I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 206

“They are here!”

Hu Liena frowned.

“It’s okay, since they are unkind, then we are unrighteous.”

Ye Muyang said.

The arm of the next moment golden suddenly appeared.

“What are you going to do?”

Hu Liena asked.

“Of course it’s the same as them.”

Ye Muyang smiled evilly, and took it fiercely with the huge golden palm, but the direction was not moved towards that Two Titled Douluo.

“hahaha, little brother Ye, what is your operation?”

Hu Ben looked at Ye Muyang directly and burst into laughter.

“Tiger Old Master, the good show is about to begin, so naturally, there can be no protagonist.”

This sounded tiger is confused.

But seeing Ye Muyang’s palm, the dust and smoke dispersed, and a vigorous silhouette flashed out.

In this look, it is Tang San in the dark, looking at Ye Muyang with a bad look at this moment.

“Asura King?”

The tiger was taken aback.

“His real name is Tang San, you can also be called Tang Yin.”

Ye Muyang interrupted.

“Oh, Little Brother, what are you doing?”

Huben spirit power secretly accumulates.

“There are some things that I think everyone can clarify.

Tang San is the great-grandson of Slaughter King. Do you think Slaughter King will give you the inheritance of Asura God? “

As soon as Ye Muyang said this, the two Tilted Douluo were both taken aback, and then looked towards Tang San in disbelief.

At this look, it suddenly became unbelievable, and Tang San was also pregnant with blood red, which was even purer than the black clothed woman.

The two of them instantly concluded that Tang San really possessed something of real inheritance.

“So it was you!”

The black clothed woman also felt the pure blood emanating from Tang San’s body at this moment. The forces of the same origin are so attracted to each other, and the black clothed At this moment, the woman can still feel the strength of Inheritance that lies on Tang San’s body, which is more pure and advanced than her own.

Tang San is no longer covering up at this moment. Asura God Sword started, the whole temperament suddenly changed in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

A long, pale blue hair is directly invaded by blood and generally becomes a scarlet. Dark golden patterns appear in the eyes, and black red lines appear in the eye sockets.

“Something’s wrong?”

Ye Muyang rubs his chin, how can I feel that Tang San is in a strange state at the moment.

“The power of the evil Spirit Master?”

Hu Ben on the side said the answer.

And Hu Liena suddenly panicked. Is the situation going out of control? Tang San’s changes made Hu Liena strange and even fearful.

Involuntarily pulling Ye Muyang’s arm.

Ye Muyang held her hand and gave her a look of “rest assured, everything has me”.

“What kind of sword is that, it seems to be more terrifying than the demon sword!”

Miyamoto Crimson on the side is staring at the Asura God Sword in Tang San’s hand.

“That’s Divine Sword, but it’s not comparable to anything like Demon Sword.”

Ye Muyang said.

The demon sword in his hand seemed to be dissatisfied, buzzing and shaking, seeming to challenge the Asura God Sword, and there was a sword fight.

Asura God Sword has no intention of paying attention to the monster sword.

Ye Muyang knows that the so-called Divine Sword is divine, and the demon sword has spirituality. Although it is stronger than ordinary weapons, and even more weird, it can never be transformed without the tempering of rhyme. Becoming a divine sword, after all, is still a mortal thing that’s all.

“Crimson, this demon knife is officially handed over to you. Now that you have awakened the bloodline within the body, you are truly qualified to control this knife. Strive to turn this knife into yours as soon as possible True fate.”

Ye Muyang handed the demon sword to Miyamoto Crimson.

“True fate? Do you know the true fate?”

Hu Ben asked by the side.

Hu Ben still knows this thing from the black clothed woman, but what the real fate is and what is the real fate, Hu Ben has a bewildered look.

“It’s really fate. It can’t be said, but that thing is better than Spirit.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Turn to Tang San and the black clothed woman.

At this moment, the black clothed woman did not rush forward.

“Tang San, the inheritance of Asura God has been acquired by this black clothed woman, and now you also have the qualifications for inheritance. To obtain inheritance, you must kill her.”

Ye Muyang said to Tang San.

Tang San coldly snorted, said: “Ye Muyang, don’t think I don’t know what you want to do, so as to instigate discord.”

“Asura King, how do we work together, the inheritance of Asura God That’s the matter of the two of us. These people are just evil wolves that’s all around. Solve them first, and then decide the inheritance of God!” The black clothed woman said to Tang San. .


Tang San didn’t hesitate, just nodded.

He said: “I will challenge Ye Muyang.”

Speaking, Tang San silhouette moved towards Ye Muyang.

The black clothed woman did not play any tricks, and continued to suppress the two Tilted Douluo.

At this moment, the two Titled Douluo are even more miserable. At this moment, they also understand that they will not believe what they say before Tang San gets Asura God inheritance.

“Tang San, got the Asura God Sword, do you think you can defeat me?”

“Ye Muyang, even if I lose every time I will not give up, if you Immortal, I will never give up!”

Asura God Sword waved, and the sky filled the sky with blood, staying in the air for a long time and could not disperse, like a scar in the sky.

Golden hit his face with big hands, and suddenly collided with the Asura God Sword.

The big hand is directly annihilated, turning into little golden light scattered all over the place.

“Ye Muyang, you are only this now.”

The more excited Tang San is, the more powerful he hits, and the spirit power surges more vigorously.

Asura God Sword falls again, without the necessary Spirit Ability release, every time it is full of blood, carrying a terrifying imposing manner.

The blood light has not dissipated yet, but it floods up again, countless blood light evolves, forming a sword energy that spreads out and rages around.

“Seventh Spirit Ability, the great sun avatar.”

The flames burned suddenly, and the surrounding space was instantly illuminated, like daylight.

A dazzling sun is formed, and incarnation becomes an indestructible defense.

With a boom, the huge impact spread, and the endless blood color mixed with the golden light formed a layer of shock waves.

Ye Muyang is uncomfortable at the moment, the formidable power of Asura God Sword exceeds far beyond Ye Muyang’s imagination.

At the moment, Tang San’s state is strange. There is still this black-gray air current surging in its boundless blood and light, which is still the power of the evil Spirit Master.

“Seventh Spirit Ability, Golden Crow avatar!”

Ye Muyang no longer hides something.

Full release directly.

Incarnation looks down upon Golden Crow, and is surrounded by a red spirit ring.

“This is, one hundred thousand years!”

Tang San was surprised that it was actually a spirit ring of one hundred thousand years.

The flames hiding the sky and covering the earth, the hot temperature is intriguing, Hu Liena has already hid far away at this moment.

This kind of battle is not something she can participate in.

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