I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 219

As Ye Muyang spirit power entered, Xue Ye clearly felt that his body was getting better. Although the process was slow, it gave him hope.

After an hour passed, Ye Muyang stopped the spirit power input, and Xue Ye clearly saw that Mental had a lot.

“Today’s treatment is here, and the second treatment is to wait until Acquired, so that Your Majesty’s body will also have a process of adapting.”

“many thanks little brother Ye help, just talk if you want.”

Xue Ye said with a smile.

“Your Majesty is polite, how dare you ask for a reward before the poison is completely removed, it won’t be too late to reward you after the poison is removed.”

Although it’s so polite. However, he revealed his unkind words, which immediately made Xue Ye’s eyes brightened. The second son was not surprised, neither humble nor overbearing, and he must be an incredible character in the future.

Xue Ye, who has always loved the Magi, now has the intention of soliciting.

“What kind of position does little brother Ye have, not as good as coming to my Heaven Dou, there must be a kindness.”

“many thanks Your Majesty, but I am idle Cloud wild crane is used to it. Suddenly there is a rule of something I’m not used to.

If Your Majesty needs it, you can let Snow Boss tell it.

Let’s stop here today, I will Say goodbye first.”

“Imperial Brother, I will leave together.”

When turning around, Ye Muyang said to Dugu Bo: “Poison Douluo, about Your Majesty poisoning You should know more than me. During this period of time, you need to be more vigilant. If the culprits attack again, or I will be in vain.”

Dugu Bo nodded, signaled that I understand.

When I left, I met Yu Xiaogang. The three of them didn’t have much words. Yu Xiaogang looked like he was going to meet Xue Ye.

On the way, Xue Linglong’s face is full of joy.

“You did good, you will be rewarded after you go back.”

Ye Muyang took advantage of Xue Linglong’s waist and said with a smile: “You are not afraid Is it?”

Xue Linglong quickly lined up Ye Muyang.

“Don’t worry, I pay attention, there is no one.”

I looked at all around and found no one, Xue Linglong was relieved.

“I’m talking about giving you some money, what are you thinking about.”

“That’s not up to you.”

Meet Ye Muyang When she dragged herself into the grove, Xue Linglong was shocked.

“Don’t you want to be here…”

“Don’t you feel very exciting?” Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“No, let go of me, let me go.”

Xue Linglong was scared, crying and begged: “No, people are still in pain, you can’t Does the heartache hurt others?”

Ye Muyang gave up when he felt relieved.

Xue Linglong secretly patted her plump breasts sighed in relief.

After sending Xue Linglong back to Zui Linglong, Ye Muyang is ready to leave.

“Where are you going?”

Xue Linglong immediately tightened her nerves, for fear that Ye Muyang would run away again.

“Don’t worry, I will go to Tianshui to see the situation. I have a foreboding that there may be a major event happening recently, and it is best to prepare first. Also, I must not neglect my account of you.”

“hmph, you think I don’t know, maybe I’m going to Tianshui to find your partner.” Xue Linglong is coldly snorted.

Ye Muyang touched his nose with some embarrassment. Shui Bingér and Qiu Ruoshui have to go and see how they are now.

“I really got my point.”

Ye Muyang went up and hugged Xue Linglong directly and domineeringly, and then kissed it. After a long time, the two of them split their lips. Come one by one.

“I’m jealous, all of you are the same. I only have a preference for you.”

“I know, will you be back tonight?” Xue Linglong blushed and asked with her head down Tao.

“Leave me a window.”

“I will do some sneaky things.”

Ye Muyang smiled and said, “I’ll go Now.”

She saw Ye Muyang leave, and Xue Linglong sighed.

There is no woman willing to share her husband with others, so Xue Linglong can’t help but feel a little lost.

But I quickly improved my mentality. I won’t be able to cope with Ye Muyang alone if I don’t talk about my own conditions. If I’m the only one, I might have suffered.

Leaving Zui Linglong, Ye Muyang flew to the front of Tianshui Academy.

At the moment, Tianshui Academy is very lively.

In other words, Tianshui Academy has always been so lively, because Tianshui Academy has always been a gathering place for beautiful women.

Walking, Ye Muyang met an acquaintance.

Xuefeng, that unique-looking face and the entire facial features are composed of Xuewu’s cousin.

Ye Muyang stepped forward to patted Xuefeng’s shoulder.

Just listen to Xuefeng’s anger suddenly: “Who, who is so qualified to take this Young Master’s shoulder!”

Then turned his head and saw his eyes a while astigmatism.

I was shocked and couldn’t say a complete sentence.


“Why, don’t you know me after three or four years?”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

“Aiya, my big brother Ye, this is what you said, how dare you not know you, brother Ye big.

It’s not a rumor that brother Ye big you Are you dead? Why are you still alive?”

Ye Muyang’s face turned black in an instant, thanks to this Xuefeng is Prince Xue Xing’s youngest son, otherwise I don’t know that I will be killed. Whip the corpse several times.

“I’m dead, the rumor? Who passed it on?”

“I don’t know about this.” Xuefeng shook his head honestly.

“Why, are you here again today to try one’s luck?”

Ye Muyang teased.

“No, no. Since then, I feel that love is too far away from me. I might as well enjoy life.”

“Then you run here to do it Huh?”

“Watch the excitement. I got news that Zhu Family First Young Master likes a girl who goes to Tianshui and is pursuing it wildly.”

“You said enjoy life Just gossip? I think you are really idle.”

After saying Ye Muyang, I am ready to enter Tianshui Academy.

And Xuefeng quickly grabbed Ye Muyang and said: “Big brother Ye, recently because of that Zhu Wen, Tianshui has not let in foreign men. I think you should not make trouble.”

At this moment, before Ye Muyang could speak, there was a sound not far away.

The gongs and drums are shaking the sky, with great momentum.

“Hehehe, what are you talking about? This Zhu Wen is here.”

Xuefeng laughed.

“Others can’t get in, I don’t necessarily get in.”

Ye Muyang is about to move on.

And Zhu Wen’s entourage has already begun to clear the field.

“The idlers and people stand at the side at the same speed, Zhu Family First Young Master has important things to do.”

Immediately, Ye Muyang and Xuefeng were driven to the side.

“Ye big brother, it’s better not to conflict. This Zhu Wen is not simple. Don’t think my father is the prince, but I am really inferior to Zhu Wen.” Xuefeng said.

“Really, what kind of identity is this Zhu Wen?”

“It is said that Zhu Family Old Ancestor has done great service to Heaven Dou Empire, and his Old Ancestor is still A Titled Douluo.”

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