I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 220

“Zhu Family? What is this? Why haven’t I heard it before?”

Looking at the noisy scene, Ye Muyang questioned.

“The Ye big brother did not know that this Zhu Family came out a year ago. At the same time, there are four families: Yang Family, Shangguan Family and Li Family.

These four families are actually the more famous families of Heaven Dou Empire, but they disappeared for a while, but I don’t know why they suddenly appeared a year ago.”

Xuefeng explained Said.

“Four families have Tilted Douluo?”

It happened suddenly, which made Ye Muyang a lot of surprises.

“Big brother Ye, you can praise me, if it weren’t for Zhu Wen, this kid is very smiling, everywhere said his Old Ancestor is Titled Douluo, otherwise we don’t know.”

While speaking, Zhu Wen came to a clearing cleared by the Zhu Family guards.

Then each of his subordinates brought up a lot of good things.

“This Zhu Family is really not simple, Zhu Wen’s move is too generous!”

Xuefeng said with envy.

At this time, the movement outside had already alarmed the people at Tianshui Academy.

Some onlookers of female disciple, many people have a nymphomaniac look, this Zhu Wen can be considered young and gold, but an ideal husband-in-law candidate.

“Zhu Wen, how many times have I told you, why bother me at Tianshui Academy!?”


Ye Muyang For a moment, is it possible that Zhu Wen is pursuing Xue Wu?

If this is pursuing Xuewu, then I can’t stand it anymore, and I don’t know what happened to the kid Tai Long now.

“Sister Xuewu, I’m here to confess my heart.

Where is Ruo Shuiren?”

And hearing Zhu Wen’s next words, Ye Muyang directly I can’t stand it anymore.

Made, actually came to see Ruoshui!

“If Shui won’t promise you, you will die of this heart.”

Xue Wu said coldly.

“Why, since I fell in love at first sight until now, I have been pursuing it for more than a year. Can you tell me why this is?”

Zhu Wen refused to give up.

“Because she has someone she likes.”

Ye Muyang walked out directly and came straight to Zhu Wen.

When Xuefeng on the side saw it, he hurriedly followed Ye Muyang’s side.

Speaking of these two people, Xuefeng is even more optimistic about Ye Muyang, because Ye Muyang is awesome!

How awesome? He doesn’t know, but Fourth Prince Xue Beng told himself that Ye Muyang is awesome, then he is awesome!

“Who are you?”

“Ye Muyang! You are back!”

Xue Wu was a little surprised.

“I am the person Ruoshui likes.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

“Ye Muyang? I know you, although you showed up in the previous Spirit Master tournament and showed a strong innate talent, but even so, if I persuade you to take the initiative to give up, otherwise you must I will regret it!”

“Do you treat me as a fool or when you are a fool?”

Ye Muyang disagrees, the so-called regret is nothing but Zhu Family’s revenge, even Spirit Hall is not afraid, but he is also afraid of such a small Zhu Family?

“Impudent, who do you think you are talking to!?”

The follower next to Zhu Wen suddenly became dissatisfied. Seeing that the master was deflated, he, a subordinate, would naturally stand up The self-cultivation that a henchman should possess is the self-cultivation that comes out of the door to frighten the opponent!

Ye Muyang didn’t even look at that person.

Just wave it straight away.

The person immediately felt an extremely powerful force blast it directly.

Then he fell heavily to the ground, vomiting blood three feet.

“Here, you are not qualified to speak.”

“Protect Young Master, protect Young Master!”

Zhu Wen’s entourage immediately confided Zhu Wen. Surrounded.

Zhu Wen’s face is also extremely gloomy at the moment, this Ye Muyang who dared to hit him in front of him, simply didn’t put him in his eyes.

“Ye Muyang, do you know who I am?”

Zhu Wen shouted.

“Of course, Zhu Family Zhu Wen, behind Zhu Family Old Ancestor is a Tilted Douluo.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

And seeing Ye Muyang’s smile, Zhu Wen only felt terrifying.

“Young Master, there is no fear in this son. At the beginning of the investigation, it seemed that Spirit Hall was behind him.”

“What happened to Spirit Hall, Spirit Hall still can’t care about Heaven Dou Empire.” , Even if it is Spirit Hall behind him, am I going to be afraid?

I can’t swallow this breath today, give it to me, this person is at most a Spirit Emperor, you are a Spirit Saint, afraid of an egg !”

Zhu Wen said to an old servant next to him.

Ye Muyang calmly said: “Are you sure you want to do it? If there are any consequences, you have to bear it yourself. I’m not afraid of Titled Douluo.”

“Boy, You are really arrogant.

This can be tolerated, who tells me that it can be tolerated?”

Zhu Wen was killed in anger.

“Young Master, this matter must not be reckless, but patriarch deliberately warned us that it is related to Spirit Hall, and we must report to him regardless of size.

The family is not easy to come out, if we leave Heaven again Dou City, we really have no chance.”

Zhu Wen’s complexion is constantly changing, thinking for a long time.

“Ye Muyang, this matter won’t be over like this, you will wait for me!”

Then Zhu Wen left angrily.

After leaving, the scene was in an uproar. Many people mocked Zhu Family.

At this moment, a beautiful figure rushed out directly from the inside of Tianshui Academy.

Then he got directly into Ye Muyang’s arms.

With the softness, Ye Muyang immediately understood who it was.

“You are finally back.”

Qiu Ruoshui’s eyes were red with tears.

Ye Muyang wiped Qiu Ruoshui’s tears and said: “I’m back, it’s okay.”

Soon the two entered the Tianshui Academy and came to an elegant small courtyard.

Qiu Ruoshui is somewhat shy.

But Ye Muyang was different. He looked up and down Qiu Ruoshui boldly. After three or four years, Qiu Ruoshui was like a ripe peach, which made people inseparable for a long time.

“Don’t look at it like that…look at people.”

Ye Muyang smiled evilly and then took Qiu Ruoshui into his arms again.

Then looked around and said: “Where is Binger, where did she go?”

“Binger went out to practice after you left, and has not returned yet.”



Ye Muyang was shocked. Going out to experience is very dangerous. The fact that he has not returned so far makes Ye Muyang worried.

“Don’t worry, Binger is okay at the moment.”

“How did you know?”

“Treasures of Tianshui Academy can communicate with people’s Source Aura is connected to show the characteristics of this person’s life.

Although Bing’er has encountered dangers along the way, all the dangers have been turned away. Not only does she have no mortal danger, but her aura is stronger, which shows that she has become stronger. Many.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. But I still have to find it soon. Do you know the whereabouts of Binger?”

“I don’t know, treasure can only record without searching Function.”

“I know, I will send someone to find Binger’s whereabouts.”

“hmph, you don’t care about me, you may come back later, I Maybe I will marry someone else.”

Qiu Ruoshui said bitterly.

“I’m sorry, but for the rest of your life you can never want to escape from my palm.”

Ye Muyang wandered around, very restless.

And Qiu Ruoshui’s face is already red and can drip bleeding.

“Don’t…Don’t be here. Go…Go to the room.”

Ye Muyang smiled evilly, then hugged him directly and stepped into the room.

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