I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 221

“Are you here at night?”

Qiu Ruoshui asked eagerly.

“Go back to Zui Linglong.”

“Drunk Linglong? Sure enough, I know you and Xue Linglong have an affair!”

Qiu Ruoshui pushes away Ye Muyang, a faint glance.

“You are all the same, you shouldn’t be like this.”

Ye Muyang shook his head. It might not be a good thing to have more women.

“You have gone, so I can take care of you. Zhu Wen will not let go of this, and he will definitely come to harass you later.”

“I I know, but am I suitable for the past?

Anyway, I have fallen into your hands, so you don’t care about everything.”

Qiu Ruoshui, I’ll be Ye Muyang In the arms.

“Are you very enlightened? I think you should get along well.”

“All right.”

Soon the two are finished .

Qiu Ruoshui also wants to speak to the top of Tianshui.

The senior officials of Tianshui were surprised when they saw Ye Muyang, but when they knew that Qiu Ruoshui was going to Zui Linglong to handle the business, they didn’t understand why it was Ye Muyang who wanted Qiu Ruoshui to kidnapped.

They were all people who came here. Looking at Qiu Ruoshui’s walking posture, they knew that it was too late to say anything.

Zui Linglong is still bustling and lively, and now Zui Linglong is much more subtle than before. In the past, it was simply a place for men to have fun, but now it has opened up many businesses and many places have been separated for Multiple entrances were set up to avoid suspicion.

“Dui Linglong’s development has been really rapid in recent years. I have contact with cigarette business. It is indeed a profitable business. Although there are many similar products, they are really poor in terms of competitiveness. Far away.”

Qiu Ruoshui said with emotion.

“Fortunately, you two.”

Ye Muyang knows that Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong must have done a lot in the course of these business developments, and spent a lot of time mind.

“What’s the matter? Although the cultivation talent is not very good, I don’t think it is inferior to others in business.”

Qiu Ruoshui said with a little arrogance.

While speaking, Ye Muyang took Qiu Ruoshui into Drunk Linglong.

On the face, I met A Le.

And when Ale saw Qiu Ruoshui next to Ye Muyang, his face suddenly collapsed.

This Ye Muyang is a Huaxin carrot head!

She knows this Qiu Ruoshui.

“hmph hum, Ye Muyang, you are really not simple.”

A Le said coldly.

“Ale girl, we have worked together for a while, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Qiu Ruoshui said with a smile.

“I don’t understand, what is so good about this person, you all join him one by one?”

Ale looked towards Ye Muyang with a look of contempt and contempt. .

Qiu Ruoshui suddenly smiled. It is really interesting to see Ye Muyang eat the fruit.

“This is not clear, if Ale girl encounters such a situation in the future, I will understand it.”

“Then why are you here today?”

A Le doesn’t want to talk about Ye Muyang anymore, it is really annoying.

“I asked her to move in. It will not be much more convenient to handover your business work.”

Ye Muyang replied.

A Le’s face suddenly became ugly again, and said, “Hey, Ye Muyang, who are you, why can you make such a decision?”

“Don’t be convinced , This drunk and exquisite, I am a member, what happened to bringing someone here?”

Ye Muyang lightly saying.



Suddenly, Xue Linglong’s voice came from behind.

Seeing Xue Linglong, Ye Muyang still feels a little bit empty.

I told her that she would come back, but now she comes back with a woman. What would she think?

“Come here.”

Xue Linglong at a moderate pace, said openly.

Then Xue Linglong took the two to a room, which was next to Xue Linglong.

“many thanks Snow Boss.” Qiu Ruoshui nodded and said thank you.

Snow Linglong glanced at Ye Muyang, and then said: “You go out.”

“Me?” Ye Muyang suspected that she had heard it wrong.

“Yes, that’s you, go out and close the door.”

Then he pushed Ye Muyang out.

“Snow Boss, is this?”

After driving Ye Muyang away, Qiu Ruoshui was puzzled.

“Are you and Ye Muyang already there?” Xue Linglong asked directly.

Qiu Ruoshui was immediately shocked and very shy, this…this makes people so embarrassed to answer.

Seeing Qiu Ruoshui’s expression, Xue Linglong suddenly understood.

“I see, since we are already there, we two are the same people.

How old are you when I am older, so don’t snow the boss. Now, call me Xue elder sister.”

“So, you too…” Qiu Ruoshui said blushingly.

A little helplessness appeared on Xue Linglong’s face, and said: “He is so strong, how could I have resisted him, it was not like that when he fell into his hands.”

” Me too.” The two women immediately cherished each other.

“You…you can still survive, at that time?” Xue Linglong asked quietly.

Qiu Ruoshui’s face turned red to the root of his ears, shook his head, and whispered: “It’s too big.”

“Sure enough, good sisters, we two Just take care of each other, otherwise the surnamed Ye’s torture will cause people to die.”

“How can the elder sister say it is so serious.” Seeing Xue Linglong’s cautious look, Qiu Ruoshui Suddenly it felt a little funny.

“Don’t believe me, why do you think he brought you here? We didn’t have much distance before.

But he just brought you here. “

“There are other reasons for this, I know.”

“But anyway, Ye Muyang definitely decided to bring you here to be more convenient. This convenience is of course convenient for him. You should know what elder sister means.”

Qiu Ruoshui felt a little flustered when he heard it like this, and it was like a conspiracy.

“Everyone is here, what else can I do?”

Qiu Ruoshui said.

“Tonight, the two of us will close the door tightly, and no one is allowed to let him in.

I’m right next door. If you have any situation, you need I’ll tell you what I said in time.”

“I understand what elder sister means. Besides, even if he wants it today, I won’t agree to it. It’s swollen until now. I can’t help it.”

“It’s really good sisters. Both of us are in the same situation.”

And Ye Muyang, who was outside, looked confused, this Two women can’t get up for giving tit for tat.

Ye Muyang didn’t want the fire in the harem to happen to him.

Immediately, he opened the door directly, went in and saw that the two women were talking and laughing, there was a little bit of giving tit for tat.

“It’s getting late. If Shui younger sister, let’s take a rest. Don’t forget our agreement.”

After that, Xue Linglong twisted her waist and left.

Ye Muyang’s face was even more stunned, looking towards Qiu Ruoshui, only Qiu Ruoshui smiled weirdly at himself.

“Agreement? What is the agreement between you that I can’t even say?”

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