I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 205

The blood-red lines form the power of the domain on the black clothed woman’s body, and the killing intent of her body is vividly and thoroughly demonstrated in this brief moment!

“I am the new generation of Asura God!”

The black clothed woman opened the scarlet eyes, and the gaze from her eyes was extremely sharp.

“Old Guy, with full firepower, I don’t believe that the two of us Tilted Douluo can’t subdue a woman!”

Hu Ben roared.

I saw the gray air flow frantically surging all over the body, and the dark Heavenly Tiger of incarnation has doubled its predecessor. The powerful energy fluctuations emitted from its whole body vibrated the surrounding air with sonic booms.

The soul horse is also fully fired at this moment, and the wind and wind are all over the place in a short time. Various wail like ghosts and howl like wolves sounds are accompanied by the sound of horseshoe trampling and neighing. It is extremely strange, and its incarnation is the ghost The deep green flame above the fire horse is even more crippling.

This also gave Ye Muyang a glance, and the evil Spirit Master was really extraordinary.

“Retreat, step back a little further.”

Ye Muyang came to Hu Liena and protected them behind them. The light of red gold appeared in front of them to form a barrier.

“What should we do now?”

Hu Liena asked.

Now it is very possible to be passive in watching the battle, which is extremely disadvantageous for them.

None of the two parties in front of you are easy to deal with now, not just the black clothed woman who got the Asura God inheritance, or the two Tilted Douluo, no matter who wins in the end, it’s on your side. That is, Ye Muyang alone has the strength to resist, and three of them will become Ye Muyang’s drag.

“Don’t worry, everything is under control, and people have not come together yet, and the good show has not really been staged.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“What do you mean, are you plotting against what? is it possible that you think the two Tilted Douluo will win?”

Hu Liena asked.

“It’s been so long, but have you seen Tang San’s silhouette?”

“Tang San? Why is this? Maybe he has been buried somewhere.”

“No, Tang San is the great-grandson of Slaughter King. Slaughter King will definitely give him his hole cards. Even if the two Tilted Douluo die, Tang San will not necessarily die.”

“What? Actually, they are…”

Hu Liena was shocked once again, and the concept of this time World was about to be subverted.

“So Tang San is the protagonist here. Without Tang San, it would be incomplete, and I can guess that Tang San already knows what’s happening here. It doesn’t take too long. Tang San will I can get here.

You need to know how these things Slaughter King can be given to others.”

“If Tang San gets the inheritance, you…”

Thinking of this, Hu Liena felt a little worried.

I can’t even talk about Hu Liena. Tang San gets the inheritance, Ye Muyang will inevitably be buried in Tang San’s hands.

“What’s the matter? Tang San won’t let you go by then. The two of us will die together. There is also a companion on Yellow Springs Road.

By the way, this is Hell Road, which saves you a lot of trouble.”

“What are you talking about nonsense like, can’t you be more serious? Not only Tang San wants to kill you, Those two Tittled Douluo also have a killing intent against you, and even the black clothed woman will not let you go!”

Hu Liena’s voice has been raised a few decibels, and the worry on his face has become more and more serious. Strong.

“Are you worried about me?”

Seeing Ye Muyang still looks disapproving, Hu Liena is even more angry.

“I’m speaking to you seriously, are you listening to me?”

Hu Liena said angrily.

“Don’t worry, relax.”

Ye Muyang just wanted to pat Hu Liena’s chest, but suddenly realized that this was not in line with the rules, and stopped quickly.

Slightly embarrassed: “The situation is not out of control yet, I still control it.”

Hu Liena was a little calm and asked seriously: “Really?”


Ye Muyang nodded.

“Then have you played those two Tilted Douluo?”

“Do you think I am a monster? Can’t play, these two Tilted Douluo are not simple Tilted Douluo is different from the Tilted Douluo we met before. They don’t rely on other people’s blood energy for cultivation. They are a cultivation base that is a solid accumulation and terrifying. I’m not an opponent.”

” Asiba!”

Hu Liena sighed with her forehead, her face full of love at the moment.

“Wait for death, wait for death together.”

Wave your hand, helpless, disappointed.

“Can’t you believe me? Am I just such a man who makes you feel unreliable?”

Ye Muyang is also a little helpless.

Staring sincerely at Hu Liena’s Charm-filled face.

This sudden sensation made Hu Liena a little bit overwhelmed, and she dared not look towards Ye Muyang for a while.

Miyamoto Crimson on the side wittily pulled Ah Fu away from here.

It’s really rare to see a little brother who knows how to wink and knows the generality. Ye Muyang gave Miyamoto Crimson a big compliment in his heart.

“No…no, I don’t believe it, but worry.”

Hu Liena twisted and said awkwardly.

“I see, maybe when I go out and meet again, I can still buy you a matcha cream cake.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“Thank you, thank you for taking care of me all the way.

If the final situation is uncontrollable and you die, I hope you can live well.

Otherwise, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you too much, the show is about to begin.”

Ye Muyang turned around. At this moment, another breath has appeared here. If Ye Muyang didn’t guess wrong, it would be Tang San.

The two Titaned Douluo are smashing with the black clothed woman at the moment.

And the scarlet Asura God silhouette still hasn’t disappeared, which is a little bit beyond Ye Muyang’s expectation.

“Old Guy, do you feel that this weird red light always seems to suppress us, so the feeling of being in the mud is so terrible!”

“I feel it, this woman is really weird.”

I saw the black clothed woman over there releasing the blood pool again. The surging blood pool was more powerful than the previous formidable power, and it was tough again and again. There is no wind down below.

“What the hell is going on, even if you get the inheritance of Asura God, it is impossible to be so powerful all at once. It’s weird in it. A trifling Slaughter God Domain shouldn’t be so powerful yet?”

Soul Horse said puzzledly.

Immediately turned around and swung a knife, this blade directly cut the scarlet silhouette out, but in the blink of an eye, the scarlet silhouette once again condensed, and it seemed to have a growing trend.

“Weird, so weird! Old Guy, we will be exhausted if this continues.”

Hu Ben shouted.

“Knock her off, let’s run towards that kid.”

“hahaha, brought trouble to others, I like it.”

The two hit it off. , They released the strongest blows one after another, and then moved towards Ye Muyang rushing towards Ye Muyang.

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