

Titled Douluo’s breath suddenly swept the audience.

“That is!”

Hu Liena was directly shocked. She absolutely did not expect Tiger Old Master to be able to use Spirit Ability. The strength of the Titan Douluo is extremely strong, and the sea is as deep as the sea. Don’t snoop.

For a moment, Hu Liena was puzzled again. She seemed to feel the breath of Tiger Old Master from there.

Suddenly there was an inspiration!

Tang San!

She felt this aura in Tang San’s body.

Evil Spirit Master!

At this moment, Hu Liena instantly understood that this is the breath of the evil Spirit Master. Tang San has appeared in it, and now the tiger Old Master also has the smell of the evil Spirit Master.

“Are you finally going to show your true colors?”

The black clothed woman coldly said.

“I didn’t want to show it so early, I just wanted to go out quietly. Didn’t expect people like you will always appear, which is really annoying.”

The look of Tiger Old Master is dark and gloomy.

“Let your companion fight with you.”

The black clothed woman said with a smile.

Then I saw the blood surging, the undead Knight who closed his eyes suddenly eyes opened, and the big knife in his hand came out directly.

However, the undead Knight Axar directly reversed his body and moved towards the black clothed woman with a slash.

The black clothed woman’s complexion was suddenly shocked, and the blood pool flew directly to stop the undead Knight Axer’s knife.

“hahaha, arrogant and conceited woman.”

Tiger Old Master laughed.

“die for me!”

The woman shrieked.

The blood pool was surging, and Yaxer’s body burst open, and all the blood was absorbed by the blood pool.

Only a gray air current floated out, fleeing into the distance.

“Want to run, wishful thinking!”

The woman leaped up, the blood pool expanded endlessly, and directly enveloped a side World.

“Blood-stained pool is impossible, what did you do?”

The more you look at Tiger Old Master, the more amazed, this blood pool is simply too weird, he never did I don’t know that the blood stained pool will have such an effect.

“Who is the real ignorant person, this is my true fate.”

“True fate? What is the true fate?”

Tiger Old The Master frowned and asked.

The woman did not speak, but continued to control the blood pool to restrain this a side World.

But suddenly gradually, a shuddering horse sounded throughout the day.

The blood pool shook directly after being hit.


The black clothed woman was furious.

Removing the blood pool, I saw a fierce horse exuding Soul Fire outside. On top of the fierce horse, a man was wearing a black robe and holding a bold sword.

It’s just that those skull-like pupils are godless light.

As the gray air current flows directly into the silhouette, the eyes of the rays of light that shock the soul are exuding.

“I’m back.”

The big knife fell on the ground with a crash, and the breath of Tilted Douluo swept out again.

“Damn, I understand. The power of the blood source, you two actually used the power of the blood source!”

The black clothed woman woke up.

“I understand a lot, today let us take a closer look at what you are.”

Hu Ben stepped forward, and the breath of Tilted Douluo swept over him again.

Behind him is a black tiger lying entrenched.

“Do you think this can kill me?”

The black clothed woman smiled weirdly, and then the blood pool turned again and worshiped more turbulently.

Layers of blood swept out, constantly drifting out.

For a moment, there was a roar in the distance, like a constant response.

Then countless Avia swept across.

The strong wind roared, everyone just felt tight.

“Good child, go, dark golden three-headed Bat King!”

An equally huge Demonic beast appeared directly, three heads terrifying terrifying, dark golden patterns with imposing The oppression above the manner.

“Compared to Slaughter King, I am the Slaughter City True King!”

The black clothed woman laughed, and then she was about to drift away.

However, the blood pool vibrated again, this time the shock shocked the black clothed woman again.

The blood mist kept surging, and the black clothed woman found her original place.

“A clown wants to shake the sky too!”

The black clothed woman burst into anger.

It was Miyamoto Crimson who made such a noise.

The boundless blood wave moved towards Miyamoto’s crimson flapping away.

And Miyamoto’s crimson body was continuously impacted like a small boat in the pool of blood.


I saw Miyamoto Crimson suddenly opened eyes.

The spirit power of worship is surging all over.

Spirit power condenses to form a stalwart War God law.

The War God, wearing a ghost warrior armor, holding a crimson blade, moved towards the blood pool suddenly cut off.

The black clothed woman was shocked. It was the first time she had met this kind of thing, and it was even stranger than her.

The blood pool surged, and Miyamoto’s crimson was expelled quickly.

The powerful force has already fallen, but the black clothed woman has already flashed away, and suddenly The earth shook and the mountain quivered, lava surged.

Many people are dumbfounded again.

This role who has always served as a follower to Ye Muyang is now showing the same strength that cannot be ignored.

The stalwart War God has an imposing manner that cuts off Heaven and Earth.

“What kind of monsters are there around that kid, even this unremarkable kid made the old man look at him.”

Hu Ben resisted the three-headed Bat King, Bat King. Said with a smile.

The strength of the dark gold three-headed Bat King is not enough to compare with the two Tilted Douluo, but the undead feature makes them quite tricky.

“old bastard, trap it for me, I drew its soul!”

The soul horse is yelled, carrying a sword all over his body, and riding up.

“Soul horse, didn’t expect it has been so many years, we can meet again.”

Hu Ben’s hands kept moving, laughed and said with a smile.

“old bastard is going to tell Lao Tzu to tell me about the old days, I will settle accounts with you after I have dealt with these things!”

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