I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 214

Drunk and exquisite, famous inside.

I don’t think about what I used to be, but at the same time I added a lot of areas.

Ye Muyang will be welcomed as soon as he enters.

But seeing Ye Muyang like this, and bringing a child here, it is really Number One Person.

“This objective, are you here for?”

The entertainer looked up and down Ye Muyang, thinking that this person might have come out of nowhere. What kind of world you have passed, strayed into it.

But the good professionalism makes the attitude of women quite friendly.

“Find someone.”

Ye Muyang glanced at the woman and continued to look at the drunken inner structure.

In some dark places, Ye Muyang saw a little uniqueness, secretly nodded, this rebuilt Drunken Linglong does have a lot of fame.

The receiving woman suddenly became vigilant and quickly greeted a woman next to her to pass the message.

Ye Muyang’s behavior now seems very strange.

“Who is it?”

The woman continued to ask.


The simple answer immediately raised the vigilance in the woman’s heart to a new level.

Who is Ale, the drunk Young Master. During this time, many people intend to sneak into the drunk and Linglong. It is not surprising that some people’s attention hits Young Master’s body, but this way, this It was the first time that she had met in general.

“A Le? We don’t have this girl here?”

Hearing this, Ye Muyang thought the woman had misunderstood what he meant.

He continued: “It’s not some girl from you here, but Young Master Ale, or let Xue Linglong come over.”

The woman frowned deeper, this person The dress is ordinary, but the tone is so big.

is it possible that what is this man play the pig to eat the tiger’s horn?

The woman quickly searched for memory in her mind.

Recently, Heaven Dou City of Heaven Dou Empire has indeed produced a lot of monsters, ghosts and snakes. Some quirky characters who play the pig to eat the tiger are not without, but she really wants to take a child like Ye Muyang It is the person of that power who does not come out.


Seeing the woman did not reply for a while, Ye Muyang gradually realized something.

“I was abrupt, and you are so cautious. You are very good to be so cautious. Go and spread the news and say that Ye Muyang is back. I believe they will come out to see me.”

Immediately, Ye Muyang took the initiative to announce his name.

“Ye Muyang?”

The woman only felt that her name was familiar, but she remembered that she did not raise.

Soon, the woman passed the message first People came here with a wave of people.

Ye Muyang smiled when he saw the visitor.

Hi to be a father, big girl Ale.

“Who is making the trouble!”

A Le appeared on the stage, with his own imposing manner, and the upper imposing manner naturally appeared.

Xue Linglong must have devoted a lot of effort.

“It’s been a long time, Ale.”

Ye Muyang looked towards Ale, said with a smile.

“long time no see? You are…Ye Muyang!”

A Le’s face was surprised.

He said: “Ye Muyang, I have been away for three or four years, I thought you were dead outside, didn’t expect you to be alive.

How do you look at you It looks like he’s not doing very well. Is this trying to stick to us again?”

As soon as he came up, A Le’s tone began to change.

Ye Muyang listened to the ground with a black line, this Ale is like his natural nemesis.

I was in a good mood, but it suddenly became bad for her to stir her up.

At this moment, the people behind A Le suddenly became unkind to Ye Muyang.

I thought that Ye Muyang was probably someone who looked down on Xue Linglong’s mother and daughter before, but now that he sees his wealth and wealth, he wants to cling to it. You see that he still has a child. Isn’t this bitter trick prepared? The is quite complete.

“What sticks? Besides, you are so drunk and exquisite nowadays, that still has my credit.”

As soon as Ye Muyang said this, everyone behind A Le was sure again What I thought.

One by one, spirit power surges secretly.

“Fart, Ye Muyang, don’t play rascals here. In the past three or four years, you have no news. My mother is working on everything. You didn’t have the strength to fart. Go away, go away, Don’t let me see you again!”

A Le waved his hand with a look of atmosphere.

Ye Muyang couldn’t speak with A Le’s words.

I had no choice but to change the subject, instead of arguing with him, he said: “I want to see your mother, I have something to tell her.”

“No, no one is there.”

Ale coldly snorting said.

“Forget it, Afu, grandfather, who came to Drunk Linglong by my advice before, should be arranged by you now, you should always take him to see his grandfather, for several years I haven’t seen it.”

Ale looked towards Ah Fu. Hearing what Ye Muyang said, he remembered that there was indeed an old man before that Ye Muyang asked him to come over. He wanted to arrange this old well. man, didn’t expect this old man couldn’t stay free, so he arranged a job for him to manage the tobacco field. This old man was also quite satisfied.

“His grandfather, I know. Someone will wait for him to go to Tobacco Land.”

A Fu has hesitation on his face, but he left under Ye Muyang’s instruction. Up.

“You are all gone, too.”

After that, A Le said to the crowd around him.

“Young Lady, this…”

Several old women want to exhort them.

And Ale interrupted them and said: “If he wants to hurt me, you are of no use here.”

It was very open, and a few old women were also sent away by Ale. .

Looked towards Ye Muyang, Ale still has a bad face.

Looking at A Le, Ye Muyang was puzzled, this little girl is really, and nothing has changed in the past three or four years, she is still so ordinary.

“What about your mother, I really have something to do with her.”

“I told you that she is not here. If there is something, you tell me that there are many things that mother does Let me manage it.

Now I’m in Drunk Linglong, I’m the leader.”

“Forget it, tell me where she went, I heard that recently Many forces are staring at Drunk Linglong, it is better to be more cautious.”

Finding a position, Ye Muyang sat down comfortably.

“I charge a fee here. One hour costs a hundred gold.”

Ye Muyang didn’t even think about it, just moved towards the table and threw a purse, heavy Yes, it made a muffled noise on the desktop.

See here.

A Le quickly picked it up, weighed it twice, and said: “Young Master Ye is really generous. I think that when I first met Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye was so arrogant. Now he is in the limelight. It’s the same.”

“That’s right, I’m drunk and exquisite behind me, saying I don’t have money, do you believe it?”

“Less gold on your face, this Miss I am very busy, just wait if you are willing to wait.”

After that, Ale left without turning his head.

Ye Muyang sat and raised his mind, and the next moment was awakened by the noise outside.

“I see who would dare to stop me today, I must go in today.”

“Tell you, today I took someone with me. Don’t blame me again. For being impolite, I, this Yang, is also a gentleman, and I don’t like to do it.

There is also called A Le to come out to see me!”

The clamor rang out, which made Ye Muyang annoyed. Frequently frowned.

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