I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 213

Heaven Dou City, the two silhouettes seem to have endured the hardships of a long journey.

It’s not that I am embarrassed, but at first glance, it is definitely not a rich kid, especially in Heaven Dou City.

One big and one small, the big one is only in their twenties, and the small one is around ten years old.

“Fu, do you know how long we have been away?”

“It has been about three or four years since we returned to Master.”

Ah Fu raised his head and said.

“Yes. I have left for three or four years. When I left, my grandfather came to Heaven Dou City. You will see it soon.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“Well, Ah Fu still miss grandfather on this road.”

“Let’s go.”

Into the city, Heaven Dou City is better than before. It’s more prosperous, and there are more Spirit Masters walking around, and there are even patrols patrolling from time to time.

A person who knows the truth can tell the difference at a glance.

But it doesn’t matter to Ye Muyang and Ah Fu who entered the city.

The familiar smell drifted by, turning his head to take a look.

I saw someone passing by with a cigarette in his mouth.

Ye Muyang quickly grabbed the man.

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly being pulled, the man’s face suddenly became unsightly.

“Excuse me for being abrupt, I don’t know where did this thing in Brother’s mouth come from?”

Ye Muyang smiled.

as the saying goes Don’t hit the smiley person.

The man looked up and down Ye Muyang and Ah Fu a few times, and then his eyes became somewhat contemptuous.

The tone is even more derogatory, saying: “Che, don’t look at your identity.

Can you afford Shengxian cigarettes? It’s really ignorant. “

Then the man shook Ye Muyang away, proudly striding forward not recognizing one’s family, closed his eyes, swallowed mist and looked at the road with his nostrils.

“Shengxian card?


Ye Muyang whispered in a whisper.

“Master, what is a cigarette?”

“A consumable, that’s all for a moment of enjoyment, is not a good thing.”

Ye Muyang waved his hand to let Ah Fu not care too much.

As we progressed, a rather huge building appeared in front of us. Even in the daytime, there were still lights and festoons outside, showing its luxury.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

Fu was puzzled at a glance.

“This is Drunk Linglong? Why is it so swagger?”

Ye Muyang was speechless for a while.

This building is a bit extravagant, but from here, Ye Muyang can also see Xue Linglong’s ability and the way of doing business is really good.

Beside this huge building is still an unremarkable small house.

A signboard stood outside the small house, Bai Banxian.

The thing that surprised Ye Muyang most was that there were many guests in that small room. When he looked intently, Ye Muyang was taken aback.

Why are these guests a group of elderly aunts?

With curiosity, Ye Muyang brought Ah Fu forward.

The interior of the room is still simple, still familiar to Ye Muyang.

Many aunts lined up, waiting one by one, each talking and laughing, not only the youngest daughter that does not meet the age, but also the strange heroic and aggressive.

“Auntie, what are you guys?”

Ye Muyang asked curiously.

It’s okay if you don’t speak. When you speak, shua~ shua~ shua~ instantly has countless hostile eyes.

“Boy, who is it called auntie, she is still a lady of the yellow flower for sixty years. If you talk nonsense like this, I’m not welcome to be careful of my old lady.”

“Yoyoyo , You are sixty, and I am fifty-nine. Just like you, I still want to come to Bai Banxian, hahaha, wishful thinking!”

Ye Muyang was stunned when he heard the two giving tit for tat.

If you suffered Five Thunderbolts, didn’t you leave for three years?

Going to the countryside looks like a bad guy?

While Ye Muyang was stunned, suddenly there was a loud noise.

“Bai Banxian came out, Bai Banxian came out.”

Then Ye Muyang and Ah Fu were squeezed away by the surging crowd, and forcibly was unprepared.

I saw a red-clothed old man, white hair and youthful face.

Ye Muyang knows that it is Lao Bai at a glance. At this moment, Lao Bai is more and more moisturized. It seems that the quality of life has definitely improved several grades compared to Ye Family.

Ye Muyang directly released his breath.

Soon, Lao Bai turned his head and looked.

The old face is even more joyful.

“Ah, Bai Banxian smiled at me, hurry up—”

That fanatical fan, an old lady clutching her chest, panting for breath at the moment, was actually excited. The tone can’t come up.

Old white eyes and quick hands, he came to the aunt in the blink of an eye, and a pure spirit power penetrated into the aunt within the body, and the aunt gradually recovered.

“Thank you, thank you Banxian.”

The aunt was shy and thanked.

It made Ye Muyang goosebumps, so he didn’t go too far, and then he found a place with few people.

Lao Bai also has an embarrassment on his face. How could he have grown old and ended up in an unsafe venue for the evening.

“I’ll be here today. The museum is temporarily closed during this time.”

Lao Bai immediately shouted to the aunts around him.

The faces of many aunts are full of disappointment, and their eyes are reluctant. Fortunately, these people are not at all, they are too crazy and reckless.

Hello these people, Lao Bai trot all the way.

“Young Master, Young Master, you are back.”

“Old Bai, you have had a good life these years.”

Ye Muyang With a little teasing.

Lao Bai smiled awkwardly and replied: “Boss Xue has taken good care of me. This day is still past.”

“How about, what’s the difference in this period? “

Ye Muyang stopped joking about Lao Bai and asked.

“Young Master, rest assured, Xue Boss is well, and Xue Linglong is growing continuously.

As the industry becomes bigger, there are always some jealous people.

There are some business competitors and some wealthy powers, but these are not to be feared, but Strength Clan can handle it.

There are a few difficult roles. “

“Talk about it.”

Ye Muyang nodded, lightly saying.

“Heaven Dou Empire’s Imperial Family, there are people coming over from the inside and out, but Xue Boss said that Heaven Dou Empire Imperial Family let her deal with it alone, let me not interfere.

Spirit Hall also sent some people, but the overall spirit of Spirit Hall is not very strong, they are all miscellaneous fish who come to inquire about the news.

The real difficulty is some unseen hidden ones that pop up suddenly. In the world, although these people fish and dragons mixed in together, they also have a lot of experts, and Spirit Douluo has several.

In order not to attract too much attention and not to expose, I secretly shot Several times, I just knocked them back.”

“Lao Bai, you did a good job. Now I come back, then these accounts will be settled.

Okay, you Continue to live your life at ease.”

“Young Master, what you said, the old slave is also…”

Before the old vernacular is finished, Ye Muyang will fight Judging: “It won’t be long before you have to work. You don’t enjoy it while you still have free time. Don’t when the time comes. Don’t blame Young Master. I squeezed old farmers and workers.”

“Young Master, what do you mean? Ye Family, want to…”

Lao Bai’s eyes are more Mental.

“It is not the time yet, just follow my command.”

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