I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 215

“Surnamed Yang’s, don’t call here, get out of here!”

A Le ran out directly angrily from inside, with a look of anger.

Ye Muyang on one side couldn’t help but shook his head after looking. This girl is still so energetic and bustling, not at all as stable as her mother.

“Impudent, Ale, how can I say that I am also your cousin, is your attitude like this?”

The man suddenly became furious, and he had to bear with Yang Peak once or twice. Now, because the little girl may have hatred towards their family and have a bad attitude, this is understandable, but it is always like this, and no one can stand it. This makes Yang Peak very angry!

“Cousin, you still have the face to say that!

Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking in your heart, isn’t it just for the drunkenness of this family business?

I tell you, you Yang Family impossible to get any point, what are you doing when my mother is in the most difficult time?

Now come over with a face, you are so embarrassed!”

hearing this, the man also knows that A Le is now above his anger, and now he can only hold on to it.

So the man showed a very embarrassed and sympathetic look, and said: “Cousin, we can actually explain this.

At the beginning, Yang Family was also very difficult, almost I’m annihilated, I have to stay away from Heaven Dou City to find a place of comfort.

Now Yang Family is regrouping and returning to Heaven Dou City, it’s actually for your mother and son.

Yang Family will never abandon any clansman.”

And Ale then coldly snorted, saying: “Pretend, pretend! Although I don’t know much about the things back then, I have heard of some , From the children of the wealthy family to the common people, from their mouths, I can tell that your Yang Family is not a kind thing.

Be aware that everyone is difficult to adjust, let alone who is secretly controlling the direction of public opinion, If you say this, I will not believe it.”

Seeing that Ale’s oil and salt don’t enter, it’s not soft.

Yang Peak immediately used tough methods.

His face changed instantly, and angrily said: “Tell you, Ale.

Your Alesheng is a member of my Yang Family, and the death of your mother is also a ghost of my Yang Family! “

“Come on, break in for me, whoever dares to stop me today!”

Yang Peak shouted directly.

Some of the guards around were even suppressed by the crazy imposing manner it exudes.


A Le shouted, and the guard next to him reacted.

“Le, these miscellaneous fish can’t stop me!”

Immediately, I saw Yang Peak suddenly released in an imposing manner, and the spirit of the Spirit Emperor was shocked.

However, A Le laughed and said: “Yang Peak, if it were in the past, maybe I would really be scared by your imposing manner, but today you are extremely unlucky!”

“hahaha, I see who would dare to stop me today, Xue Linglong went to Heaven Dou Imperial Palace, do you think I don’t know.

Without Xue Linglong, this drunk Linglong is just A plate of loose sand, fish meat on the chopping board, that’s all!”


A Lexie laughed.

I then looked at Ye Muyang, who had been pretending to be asleep all the time, anticipating that something was wrong.

Said: “When are you going to pretend?

Drunk Linglong is not only my mother and me, but also yours. If they break in, they can Even the dregs are not left.”

“On, on, on.”

Seeing that I can’t hide, Ye Muyang had to stand up, waved to say with a smile, and gestured Don’t worry, Ale.

Ale was not worried at all. The interview just now was just to vent some of the anger of the past. What Yang Family did at the beginning was indeed very unorthodox. Although it has proved to be his own family, he did not at all. all what emotional fetters.

“Boy, I would advise you to get out of the way. This is my Yang Family’s business. If it is mixed in, I am afraid you will not even have a whole body!” Yang Peak said with a gloomy look.

“Oh, Yang Family is so strong, it makes me very scared.

But you didn’t hear Miss Ale say that this drunk and exquisite still has one of mine A member.”

Ye Muyang digs out his ears, not knowing whether he is going to listen carefully next, or if he thinks he has dirty his ears when he heard Yang Peak’s speech.

“This is easy to do. After we get the drunken property, we will give it to your half.”

Yang Peak said with a cold laugh.

Looking at his expression, everyone knows that he is telling lies.

“But my share accounted for more than half, but 70%.”

Ye Muyang continued, his tone casually.

And seeing Ye Muyang like this, Yang Peak felt that he was humiliating himself.

“hmph, are there so many, it’s not you who say the ground, but we say it!”

“Come on, don’t talk nonsense with him, if you dare to stop , Ka-cha!”

Yang Peak made a gesture of wiping his neck with a cruel expression.

Following Yang Peak’s order, a group of people rushed directly inside.

The strength of each of them cannot be underestimated in the crowd. In addition, Yang Peak himself has seven Spirit Emperors. Of course, the Spirit Emperor is the ceiling of these people.

“A group of miscellaneous fish, also want to shake the sky?”

Ye Muyang looked scornfully.

Golden’s arm appeared out of thin air, and then moved towards everyone fiercely shot.

“Ye Muyang, be careful, these are very valuable, you will pay if you break it!”

A Le quickly shouted.

“Hey, are there any mistakes, I…”

“What nonsense that many do! Work fast!”

A disdainful look in the past.

Seeing Ye Muyang was helpless, and slapped these people out of drunkenness.

After that, Ye Muyang returned to his position and continued to doze.

“Hey, Ye Muyang, what are you…”

“Kill them?” Ye Muyang said with his eyes closed.

“Yeah, they are not good people, kill them death ends all one’s troubles.”

“Then Yang Peak and you are still blood relatives, are you cruel? “

“Ye Muyang, who are you mocking. Yang Family is nothing. It is my mother who gave birth to me and raised me. He wants to hold me by blood. His Yang Family is simply Wishful thinking.”

hearing this, Ye Muyang smiled.

Explained: “This is just a long line to catch a big fish.

Yang Family knows most of the situation of Drunk and Linglong, knowing that there is an expert to protect secretly, and now send Yang Peak This despicable means must be to see who the expert who secretly protects the drunk and exquisite is.

Although the method is unbearable to look at, the effect is indeed quite good.

If I am today No, do you have other ways?”

“No, I can only call Bai grandfather.”

A Leyao looked away, and thought that Yang Family’s move was truly The purpose is still here.

“Then what do you mean by putting a long line to catch a big fish?”

“Do as you say, don’t you disrupt their plan when you appear like this? , Makes them feel suspicious, and they become fearful.”

A Le asked.

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