I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 210

“Go away, let me go, get out of my body!”

That was Tang San’s roar.

And the next moment sounded another voice, “Accept my power, you can kill everyone, accept me and accept yourself!”

“Tang San , Keep your heart.”

Ye Muyang shouted to Tang San.

“Ye Muyang, I don’t need you to tell me what to do!”

Besides resisting, Tang San still doesn’t forget Ye Muyang.

Ye Muyang is naturally unwilling to do these thankless things, but once Asura God body possession Tang San, his next series of plans will not only be subverted, the situation in the entire continent will even happen Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes, this will be a great variable.

At this moment, a Domain, Blue Silver Domain, has appeared again around Tang San!

Blue Silver Domain’s actual combat effect is not strong, but it has an extremely huge role in support.

But the Blue Silver Domain at this moment has already undergone a huge mutation due to the power pollution of the evil Spirit Master.

If you look closely at that subtle key point, you can find that there are countless wicked Spirit Master powers that are intertwined like hair.

Blue Silver Grass is also constantly growing at this moment, forming one after another protective barrier around Tang San.

“Twin spirits, carrying two domains. This Tang San seems to be better than Ye Muyang.”

Hu Ben stared at Tang San and said eagerly.

“This Tang San is indeed a genius. Such innate talent and opportunity really make you and I admire, and Tang San actually has the power of this very pure evil Spirit Master.”

“old fart I don’t understand what you mean, this is that this kid named Tang San is not necessarily easier to deal with than Ye Muyang, he has the most authentic Asura God inheritance, maybe he has any hole cards Reveal, how can you and I get him.

Mad, for the first time I feel that Tilted Douluo is so rubbish. These hundreds of years of cultivation have really gone into the stomach of dogs.”

Hu Ben changed from feeling to anger.

Two Tilted Douluo and they are not ordinary Tilted Douluo. Since they have been frustrated, first it is the black clothed woman, not to mention Ye Muyang, not to mention Tang San who is carrying the Asura God inheritance.

“You don’t have to be so pessimistic. Fortunately, the two youngsters are rivals. Otherwise, we will be planted here as soon as we come out.

And take away Tang San is not difficult, because the two of them are enemies.”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse are watching Tang San’s movements at this moment.

Tang San’s body around the Blue Silver Domain exudes soft rays of light, but the struggle and pain on Tang San’s face are not at all dissipated.

Both domains are at play at this moment, and the Slaughter God Domain is emitting scarlet rays of light, stimulating the killing intent of the whole body.

Blue Silver Domain uses a soft rays of light to remove the negative effects of Tang San.

The two domains confront each other and overlap each other.

However, the next moment, the power of the evil soul hiding in the Blue Silver Domain suddenly got out of control, as if forming a needle and thread, it actually started to merge Slaughter God Domain and Blue Silver Domain.

For a time, blue, red, gray, intertwined and merged.

But Tang San’s face is getting ugly.

“What’s going on, it seems that something has gone wrong.”

Hu Ben said.

“Stop the crow’s mouth. For these bright big brothers, our bright big brother has never experienced it. With naked eye, we can’t see anything.”

“We What should I do next? I can’t wait any longer. It’s too passive.”

Tiger Ben sighed then said, Tang San is really a good seedling, if it is really ruined by Ye Muyang It’s really a pity in the hands.

“What else can we do? We can only wait like this to see how Ye Muyang acts, and then we will act.”

The spirit horse shook his head. Tang San’s situation is unknown at this moment. , They have no way to start.

At this moment, Ye Muyang is staring at the changes in Tang San’s body. Domains are merging and gradually moved towards a Domain direction.

This made Ye Muyang very frightened.

Looking at Tang San’s current state, Ye Muyang felt that the only thing he could do was to kill Tang San all at once.

Just do it, Ye Muyang has no ambiguity. Once you accumulate strength, only a high-intensity energy explosion can guarantee that Tang San will be killed at once. Otherwise, once Tang San is damaged, Asura God takes possession of it. The upper hand, then the body possession is estimated to be completed instantly.

“Ye Muyang has acted, he is going to kill Tang San!”

Hu Ben stood up abruptly and looked towards Ye Muyang’s location.

“Go, we can’t let Ye Muyang succeed.”

The soul horse and the tiger rushed towards Ye Muyang directly.

Ye Muyang, who was accumulating strength, noticed the movements of Hu Ben and Soul Horse. The two of them directly attacked Ye Muyang without a word. Ye Muyang was beaten completely unprepared.

Hurriedly resisted the attack, but was still knocked out.

“You two idiots, what do you want to do?”

Ye Muyang fell to the ground and said with a gloomy expression.

“Ye Muyang, I’ve said that, Tang San, this kid we saved!”

Hu Ben sneered and replied.

Since and determined to be the enemy, let’s showdown with each other.

“Are you crazy, want to take away such a time bomb, if he is possessed by Asura God body, I don’t want to talk about you two, even if you have two more Tilted Douluo like you, I can’t stand it His slaughter!”

“You don’t care about it. Since we dare to take Tang San away, we must have that certainty.”

Huben indifferently replied.

“It’s useless to say more, if that’s the case, let’s fight it happily.”

Ye Muyang’s body once again ignited with blue purple flames, and the blue purple lines on his body It began to spread, and the whole person became more like a god.

“Hu Ben, be careful, I remember that this kid also has a method, which is very strange, as if it is still.”

The soul horse reminded him at this moment.

“At the beginning, I was able to shake the two Tilted Douluo, and now I can still shake you two.

Evil Spirit Master! You really are the obstacles on my way forward.”

Ye Muyang’s voice becomes more dull, and the whole body strength is more terrifying.

“There are talents from the Jiangshan generation. This Ye Muyang must also be a well-known figure of the younger generation. Old Guy, my blood within the body is already boiling.”

Hu Ben said with a big smile.

The darkness behind the Heavenly Tiger tried to roar.

“Killing Formation!”

I saw Ye Muyang walk out of the body of one after another blue purple silhouette, and each blue purple silhouette began to transform into Ye Muyang The Killing Formation at this moment is stronger and more perfect after Ye Muyang’s improvement.

“Avatar? It’s Avatar again!”

Thinking of the scene where a black clothed woman was suppressed before, Hu Ben was out of anger. At this moment, he was touched by the scene, and Hu Ben was directly angry.


With an order, dozens of “Ye Muyang” moved towards Tiger Ben and Soul Horse attacked and left.

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