I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 208

“Dead woman, die for Lao Tzu!”

Hu Ben was furious.

I saw his body covered in blood, his face looks sinister, wounds rolled over his skin, and blood energy floating around the wound.

The situation of the soul horse is different from that of the tiger ben. Even though the soul horse is not physical, the deep green flame lingering around the body is much dim.

Both of them are also fierce persons. After forcibly breaking the suppression of the blood pool, they moved towards the black clothed woman and rushed.

The Crescent Blade of Soul Mana condenses a huge blade from the air, and its deep green flame burst suddenly on the blade.

But Hu Ben bursts fiercely.

The dark Heavenly Tiger converges, and all the power is concentrated on the right arm, naked eye shows that its right arm has expanded several times under the huge power, and the arm is like a bucket of meridian one. After another appeared, rubbing the air, there were violent sonic booms.

With a bang.

The black clothed woman also reacted extremely quickly, the blood pool first stepped in front of her, and then the blood-colored silhouette once again resisted her.

But this fist has accumulated all the power of the whole body and swept all obstacles with a gesture of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The blood pool burst, the bloody silhouette was instantly smashed away, and the black clothed woman was blasted into the mountain with a punch.

The entire stone wall bursts one after another, one after another crack spreads.

“Fuck, dead woman, after so many years of life, you are the first person to make me so embarrassed!”

Hu Ben panted foul-mouthed.

“Old Guy, how about it?”

“I can’t die yet.”

The soul horse replied in a low tone.

“So are you, this is the most difficult opponent since I resurrect.”

The voice of a black clothed woman came from the mountain.

Then there was a burst of sound, and the stone wall cracked more so that the stone wall could no longer bear the collapse.

The black clothed woman walked out of it at this moment. At this moment, the black clothed woman had blood at the corners of her mouth, and the clothes on her body were also exposed because of the broken, but no one paid attention to the spring light that appeared.

“I said, I am a god in Slaughter City!”

Then the energy in Slaughter City continuously formed blood energy moved towards black clothed. The scars are being repaired at the speed that naked eye can see.

Hu Ben and Soul Horse are shocked at the moment, this woman is really weird and can’t be beaten!

“Do you really think you are the Inheritor of Asura God?”

Ye Muyang cast a pitiful look.

“I feel the power of God from you, it turns out that you are the same kind of person as us.”

black clothed woman lightly saying.

The blood energy continued to pour into her body, and the injuries within the body continued to recover.

“A type of person? You value yourself too much.”

“You are courting death!” The black clothed woman felt Ye Muyang’s contempt, and her anger burned.

“Tang San is the real Inheritor, you are just a poor tool man.

Every god who leaves inheritance will have a Guardian who is the god’s inheritance, and You are just a tool man who guards inheritance.

Do you think Slaughter King will hand over inheritance to you?

This is nothing but Slaughter King following the will of Asura God That’s all in handy.”

“Talk nonsense, this is impossible!” The black clothed woman directly denied in a cold voice.

“Believe it or not, you should know better than me.”

“Impossible, my twin spirits, I am the first twin spirits in the Douluo continent, I am in Slaughter City resurrect, all this will be mine!”

The black clothed woman said angrily.

Spirit was released immediately.

To be precise, one is true fate and the other is Spirit.

The true fate is the blood pool, but the blood pool at this moment is much damaged.

The other is the scarlet silhouette, Asura God Avatar!

With the release, everyone can see that this silhouette is different now than before.

Originally, it was a bit vague, and although I still can’t see what it looks like, I can feel the vivid rhyme as if it came to life.

“What is this? Why can’t I control it!?”

The black clothed woman suddenly exclaimed.

Then there appeared blood-colored vortex next to the black clothed woman. These vortex swallowed all the power of Slaughter City like a breathing whale, and these powers poured directly into the woman’s within the body, but then poured into the scarlet silhouette Among.

“Spirit backlash!”

Seeing this scene, Hu Ben felt surprised.

This look is obviously Spirit backlash. At this moment, the black clothed woman has become a medium for the scarlet silhouette to absorb the energy of the entire Slaughter City.

“Stop, stop!”

The black clothed woman showed horror, and countless influx of energy burst her into the air.

Suddenly, one silhouette quickly moved towards the black clothed woman and rushed.

“Tang San!”

The person who rushed was Tang San. At this moment, Tang San was holding the Asura God Sword and directly moved towards the scarlet silhouette and cut it off.

And the scarlet silhouette seems to know everything, strangely looked towards Tang San.

Tang San did not hesitate, and blatantly dropped his sword.

This sword turned out to be a very weird picture, even Ye Muyang didn’t expect Tang San to be like this.

When the sword fell, the scene seemed very quiet for a time.

Looking again, I saw that the blood-colored silhouette was safe and sound, and the black clothed woman seemed to gradually get out of the predicament.

The bloody vortex surrounding him disappeared one by one.

And the Slaughter God Domain of the black clothed woman suddenly shattered and disappeared at this moment.

“Cut off?”

Ye Muyang is also full of doubts.

This sword seemed to cut the connection between the scarlet silhouette and the black clothed woman, but at the same time it also cut off the inheritance of the Asura God.

“What’s going on?”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Moved, moved!”

Hu Ben shouted.

The mutation protrudes, and I saw the scarlet silhouette get rid of the black clothed woman’s control once again.

The scarlet Asura God Sword phantom he held in his hand was directly moved towards the black clothed woman. At this moment, the black clothed woman’s cultivation base was greatly damaged and could not withstand the attack of the scarlet silhouette.


The black clothed woman screamed, her face turned unwilling.

“Sacrifice, the sacrifice has begun, stop it!”

Ye Muyang reacted instantly.

This scarlet silhouette actually directly starts the inheritance sacrifice.

“Tang San, get out of the way!”

Follow, Ye Muyang moved towards Tang San and shouted.

And Tang San not at all responded to Ye Muyang, he looked towards the scarlet silhouette, and the Asura God Sword in his hand issued an extremely strong will to let him approach.

At this moment, Tang San seemed to see a very strange man. The man was wearing a scarlet robe, he could not see clearly his appearance, but gave him a very strange feeling.

“The chance is right here, that’s all, if you accept him, you can defeat Ye Muyang, and even you can destroy the Spirit Hall, standing on the Peak of the Douluo continent!”

This is the temptation of Tang San’s continuous feedback.

These temptations are what Tang San desires most.

A powerful force is the basis for achieving everything and sweeping obstacles, but the only remaining soberness tells him that it may also be the abyss of consigned to eternal damnation!

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