I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 204

Inside, there is a wider place.

A stone wall is engraved with various patterns.

It’s like the history of a certain period of time, stating the various experiences of that period.

In the center is an extremely tall stone statue, which is embedded in the stone wall and built on the stone wall.

At this moment, the stone statue is full of blood, and the flowing rays of light are like blood.

The powerful imposing manner is as heavy as Mount Tai.

Ye Muyang can clearly feel that this is divine might!

However, this divine might is much weaker than the Golden Crow divine might in the holy mountain. The reason is mostly that this stone statue does not have a complete divine force.

Below the stone statue is the black clothed woman sitting cross-legged. At this moment, the black clothed woman has put away all the blood pool, but can see the blood on the stone statue continuously moved towards black clothed The women swarmed.

“Come on, I can’t let her succeed!”

Hu Ben Hu’s eyes rushed straight up.

Incarnation strong dark Heavenly Tiger, black light flashing tiger palm moved towards black clothed woman fiercely.

With a buzzing sound, the scarlet barrier resisted Hu Ben’s attack.

Although the black clothed woman has not opened eyes, the change of expression on her face can represent that the black clothed woman has been greatly affected.

“Old Guy, let’s go together!”

Hu Ben moved towards the soul horse shouted.

The soul horse incarnation is riding a ghostly fire horse and holding a Crescent Blade. The horse’s hoof is ringing, the horse screams, and the sword is already hungry and thirsty.

The black clothed woman still did not move, her body was covered with blood.

But the next moment followed the spirit horse rushing up, and actually walked out alone on the black clothed woman.

This is just a silhouette, but this silhouette actually fits perfectly with the Asura God behind it.

What is even more surprising is that this silhouette still holds a sword in the hand, that is the Asura sword!

“Asura God!”

Ye Muyang was shocked, and then quickly took the three of them back and distanced themselves.

“God? Young Master, do you think this is a god?”

Miyamoto Crimson on the side was shocked. Since entering Slaughter City, Ye Muyang told that there is also a god here. , I didn’t think that not only I saw God today, but also came out of this black clothed woman, so this black clothed woman is Asura God? !

“God? What do you mean?”

Hu Liena is confused again.

As Spirit Hall Holy Maiden, she has never seen anything, but she still doesn’t understand what Ye Muyang and Miyamoto Crimson said.

“Asura God, is this the true inheritance of Slaughter City?”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse were extremely hot in the eyes.

Looking at the blood-red silhouette coming out of the black clothed woman’s body, the two felt that their blood was about to boil.

As Tilted Douluo, after a hundred years of precipitation, both of them know that Tilted Douluo is not the end, this is just a cultivation realm that’s all.

The two looked at each other, and finally all their efforts were not in vain.

At the beginning, I was exhausted, and I would rather give up the identity of the Twelve Evil Spirit Master and steal the power of the blood source, just for this higher realm, God!

Led for many years, the power of the blood source was exhausted, and the two recovered their bodies, and now they really found it!

“God is a realm outside of Tittled Douluo. The real inheritance of Slaughter City is not the Slaughter God Domain, but the Asura God!”

Ye Muyang said.


Hu Liena couldn’t react for a long time.

For a moment, Ye Muyang laughed suddenly.

“so that’s how it is.”

“What do you know?”

Hu Liena asked.

“Do you want to know?”

Ye Muyang asked with a smile.

Hu Liena nodded, following Ye Muyang, she really gained a lot of knowledge. Ye Muyang seems to know everything. This kind of youngster’s strong self-confidence, except for Ye Muyang, Hu Liena never learned Seen in any man of the same age.

Even his big brother Yaoyue, now in front of Ye Muyang has become a light of firefly.

“Then what are you going to do to repay me?”

Ye Muyang asked.

Hu Liena complexion changed and said: “Ye Muyang, I know what you want, tell you impossible!”

“What if I use the strong one?”

Ye Muyang Road.

Hu Liena is indifferently smiled, saying: “Don’t scare me, the threat of the wolf coming is no longer useful to me.”

Hu Liena expected Ye Muyang no I don’t know the reason for being strong at myself. This is Hu Liena’s shallow understanding of Ye Muyang.

Ye Muyang is a little embarrassed. It seems that the intimidation is useless, and some real methods must be used.

Although he thought so in his heart, Ye Muyang turned his attention to the fight there.

The scarlet silhouette is extremely powerful. Although it is easy to be shattered by two Tilted Douluo, it still recovers quickly.

“Two seniors, the weakness is not in the scarlet silhouette, but in the stone statue.”

Ye Muyang stepped forward and shouted.

While Hu Ben and Soul Horse hesitate to each other, this scarlet silhouette is really powerful. Even the powerful battle strength of the two Tilted Douluo still cannot fully understand the Avatar of this Asura God.

When they heard what Ye Muyang said, the two had to hesitate because it was the enemy!

“Two seniors, I have a grudge with Tang San, but I have nothing to do with you at the moment. You don’t have to lie to you. This stone statue may not be a weakness, but it is definitely the key.

Presumably After the stone statue is broken, the black clothed woman can wake up.”

Ye Muyang continued.

“Boy, this is the test of Asura God. If you break the stone statue, wouldn’t it offend Asura God.”

Ye Muyang shook his head and strolled forward.

said: “You are the inheritance God’s Force, not the slave of any god. This is the previous generation of Asura God, and there is no offense.

And the previous generation of Asura God Is it really dead?”

Everyone felt weird when I said this.

Ye Muyang has been thinking about what the so-called inheritance is, and these gods who left inheritance are really dead.

On the stone wall is a passage of the past. Not only are the texts of Mythological Era printed on it, but also some weird fonts. Those fonts Ye Muyang don’t know, but judging from these murals, the so-called The inheritance of the gods is not that simple.

And Asura God seems to build Slaughter City here is not without a target, he is suppressing something!

“Boy, don’t hide your words.”

The tiger and the soul horse drew back. The scarlet silhouette is not actively pursuing, but guarding the black clothed woman. beside.

“I want to say that the inheritance of this Asura God is not what you think, what do you think?”

Ye Muyang said.

Then there are countless golden light radiated all over the body, and the golden hand directly moved towards the stone strikes.

The earth shook and the mountain quivered for a time.

The blood red on the stone statue directly penetrated into the black clothed woman within the body, and the black clothed woman suddenly opened her eyes.

The whole body one after another scarlet, the lines continue to spread and weave.

“Slaughter God Domain!”

Hu Liena cry out in surprise.

“Boy, you dare to pit us!”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse were furious.

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