I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 209

“Quickly stop him! This inheritance cannot be obtained by Tang San.”

Ye Muyang moved towards Hu Ben and Soul Horse shouted, and then the silhouette burst out.

Golden Crow hissed constantly, and the flames swept down and directly turned into a fire sea.

Golden Spirit Bone appeared directly, Ye Muyang’s right arm was condensed into a layer of armor, and he moved towards Tang San to grab it.

However, with a wave of Tang San’s arm, Asura God Sword suddenly struck, and the boundless blood turned into a bloody long blade.

There is no human emotion in scarlet’s eyes.

Even the power of the evil Spirit Master is now hidden within the body of Tang San.

The scarlet light blade repelled Ye Muyang, and then Tang San waved his opinion again. This sword formed as if an endless sea of ​​blood separated Tang San from everyone!

The breath of the black clothed woman is constantly disappearing, and her body is now turning into blood energy and melting into the sea of ​​blood.

The scarlet silhouette is moving towards Tang San step by step.

“Ye Muyang, what exactly happened?”

Hu Ben is puzzled.

The soul horse is also puzzled.

Ye Muyang took a deep breath and said: “Inheritance is a pretense. Asura God wants to reproduce the continent of Douluo. It wants to be reincarnated in someone else’s body body possession Tang San!”

“What? Boy, are you lying to us again? Why does a god reproduce the continent of Douluo in this way?”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse feel that Ye Muyang has nothing to say feasibility.

“I don’t understand, but the so-called inheritance is definitely not that simple. There is no such thing as a god in the continent of Douluo. All gods are unable to do so for one reason or another. Free to come here now.”

“Listening to you, have you seen other gods?”

Hu Ben continued to ask.

“This is not the time to talk about this. The most important thing at the moment is to prevent Tang San from being possessed by the Asura God body!”

Ye Muyang emphasized.

In spite of this, Hu Ben and Soul Horse are also in hesitation.

As soon as the two of Ye Muyang’s words are credible, the two of them couldn’t verify. I don’t know what Ye Muyang’s real purpose is. Ye Muyang works part-time, and in the end, not only can he get nothing but may also lose his life.

Secondly, how great is the probability of Tang San’s inheritance, whether Tang San can withstand the power of God, and even if Tang San becomes the new Asura God, or Asura God possessed Tang San, Regardless of the result of and so on, what kind of situation the two of them will be, maybe it is not a bad thing for two people.

The two thought about each other, and finally decided not to make a move!

At this moment Ye Muyang can’t wait any longer. No matter what happens to Tang San in the end, Ye Muyang feels that he will not be well.

Ye Muyang rises up, and the flames all over his body gradually change color at this moment, from the original scarlet gold to blue purple.

The whole person looks very mysterious, and the chill that penetrates the soul replaces the hot flames covering the entire area.

“This kid, he still has a hole card!”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse are also shocked. At this moment, Ye Muyang’s strength is stronger than before, and the chill brings It is the cold above the soul.

The blue purple rays of light enveloped the whole person, and it seemed very mysterious and beyond contemplation.

“What kind of monster is this?”

The soul horse sighed. At the beginning of External Body Incarnation, Yaxer felt that this person was not good to deal with when he came into contact with Ye Muyang. With the recovery of memory and strength, his knowledge of Ye Muyang is always refreshed, and this refresh has been until now. It has never stopped.

One after another, it seems that none of the people around Ye Muyang are short-answered. Even the eighty-nine-year-old child Ye also shows a little extraordinary. At this moment, even if he recovers Peak strength, he cannot Seeing through this child, there is no Spirit fluctuation in him, as if there is no Spirit.

The preconceived soul horse doesn’t know that Ah Fu really doesn’t have Spirit. At this moment, he always feels that there is something unimaginable secret hidden in Ah Fu that makes him unable to see through. Otherwise, how could Ye Muyang bring him A child of this size came to this place full of killings, which completely does not conform to the psychology of a normal person.

In fact, Ye Muyang really cannot be judged by a normal person.

“Soul lotus, night quiet!”

A blue purple lotus appeared above Ye Muyang’s head. The lotus petals were in full bloom, and they were burning quietly like blue purple flames. general.

The lotus flower made of Taiyin Youying floated in front of Ye Muyang, and the vast spirit power surged into the lotus under the control of Ye Muyang.

The lotus slowly rotates, and with the continuous expansion of the input of spirit power, it also breeds infinite terrifying power.

“Retreat, let’s hide away a little bit.”

Hu Ben and Hun Ma Sa Yazi retreated.

Hu Liena and the three of them also kept retreating, and once again distanced themselves from the place where countless energies converged.

At this moment, Hu Liena’s face is even more sad and worried.

With a boom, a huge blue purple energy column spit out from the lotus.

The ground was pushed away layer by layer under the air wave formed by this huge energy, and a deep gully formed above the ground.

The blue purple energy pillar hits directly on the blood sea, and the blood sea suddenly set off a huge wave, and the escaping energy is destroying everything around it.

The mountain began to tremble violently, countless rubble began to fall and collapse, and the sky filled with smoke and dust.

next moment Ye Muyang acted again, the golden Spirit Bone was filled with deep blue and purple flames, and the mixed golden light flickered constantly.

“open for me!”

This fist strikes directly above the blood sea barrier, and the ka-cha is constantly sounding like an eggshell cracking.

Then countless scarlet starlights suddenly formed. These scarlet starlights were once again controlled by an unnamed force and constricted continuously, and gradually silhouette appeared.

When Ye Muyang saw it, the silhouette immediately retreated.


The silhouette made a mixed sound, besides Tang San there was another person.

A blood beam suddenly cut out, and the void was cut open directly.

Ye Muyang coldly snorted.

The blue purple lotus is located in front of you, exuding deep blue purple rays of light to protect Ye Muyang.

After a shock, the ground under Ye Muyang’s feet was once again affected. Fragmentation and depression.

I only see the front, where Tang San is standing.

A scarlet with long hair, surrounded by Slaughter God Domain, endless killing intents are emitted.

“Tang San?”

Ye Muyang shouted tentatively.

“No, get out of my sight!”

Tang San suddenly roared, Asura God Sword waved wildly in his hand, one after another scarlet, the light blade was cut out.

Ye Muyang dodges quickly, but relaxes a lot at this moment and well.

At this moment, seeing Tang San face looks sinister and his limbs are out of control, Ye Muyang knows that Tang San not at all is completely possessed by the body.

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