I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 199

The tiger ben urges Spirit and immediately displays the seventh Spirit Ability, incarnation a black tiger exuding Ominous Fiend Qi.

Then suddenly moved towards the Dark Golden Three Bats Bat King and attacked.

“Ninth Spirit Ability, the battle of sleepy tigers!”

The gray airflow diffuses to form countless tiger shadows, and the roar of the tigers is deafening and extremely powerful.

The three dark golden bats Bat King fluttered their wings and dodged, but to no avail had to be entangled with the black tiger.

There was another sound of horseshoes, and the horse was full of deep green flames. The horse leaped up, and the man carrying the sword turned into a lock of ecstasy.

The hand shook, and then he suddenly shot and directly locked the three-headed Bat King.

“Come here!”

Then the soul horse suddenly pulled, only to see a transparent shadow being pulled out with difficulty, and the three dark golden heads who were struggling Bat King resisted more fiercely, continuously roared among the three hideous heads, and there was endless pain from that voice, even people of different species could feel the pain revealed by it.

“Old fart, you are faster.”

The Tiger Old Master who continues to output spirit power is a bit impatient. This dark golden three-headed Bat King is made for them. Not much damage is extremely difficult.

“Who can stand and talk without backache, this beast is not a normal Spirit Beast!”

The spirit horse suddenly surged with huge spirit power, and was about to give this dark The golden three-headed Bat King made the final blow.

However, at this moment, there was a scream, which was particularly ear-piercing.

I saw a larger black shadow flying over.

The soul horse, who has an extremely keen perception of the soul, slammed his heart, and it pounced on a more powerful soul!

“Get out of the way!”

Then shouted.

Immediately, the soul horse didn’t care about the three-headed Bat King, and quickly let go and dodge to the side.

“What are you doing, pit wall, you!”

Hu Ben didn’t react for a while, and the three-headed Bat King struggling fiercely directly shook Hu Ben away.

“Don’t talk, something terrible is coming.”

The soul horse hurriedly pressed Hu Ben, grim said.

“Unbelievable? What is it?”

Before the soul horse responded, they saw a monster with the same huge wings pounce on the dark golden three-headed Bat King.

The dark golden three-headed Bat King roar became more terrifying, and then I saw the dark golden three-headed Bat King actually roared in pain while moving towards the ground and fell.

And the monster with the same huge wings disappeared in front of everyone.

“Old fart, what is this?”

The soul horse shook his head, not because he didn’t know, but he didn’t know.

“It’s him.”

The dark gold three-headed bat Bat King roared in pain on the ground, struggling to roll and then falling straight into the boiling blood below.

Ye Muyang’s silhouette appeared in the sky.

“little brother Ye, it seems that he got some chance, he is stronger than before.”

Hu Ben lightly said.

“He is not the same as us.”

The spirit horse continued. “That Asura King may be wooed.”

“That’s right. Asura King is very strong. If it is carefully cultivated, it will definitely not be a simple character in the future.”

Hu Ben Nodding his head.

Ye Muyang fell to the ground and moved towards Hu Liena and walked out. Miyamoto’s face is still pale, but he is still awake, and his eyes are embarrassing and there is no problem. .

“Are you all okay?”

Ye Muyang asked.

Hu Liena simply shook her head, looking towards Ye Muyang even more confused, Ye Muyang seemed to be stronger, and the sense of crisis in her heart was continuously growing at this moment.

“Master, Master, the scarlet big brother just now is amazing, he summon a huge War God, which is amazing.”

Afu jumped out and said, see him Ye Muyang feels more at ease than the impact of not at all fighting along the way.

But listening to Ah Fu said, Ye Muyang has a lot of interest.

Miyamoto Crimson twitched the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile: “It’s the power of the bloodline, because of the black clothed…black clothed woman.”

Ye Muyang nodded Said that he understood that Ye Muyang, the black clothed woman, did not know her identity.

“Okay, you guys rest where you are, I’ll look around.”

Ye Muyang then turned around and moved towards and looked around.

This is Hell Road, full of dilapidated scenery. Beneath the Burning Heart Bridge is boundless boiling blood. Most of this blood is the accumulation of Slaughter City for a long time. How many people lost their lives in this Slaughter City.

Not far away, two figures.

Ye Muyang kept a distance from him, his face was flat.

“Many thanks Tiger Old Master sheltering them.”

Ye Muyang cupped his hands and said.

“You kid, it seems that you already know something.”

Hu Ben said with a smile.

“I have dealt with the evil Spirit Master before and have some understanding.”

The tone is flat and the look is flat.

“Listening to your non-cold tone, it does not seem to be a good contact.”

Hu Ben continued.

“Yes, it can be said to be an enemy. Observing you, I suddenly thought of something.”


“I found you It seems that they belong to a group. What special connection does it have.”

“Oh, what do you mean by that?” Hu Ben was a little curious.

“I have encountered an evil Spirit Master named Black Rat, an irritating dragon, an evil snake, and a demon dog. Combined with you two, I can probably guess you should Corresponds to the Chinese zodiac.

One is a tiger, the other is a horse.”

“It seems that you really have encountered some.

They are the twelve Evil Soul Envoy, we used to be too, but now we are not anymore.”

Hu Ben was shrugged very calmly.

“Twelve Evil Soul Envoys?”

“little brother Ye, don’t think about getting any news from us. Although your innate talent is good, you still have some things Don’t mix it up well, so as not to cause trouble to your upper body.

That’s all the advice, and we won’t lose you. After staying in this ghost place for so long, we really want to see what happens outside. What did it look like.”

The spirit power surged along with the two of them, moving towards Burning Heart Bridge and flew away.

On the bridge, the two suddenly stopped. After a short pause, they turned their heads and looked towards Ye Muyang and said, “Little brother Ye, this Burning Heart Bridge is not simple, so don’t plant here. “

Then the two actually punched each other, crashing the ground, layers of scarlet were blasted out of their bodies, and then disappeared above the Burning Heart Bridge.

“unfathomable mystery.”

Ye Muyang said something like this.

“Now that I have completed what you explained, let me separate now. After all, you and I are enemies.”

Hu Liena handed the demon sword to Ye Muyang, followed by a few jumps moved towards the direction of Burning Heart Bridge.

However, as soon as he fell on the Burning Heart Bridge, Hu Liena only felt that his heart was burning, and the divine soul began to become lost, and his mind was filled with the desire to kill!

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