I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 216

“This is poor information.

Yang Family doesn’t know me. In their eyes, I am no better than Titled Douluo or even Spirit Douluo, but an innate talent, high-strength, good youngster that’s all, they don’t pay attention to it, but will send more people to kill me because of this grievance. After all, they already know that I have something to do with this Drunken Linglong.”

Ye Muyang is simple The narrative said.

“Well, it makes sense.”

Ale nodded, then he thought of something and asked: “What did you mean when you said that Drunk Linglong is 70% of yours? “

Ale stared at Ye Muyang badly. She never believed that Ye Muyang had any kindness. Maybe she fell into his hands again this time and made her think of some other things. crafty plots and machinations.

“Talk nonsense, don’t mind.”

Ye Muyang waved past, but didn’t want to tell her relationship with Xue Linglong.

Isn’t it an exaggeration that Xue Linglong accounted for 70%? Xue Linglong is her own again, so this is not an exaggeration.

“What happened, why is Drunk Linglong so noisy outside?”

A voice came.

Then a beautiful woman Lianbu gently moved in, elegant and poised.

“Mother, you are finally back. It’s just some thieves who are making trouble and I have driven them away.”

A Le quickly greeted him.

“Well, you did good. Mother is a little tired today, so I will go to rest first.”

Xue Linglong rubbed her forehead, showing tiredness all over her body.

He didn’t pay attention to Ye Muyang not far away.

“Then mother, go now.”

A Le helped Xue Linglong go to rest.

Soon, Ale returned and looked towards Ye Muyang and said: “Let’s go, my mother is lacking today, let’s talk about it later.”

“No need , I’ll just go by myself.”

Ye Muyang didn’t pay attention to what A Le said, and walked straight forward.

“Ye Muyang, what do you want to do!”

A Le quickly stopped in front of Ye Muyang.

“Do you want to force me to be drunk and exquisite?”

“I have no malice, why are you blocking me like this?”

Ye Muyang helpless Shaking his head.

“What is the relationship between you and my mother?”

After staring at Ye Muyang with unkind eyes for a while, A Le asked.

“What do you mean, what are you talking about?” Ye Muyang frowned, what can be between herself and Xue Linglong.

“Let’s install less, Ye Muyang, I advise you to stay away from my mother. I know your mind very well!

A few years ago, you conspired against me, don’t take me Fool on the spot, do you think I don’t know?”

“You think too much.” Ye Muyang said indifferently, and then prepared to move forward.

“Not allowed to go!” A Le continued to block.

“You can’t stop me.”

Ye Muyang smiled immediately, and then the silhouette disappeared in front of Ale.

A Le, who came to consciousness, quickly moved towards Xue Linglong and rushed.

“Ye Muyang, bastard, don’t let me catch you, or I will take your skin off!”

next moment, Ye Muyang came to Xue Linglong’s door , And then opened the door to enter.

“Didn’t I tell you, don’t you bother me?”

Then it came with an ordering tone.

Entering the room, I saw the beauty rubbing her forehead lightly, seemingly a headache, tiredness and haggard appearing on her body.

“Why don’t you speak?”

I haven’t heard a reply for a long time, and Xue Linglong eyes opened.

I saw Ye Muyang looking at him with a lightly smile.

“This is…Is this a hallucination?”

Xue Linglong muttered to herself, then rubbed her forehead again, forcing herself to wake up.

“You still have to pay attention to your body, don’t be too lucky.”

Next moment Ye Muyang came to Xue Linglong to help her gently rub her forehead.

Xue Linglong suddenly returned to her senses, fighting her.


The eyes are full of shock, unable to speak a complete sentence.

Ye Muyang smiled, and as she signaled Xue Linglong to sit down, she continued to rub her forehead for Xue Linglong.

“I’m back, this is not an illusion. Everything has me here.”

Ye Muyang said softly.

The gauntness of Xue Linglong made Ye Muyang really feel distressed.

dong dong dong, the knock on the door rang.

“It’s probably the girl Ale. She has doubts about the relationship between the two of us. In my opinion, it is better to be clear.

But I think so. It’s better for you to say.”


Suddenly, Xue Linglong patted Ye Muyang’s hand.

said: “Why, you still want to escape. I didn’t know who forced me to force me at the beginning. Now, why are you talking?”

“Are you serious? I’m worried about the possibility It will hurt your mother and daughter’s only feelings.” Ye Muyang grabbed Xue Linglong’s hand and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about this. The relationship between our mother and daughter is not something that a stinky man like you can destroy.”

Xue Linglong walked over and opened the door directly.

Outside the door, it was A Le who looked angry.

Seeing mother Xue Linglong, Ale quickly said: “Mother, you…you are not being bullied, are you?”

Then fiercely looked towards Ye Muyang fiercely and moved Xue Linglong. Behind you.

“Lele, don’t worry, he didn’t bully me. When you see you like this, mother really feels relieved, and drunk and exquisite can truly be in your hands.”

“Mother, you guys, really?”

Ale really couldn’t say it, so he had to use his eyes to indicate.

“A Le, don’t worry, no one can bully you with me.”

Ye Muyang said quickly after seeing the timing.

“Mother, what is so good about this man, as far as I know, this man is not dedicated!”

“You know everything about mothers, mothers will Take care of it, don’t worry.”

Xue Linglong also said sorry, and she can only give Ale a reassurance first.

Send A Le away, the two of them just felt a sudden relief.


“Gone. Warning, you can’t make trouble. I know you have a big problem with your body.”

Xue Linglong covered her mouth with a chuckle.

Ye Muyang smiled evilly, then hugged Xue Linglong, and whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry, you husband, I have solved all these obstacles, so now… we ……”

“Ah, this, that……”

Xue Linglong was taken aback, and then he felt Ye Muyang’s heat.

But there was a sudden fear in my heart.

“This, I am very tired today, so I don’t want to.”

“Well, you are really haggard. I heard that you went to Heaven Dou Imperial Palace, Did something happen?”

Ye Muyang asked.

When she mentioned this, Xue Linglong rubbed her forehead. During this period of time, this incident was very disturbing, and she did not sleep well for a long time.

“It’s a long story.”

“It’s okay, since it’s very long, let’s talk slowly. You see it’s not too early, let’s go to bed and talk.”

“Ah, don’t you want to…”

Youngster is full of vitality, especially just now, Xue Linglong felt Ye Muyang’s throbbing.

This is what I call a wolf into the room, so I can’t escape.

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