I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 202

“Boss, Boss!”

Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent moved towards Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King sound transmission in beast language.

“What’s the matter?”

Conquering Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent makes Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King a lot easier. Some things do not need to be handed over to the younger brother. .

“Boss, another person is here to break through the barrier, do you need me to catch that kid over to honor you?”

At this moment, Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent is a cautious person, walking on thin ice, really There is no way. The suppression that Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King brought to it is a real irresistible thing. At this moment, it is also an ominous beast. Naturally, no beast wants to live under it.

“No, you can solve it by yourself.”

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, while talking, glanced towards the narrow bridge.

When you see the appearance of the person who broke through, Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King quickly stopped Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent, and the huge wings directly lifted Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

“Oh, big brother, what are you doing?”

This sudden movement made Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent roar, not because he is too weak and angry The waves flew directly, but this was a bit completely unprepared, making it unresponsive for a while.

“Are you crazy? If you brat don’t want to die, let him leave.” Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King roared in animal language.

The person here is Tang San. Although he doesn’t know much about Tang San Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t know.

This person is the heir of Slaughter King. When Slaughter King killed himself, Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King felt that he appeared on the spot as a tiny soul. At that time, he had a game with this kid. It was so powerful. Finding that it could not gain the upper hand, and perceiving keenly in the spirit of Demonic beast, it discovered that this child actually contained an aura that made it very fearful.

It’s not easy to live a life again. At this moment, Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King attaches great importance to his life.

The head in the first place is lost in thought, and the other eight heads are continuously lying around Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

Tang San, who was at the bridge head, quickly found two huge alien beasts hidden in the dark with his extraordinary eyesight. When he saw the Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent, Tang San was taken aback, because this thing was recorded in the Tang Sect Treasure Record. Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent, although powerful, could not pose much of a threat to him today.

But Tang San’s gaze stayed on the nine-headed bat. He had seen this thing too, or he had fought it a while ago. It was a soul-level game, if it wasn’t for having Blue Silver. Domain may have been defeated long ago, and Tang San could also find that it was just a tiny Soul Power, and now it was a live one, which made Tang San have to grim down.

Furthermore, from Tang San’s perspective at this moment, the two alien beasts seem to be in conflict, the nine-headed bat is moving towards Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent and roaring, and Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent Shaking his savage head, as if resisting.

Tang San was beating a drum in his heart. In order to conceal people, Tang San hid all the way. After making sure of his safety countless times, Tang San walked out.

The Burning Heart Bridge is just a decoration, and now you may have to pay some price for it.

The head that was in the first place contemplatively realized that Tang San was worried, and really didn’t want to have any dealings with Tang San.

After that, he spread his wings and flew away, by the way, he took away Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

Tang San was a little confused, and made him a little doubt whether this was a trap, and prepared to put himself in a dilemma. They had the convenience of catching a turtle in a jar.

“Ciao, this kid is also courageous.”

A bat head said with contempt.

“You know what a fart. People call it cautious. It’s because everyone didn’t let you control your body, otherwise our several brothers will die again.”

Another bat head Scolded.

For a while, several very active bat heads started talking directly.

From time to time, there are conflicts between the first and the first because of different opinions.

“What’s so special, shut up for me!”

The first bat was full of boredom.

Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent on the side looked at the large-scale scoring scene, and it was a joy to watch.

Taking a sip of boiling blood is a bit pleasant.

The first bat head angry roar, all bat heads closed their mouths.

“Big brother, who is that kid, even you are afraid?”

“Hey, kid, what are we going to say, we will be afraid of that kid?”

A stared wide-eyed song with a sharp tone.

Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent suddenly lowered his head and said that he had said something wrong.

“This human kid is not simple, you don’t want to mess with it.” The head of the bat did not say much, but simply ordered a few words.

Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent’s mind became active. Since this nine-headed monster is afraid, can I take refuge in this youngster?

Tang San, who has tested a lot, finally made up his mind at this moment and crossed the bridge!

Although Tang San knows that he is a lot late, he must make sure that each step is steady and steady. This is not only taught by his father but also taught by teacher Yu Xiaogang.

On the other side, Ye Muyang and the others have advanced a lot at this moment.

Here is still dilapidated, but the silhouette is rare, basically dead.

“Thank you for your help, I will repay you after I go out.”

Hu Liena let go of Ye Muyang’s palm and said each minding their own business.

“Repay, what repay you? Can you stop Bibi Dong when he wants to kill me? Or use other things?”

Ye Muyang looked up and down Hu Liena, unspoken implication speaks for itself.


Hu Liena instantly refused without hesitation.

“Do you really have no feeling for me?”

Ye Muyang asked.

“Didn’t you already have a friend, why do you want to give me an idea?”

Hu Liena asked, you should know that Ye Muyang and Shui Bingér were in the frozen forest. She knows the Qingqing, me and me.


Ye Muyang didn’t know how to answer for a while. It seemed that for a woman, no matter how she answered her, it seemed to be an expression of effort.

“I see, you don’t need to say.”

Hu Liena’s voice is cold, coldly snorted and said.

“You misunderstood, I am sincere to everyone.”

“Bah, shameless.”

Hu Liena took a bite and said softly Scolded.

Ye Muyang’s face is embarrassed.

“It’s better not to hit my mind. As Spirit Hall Holy Maiden, the two of us are destined not to go together.”

“Not necessarily, as long as I die It’s not enough if you are in Spirit Hall.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Hu Liena looked towards Ye Muyang, not shocked, but ridiculous.

Even if she knows that Ye Muyang’s innate talent is very strong, her strength at the moment cannot be underestimated, but under the background of Spirit Hall for so many years, she does not believe that Ye Muyang can do what he said.

Hu Liena believes that Ye Muyang is just a big talk that’s all in order to be able to put it in front of him.

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