I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 211

“The tiger flicks its tail!”

The tiger beats a vigorous step, and then rotates its body. The incarnation dark Heavenly Tiger, the tiger’s tail is like a whip.

Ye Muyang silhouette has its own thinking, each dodges, and then takes advantage of the gap moved towards Tiger Strikes.

All Avatars are divided into two groups, one wave attacking tigers and one wave attacking soul horse. Ye Muyang’s body is mixed in it, intending to find the time to attack Tang San.

It is impossible to kill these two Tilted Douluo. Ye Muyang knows very well that these are to play a containment role.

“Old Guy, Ye Muyang wants to contain us and can’t follow his way.”

Hu Ben shouted, and then blocked a Shadow Clone attack.

But the speed of Shadow Clone is extremely fast. At this moment, it suffers from the fact that the tiger and the soul horse cannot move half a step above their position. Once they move, they will leave Ye Muyang with a space, and its purpose will be Arrivals.

And Hu Ben and Soul Horse are also very clear that Ye Muyang is pinning them, why are they also pinning Ye Muyang, as long as Tang San wakes up, then their goal will be achieved.

“Dazzling the outside and the inside!”

You all Shadow Clone spoke together, not knowing which one is true or false.

Immediately, all the Shadow Clone began to run quickly around the tiger ben and the soul horse, the silhouette opened more and more, and the silhouette gradually became unclear.

“such insignificant ability.”

Hu Ben gave a chuckle.

“The eighth Spirit Ability, the tiger crashes the mountain!”

The body suddenly jumped up, suddenly incarnation of the Dark Heavenly Tiger, and then saw its four legs fiercely stepping on the ground.

Suddenly the mountain shook.

“Ghost Roaring Mountain Forest!”

The spirit horse then also released its Spirit Ability.

Yanyue slashed down with a big knife, which seemed to cut out a gloomy mountain forest directly, and countless howls echoed in it.

The entire sound wave forms a sonic boom and spreads directly.

“Attack against the soul!”

Ye Muyang frowned.

Among the two Titled Douluo, this soul horse attack was extremely strange and unprepared.

Every one of his attacks is not as powerful as a tiger, but it is difficult to dodge the Mental attack on the soul.

With a boom, Ye Muyang’s silhouette was directly shaken away.

And the weak spot of the body and Avatar is also revealed in this one.


“Boy, take my fist!”

Hu Ben suddenly stepped on the ground, and this foot directly caused a big hole in the ground. Then the power of the bounce, one after another energy Spirit Ability on the arm, then burst out.

The space blasted out, echoing with the aftermath of layers of energy.

In the face of this fist, Ye Muyang feels grim but his hand movements are orderly.

I saw Ye Muyang instantly release the hibiscus to the sky, and a towering ancient tree emerged from the ground. At this moment, Ye Muyang’s strength can fully release the formidable power of this Spirit Ability.

The towering ancient tree swayed constantly, the power of the fist had arrived, and the ancient tree burst and annihilated into countless fragments.

Seeing this, Ye Muyang not at all feels surprised, but it’s all the power to remove some of his fists.

Then cast the seventh Spirit Ability, the great day avatar.

The overall defense has been doubled.

A muffled thunder sounded, Ye Muyang withstood the attack of this fist from Hu Ben.

At this moment, Hu Ben and Soul Horse are actually not very good. The two suffered a lot of injuries in the previous battle and the consumption was large enough. Now they can’t be fully energetic for Ye Muyang. The degree is exactly what the two want.

If they seek to go further and cause serious injury to Ye Muyang, the two may have to pay a price they are unwilling to bear.

For a Tang San, it’s a bit uneconomical now.

“You missed it.”

Ye Muyang stood up and said coldly.

Hu Ben and Soul Horse react instantly.

I saw dozens of “Ye Muyang” leaping over them and rushing towards Tang San.


Ye Muyang gave a soft drink.

An extremely powerful force was suddenly released.

The space contracted sharply and then expanded suddenly.

There was a bang, and suddenly earth shattering.

The whole mountain began to tremble, and the aftermath of the explosion spread and impacted everything around it.

Ye Muyang jumped and came to Hu Liena and the others in an instant. The spirit power surged and blocked the shock wave from the rapid impact.

Hu Ben and Soul Horse quickly withdrew, their expressions were quite embarrassed.

“Ye Muyang, a good method.”

The two Titled Douluo were very aggrieved, their faces gloomy and uncertain.

However, Ye Muyang still did not feel relieved at this moment.

Within a moment, there was movement in the explosion place.

Another force burst out, sweeping away the dust.

I saw Tang San’s body covered in blood, and the whole person was incredibly strange. The dark red air current surrounded him, and a brand-new Domain enveloped his whole body.


Next to Tang San a mouthful of blood spurted.

Holding the Asura God Sword in both hands, supporting the body.

Dishevelled hair, sharp and hateful eyes projected on, and fell straight on Ye Muyang’s body.

“Ye Muyang ——”

The deep voice trembles with Tang San’s movements.

Although Ye Muyang can’t figure out Tang San’s status at this moment, he is still accumulating strength to make up the knife.

To kill Tang San like this is to use the powerful power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Once you let it escape, you can imagine the consequences.

“You think you can kill me, ridiculous!”

Then Tang San swung a sword suddenly.

This sword is terrifying so terrifying, Ye Muyang also felt scared.

God’s Force amount!

Is this person Tang San or Asura God?

When Ye Muyang reacted again, Tang San had already blasted through the mountain and disappeared.

Ye Muyang’s face suddenly became gloomy and Tang San escaped. If Tang San reacts, then…

“Ye Muyang, we’ll meet again Some day!”

Hu Ben and Soul Horse had no intention of fighting with Ye Muyang. At this moment, they must find a quiet place to heal their injuries.

The two also left instantly.

The trembling of the earth not at all disappears, but there is a trend of intensifying at this moment.

In the direction of Hell Road, two huge silhouettes galloped over.

Two strange animals are Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King and Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

“Master, the power of Slaughter City is out of control, everything is about to collapse.”

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King hurriedly shouted.

Ye Muyang was frowned. When I looked inside, I saw a cloud of blood. Various buildings were crushed into pieces under the power of the riot one after another.

“Come on, if you don’t leave, it will be too late.”

Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King said.

“Don’t worry, maybe I have a way.”

Ye Muyang soared into the sky.

A purple lotus appeared in front of him.

The lotus rotates slightly, one after another phantom spreads out, forming a purple lotus that covers the audience.

“A little ghost, everything can be printed.”

At this moment, countless scarlet air currents moved towards the lotus flower in front of Ye Muyang.

The countless messy forces are flooded, and the chaos seems to be a round of Eternal Inextinguishable.

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