I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 207

Ye Muyang of incarnation Golden Crow was dressed in a boundless flame, and the hot air wave swept away.

This huge movement directly engulfed the fighting tigers and the others.

“Boy, you really don’t speak martial ethics!”

The tiger on the side scolded, not only to resist the attack of the black clothed woman, but also to separate his mind To defend against the huge impact of Ye Muyang.

“Tiger Old Master, how are we working together?”

Ye Muyang kept moving, and the boundless flame continued to move towards Tang San and rolled away.

“To join forces is to kill this black clothed woman first!”

Hu Ben shouted.

“You really underestimated me!”

Tang San’s face was full of anger, and Ye Muyang dared to distract himself at this moment, which made Tang San even more angry. This anger is growing crazily under the influence of a certain force at this moment.

“Blue Silver Grass !”

Then, Tang San spirit power surged, the ground cracked layer by layer, and strong Blue Silver Grass vines stretched out from it. .

At this moment, Blue Silver Grass has a huge change from before. The original blue golden pattern has long been replaced by black red. With the surge of Tang San spirit power, its imposing manner is also Increasingly.

Countless Blue Silver Grass interwoven connections directly divide the two groups of people.

“Slaughter God Domain!”

The black clothed woman saw the situation, and the Slaughter God Domain all over her body expanded directly, and then the blood pool behind her echoed with the Slaughter God Domain. , Forcibly is constructed into a scarlet space, once again separating the tiger and the soul from the outside world.

“In Slaughter City, I am the god not just in name only, but also in reality!”

The black clothed woman lightly shouted.

The water in the entire blood pool is turbulent, and countless bloody mists rise from the blood pool.

At the same time, a stream of blood rushed from inside Slaughter City continuously moved towards here.

“You actually extracted the power of Slaughter City to refining these two Tilted Douluo?”

Ye Muyang instantly saw the intention of the black clothed woman.

“It seems that you know a lot.”

The black clothed woman moved towards Ye Muyang and glanced coldly.

“Tang San, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. If this woman succeeds, do you think you can get the inheritance of Asura God?”

Ye Muyang insists on Tang A sword that San wielded.

hearing this, Tang San did not hesitate, and exclaimed angrily: “Killing you is the most important thing for me!”

“Clear Sky Hammer !”

Then Tang San summoned Clear Sky Hammer again, holding the hammer in his left hand and the sword in his right hand.

The spirit power on his body is being consumed crazily.

At this moment, Tang San has already lost his mind. The original reason is not only because of his anger at Ye Muyang, but also because of the continuous amplification of two powerful forces.

“Ye Muyang, be careful!”

Hu Liena shouted in shock at the moment.

Ye Muyang has no time to be distracted at the moment.

Tang San’s state will definitely not last long, but the attack is absolutely powerful.

“Tang San, you are really an unexpected opponent.”

Ye Muyang is very calm at the moment.

“hahaha, Ye Muyang, are you obediently surrender, are you waiting to die?”

When Tang San saw Ye Muyang’s converging imposing manner, his face showed crazy behavior Of joy.

“You don’t know anything about God.”

Ye Muyang just shook his head.

next moment I saw two mini Golden Crows leaping out of Ye Muyang’s heart.

The high and crisp sound resounded all over the place, and everything seemed to become extremely quiet and strangely peaceful.

“dressing up as God, playing the devil, die for me!”

Tang San stomped on the ground, Blue Silver Grass broke out of the ground, and Tang San once again used his strength in the air Bouncing.

Clear Sky Hammer suppressed with a very heavy breath, Asura God Sword slashed shatter void with the boundless scarlet sharpness.

Two Golden Crows instantly turned into two flames. The two flames were constantly entangled and rotated, and gradually formed a deep flame vortex. The vortex resisted Ye Muyang’s front and blocked Clear Sky Hammer and Asura. God Sword.

Boom, the sound of cracking the ground.

As the dust swept across, the ground could no longer withstand the immense force, and it burst into sound.

One silhouette quickly swept out, it was Tang San.

At this moment, Tang San’s complexion is a little pale, and the biggest consumption is Asura God Sword, and at this moment Tang San can feel that he has not fully released the power of Asura God Sword.

Suddenly, I saw the sound of a bird’s song, and Ye Muyang also ejected from the dust.

The huge Golden Crow emerges behind, Ye Muyang exudes dazzling golden light.

Appeared in front of Hu Liena again like a god.

Looking up, maybe she can only look up in this life.

Looking at the god-like silhouette in the sky, Hu Liena gradually became a little confused.

“Young Master is really amazing, he really deserves to be a man who was once a god.”

Miyamoto Crimson on the side was very emotional.

This is what he should follow. Looking at the demon sword in his hand, Miyamoto’s crimson heart is filled with countless fighting spirits.

“Impossible, why are you okay?”

Tang San roared.

Why is it like this? Why Ye Muyang always looks like he can’t die.

“Tang San, you think you can kill me, now you are basically impossible.”

The two flames once again evolved into mini Golden Crow, but at this moment two mini The Golden Crow was a little sluggish and lost his previous look.

The mini Golden Crow is once again integrated within the body of Ye Muyang.

“It turned out to be…, what is that thing, why can’t even Asura God Sword do anything about it!?

Tang San also saw the clues at this moment, just resisting his own attack The thing is the two mini Golden Crows, but what is the Asura God Sword?

That is the treasure of the real god, and the only thing that can resist the god is the god!

In an instant, Tang San understood that Ye Muyang, like himself, also has a token of God, even with the inheritance of God!

“so that’s how it is, you are so strong, Everything is for a reason, and you are also the one favored by God! “

Relying on Asura God Sword to prop up his body, unyielding will continue to emerge in Tang San’s heart.

“God’s favor?

It is ridiculous, do you really think that the inheritance of God is so easy to inherit?

Why do these gods want to keep their inheritance? “

Ye Muyang lightly saying.

The gaze overlooking Tang San carries endless pity.

Tang San may be with himself to a certain extent They belong to the same type of people, but for various reasons, all of this is impossible, making two people go on a path.

“No nonsense, fight, either you will die or i will die. We have already become the opposite of inexistence, have we not? “

Tang San straightened up, a fearless imposing manner burst out all over his body, and boundless fighting intent echoed in his chest.

However, there was movement beside him at this moment.

A sound of ka-cha, followed by a series of explosions.

“Damn it, I haven’t suffered such humiliation after living for so long! “

Hu Ben shouted angrily, and then the same spirit horse leaped out of the blood pool.

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