I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 203

a summer insect cannot discuss ice, Ye Muyang saw Hu Liena’s disbelief and didn’t explain it specifically.

The purpose of Ye Muyang today includes but is not limited to Spirit Hall.

The sound of fighting not far away attracted the attention of four people.

“Two lunatics, why must you chase me!”

Tenderly shouted, his voice was full of anger and helplessness.

When the four of them went further, they stepped forward and saw that the black clothed woman was floating in the air, and the pool of blood behind her was constantly surging.

Below is the fighting intent, the spirit power, the tiger and the soul horse.

The appearance of the four people instantly attracted the attention of the three.

Seeing this, the black clothed woman waved her hand directly, the blood pool surged, and the blood-red rain seemed to drop down suddenly as thin as a sharp needle.

Ye Muyang waved his hand in the same way, and the spirit power gathered his boundless hand to stop the rain of blood.

In the gap, the black clothed woman once again silhouetted and flew towards the inside.

“Little brother Ye, it is really extraordinary, didn’t expect such a speed.”

Tiger Old Master said hello.

“Thanks to the award, I did not encounter any obstacles worth mentioning along the way.

Two seniors, do you know who the black clothed woman is?”


“The man who claims to be the shadow, is Slaughter King’s right-hand man. He is here now. For some reason, the little brother Ye should be able to guess.”

Ye Muyang nodded, observe After a while, the two of them then said: “Did the two seniors have seen Asura King?”

The two of them shook their heads hearing this.

Tiger Old Master groaned for a moment and said: “Little brother Ye, you and I can be considered to have some friendship. Please ask, do you have any hatred with him?”

Ye Muyang calmly continued: “There are some hatred and so on, but everything depends on how to deal with it. If it is not handled properly, trivial matters may also make the two enemies of life and death.”

“Interesting .In this case, based on the friendship between the two of us, I will not hide it, Asura King, the boy, we are both protected.

No matter what the reason is, I hope to be here little brother Ye It’s best to leave a way out.

Let him go.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

Ye Muyang looks plain, look It is hard to know what he was thinking.

Hu Liena looked at Ye Muyang, who was expressionless, but also a little confused.

What animosity can there be between Ye Muyang and Tang San? Spirit Hall wants to kill Tang San and Ye Muyang too. If these two people work together and rely on their innate talent, the future It was definitely a disaster for Spirit Hall, and now these two people are also enemies, which makes Hu Liena think different.

“That means that the old man and little brother Ye are not close enough.”

Hu Ben said with a smile.

Ye Muyang didn’t take advantage of this smile. The tiger and the soul horse have lived in Slaughter City. The reason why they can use spirit power is a mystery. There are countless evil Spirit Masters standing behind the individual, especially the twelve evil Spirit Masters.

People with such rigorous schemes and deep foresight, Ye Muyang will naturally not believe it.

At first, I thought this tiger ben was just a very ordinary tester that’s all, but when he met the tiger ben again when building the altar, Ye Muyang discovered the strangeness of the tiger ben, especially on him The smell of evil Spirit Master appeared, and Ye Muyang began to be wary of it from then on.

“Little brother Ye, don’t embarrass us.”

The soul is right away and his voice is cold.

The embarrassment is mostly to become an enemy.

“Does little brother Ye ever remember the promise of Knight, the undead, to help him with Slaughter City?”

“Of course, Knight Arthur, the undead, but you are not him. “

This spirit horse and the undead Knight Axer have the same origin aura. This aura is not like Ye Muyang and his many Golden Crow brothers, but the soul is the same.

“No, he is me, I am him.

He is one of my Avatars, and I will inherit all his fetters.”


Ye Muyang didn’t understand.

“Little brother Ye still don’t want to break the subject.”

The soul horse said immediately.

“I understand what you are thinking. You are fond of Tang San’s innate talent, but Tang San is afraid that he will not follow you.”

“It’s not annoying Little brother Ye is worried.”

Hu Ben continued.

“I still said that, and I did not agree. The hatred between Tang San and me cannot be adjusted. This is a matter of principle.

As for why, I cannot say clearly.

If you want to become enemies, just let the two of you come here.”


The faces of the two of them are suddenly hard to look like, and the spirit power all over you suddenly It burst out, and the surrounding large stones were suddenly explodes into waste.

The atmosphere on the two sides gradually became tense. At this moment, Hu Liena tightened the corners of the clothes. These are two Tilted Douluo and Ye Muyang. This move is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg. Perhaps, is it possible that Does he really have this strength?

The more you think about Hu Liena, the more you can’t figure it out, but Ye Muyang is an existence that you can’t figure out. He didn’t use the strength of oneself to force the spirit of the two Tilted Douluo to merge again. Everyone came back to life in the self-destruct with their gazes, and Hu Liena gradually realized that Ye Muyang is not a reckless person, and it must be by no means aimless at this moment.

Thinking of the nine-headed bat alien animal again, Hu Liena felt relaxed again.

At this moment, all of a sudden, there was a violent vibration on Hell Road. There was no sign of the vibration. At first glance, it was caused by some factor.

Whether Ye Muyang is still a tiger or a soul horse, they all looked towards the inside at this moment, and both sides thought of the black clothed woman who was one step ahead of them.

“What’s in it?”

Ye Muyang moved towards Hu Ben and Soul Horse asked.

Immediately afterwards, a boundless blush formed a wave of light that spread out the lasing.

A powerful shock wave will once again impact the surroundings.

“Not much to explain, let’s go.”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse directly turned towards and rushed inside.

Ye Muyang did not hesitate to take the three of them and moved towards the inside.

And Tang San at the end also felt this shock. As he approached, Tang San actually made a little call.

Explore the root cause, these calls are actually from the Asura sword hidden within the body!

“What’s going on, is this a bad omen or a good omen?”

Tang San said to himself, but the call is becoming stronger and stronger at this moment, with an extremely strong Of urging awareness.

“Never mind, danger lurks within the riches and honour, besides, I may not be able to deal with the obstacles blocking me at this moment!”

Thinking of this, Tang San remembered Ye Muyang.

Everything is Ye Muyang, if it weren’t for Ye Muyang resurrect Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, Great Grandfather would not cut himself, and if it were not for Ye Muyang, he would not bear so much humiliation.

The more you think about it, the more Tang San’s mood fluctuates. His eyes will be blood red and dark.

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