I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 201

“This Hell Road now seems to be only this, especially those of you who can use Spirit Ability. There is no obstacle.”

Walking across the Burning Heart Bridge, Hu Liena looked at it. Said around.

“The most terrifying ones are always the same kind.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

After thinking about it, Hu Liena thinks so.

All the people who were one step ahead of them revealed not simple, not to mention the two weird evil Spirit Master Titled Douluo, but the weird black clothed woman. This can give many trials. Refiners bring fatal danger.

The blood scattered on the road indicates that there is always danger.

“There are weirdness everywhere here, you can’t see the head at a glance, it’s really a little embarrassing.”

Miyamoto Crimson looked at the front and said.

“It seems that there is no danger in this level. I think this level should be where the Bat King is occupied.”

“That monster? Speaking of that. It’s just a monster, is it dead?”

Hu Liena has the impression that the black clothed woman summon came out to fight the two Tilted Douluo-level evil Spirit Masters. But then because of the appearance of Ye Muyang, Hu Liena also saw another black shadow attacking the dark golden three-headed Bat King, and finally fell into the boiling blood.

“It should die, but it will give birth to a more powerful ancient Demonic beast.”

Hu Liena did not speak, and became increasingly confused about Ye Muyang.

It is very uncomfortable for her to ignore the feeling of being taken care of all the time.

As the four of them advanced, there was a fierce fight in front of them.

I saw dozens of people besieging an indescribable long snake.

On its head and back, there are a total of nine bulges. Each bulge is as weird as a mushroom, and inside the bulge is something like blood flowing.

Hu Liena is frowned, undoubtedly, there is another tough battle to be fought next.

“Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent, it looks really not simple.”

This ancient Demonic beast, Ye Muyang has been staring for a long time.

In dealing with these people without Spirit Ability, Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent is too easy, it is like this snake is teasing at the moment.

Presumably this Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent must be an expert who can eat. Before the food enters the stomach, strengthening its body exercise can promote blood circulation and make the meat more compact and tender.

“Why do you know everything?”

Hu Liena was surprised to hear Ye Muyang say the name of this monster.

Even if her Master Bibi Dong successfully passed through the powerhouse of Slaughter City Hell Road, she never told her what the experience in Hell Road was.

And Ye Muyang,, is it possible that there is also a powerhouse behind Slaughter City?

“It is said in the book.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

Hu Liena turned her head, thinking that Ye Muyang would not tell the truth, but she didn’t know that Ye Muyang did read it in the book.

“Let’s solve it quickly.”

Hu Liena took out the dagger and prepared for a dash.

“Don’t be so anxious, maybe we can pass smoothly, don’t have to kill this Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.”

“Do you have any way?”

Seeing Ye Muyang’s relaxed face and scarcely panic grim appearing on his face, Hu Liena felt a sense of being taken care of.

“Look below.”

Ye Muyang pointed to the bottom. The boiling blood was surging as before, but it was obvious that there was something swimming inside.

“This is!?”

Hu Liena was startled, even though the creature below was separated by the boiling blood, she could feel the fear and mentality it brought. oppression.

“Let’s go, and leave the rest to it.”

Ye Muyang took the lead to go up.

Hu Liena followed immediately, followed by Miyamoto Crimson and Ah Fu.

“Is there really nothing wrong?”

There is another narrow bridge ahead, but Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent completely blocked the narrow bridge.

If you try hard, you must meet Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

“Trust me, did I harm you?”

Ye Muyang turned his head and said with a helpless smile.

Then he said: “Just say since we realized that now, I have harmed you again?”

Hu Liena just opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Ye Muyang never seems to have hurt himself, but maintains everywhere. But he has always regarded Ye Muyang as his enemy.

In an instant, countless guilt surged up.

“I’m sorry.”

“Needless to say I’m sorry, you don’t believe me and I can understand.

At the time Bibi Dong had a killing intent for me, so you will You naturally treat me as an enemy, and you naturally don’t believe it when treating the enemy.

Furthermore, when I treat the enemy, you will naturally not have a good impression of me in your heart.

After we get out of Slaughter City, let’s get together and have a good time. If we meet again, we might be really enemies.”

Ye Muyang was a little bit emotional.

But the four have entered the attack range of Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent at this moment.


The roar came from the direction of Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent. At this moment, it has encountered many passers-by, and some pass-through people make it feel Full of frustration, now that the food has just been prepared, and now there is another wave of people who bother him, which makes Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent not angry.

And at this moment the angry roar also sounded, and I saw boiling blood suddenly surging up, nine heads protruding out, and then a broad wing flashed with strong wind.

The strong wind directly suppressed the surging liquid level.

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King is more terrifying and more powerful than dark gold three-headed Bat King.

Two huge Demonic beasts are facing each other, Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent is still too far behind Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King.

The oppression in the direct imposing manner made Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent curl up.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Muyang once again extended the hand towards Hu Liena.

Hu Liena hesitated for a moment, and finally handed it to Ye Muyang.

The four of them did not at all get on the bridge, but directly stepped onto the body of the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, their wings vibrated, and the four of them passed here in an instant.

“Master, I want to stay here.”

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King said.


“Back to the master, there seems to be something under this boiling blood. Slaughter City seems to exist not only because of an inheritance, but suppressing What are you holding.”


“I don’t know, time is too long, my memory is lost too much.”

The head replied.

“Yes, you can stay here.”

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, each head has its own thought.

At this moment, the rest of the head became active after Ye Muyang left.

“Big brother, why do we want to mess with him?”

“Yes, big brother, it’s disgusting to look at you respectfully, knowing that we can It’s not a good thing, we are ominous beasts, we have to show off our ominous beast’s prestige.”

“Shut up, you guys, you know what a fart! Someday you will thank me for my decision Yes.”

The other eight heads sneered and rolled their eyes.

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