I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 222

Neither of the two women gave Ye Muyang face at night, and they shut Ye Muyang outside.

The helpless Ye Muyang sits on the roof of the house with a deep cultivation.

The secluded purple lotus appears and circulates in front of him, and the moon blooms down, making Ye Muyang even more mysterious.

Heaven Dou Imperial Family, Crown Prince East Palace.

Xue Qinghe frowned at this moment.

“Ye Muyang is back, why didn’t he die?”

Muttered to himself, no one responded.

“Go to Spirit Hall and send a message.”

I saw waves of fluctuations in the space.

“Ye Muyang, you are so fateful, you can escape under her skin.”

2nd day, Ye Muyang is still cultivation, removing toxins for Xue Ye It’s a big project, and it can’t be rushed. First of all, you have to raise your own strength.

One day passed in the blink of an eye, and soon came the day to learn about the poison.

Entering the Imperial Palace, Ye Muyang was a little surprised at this time. There were many people coming.

“little brother Ye, you are finally here.”

Xue Ye greets very cordially.

The eyes of everyone around him also fell on Ye Muyang.

“Your Majesty, are the people here today? Just to be on the safe side, can Your Majesty let these people go out and wait?”

Ye Muyang is blunt and doesn’t care about people around him identity of.

“Ye Muyang, what are you talking about nonsense? We are the ministers of Your Majesty’s humerus. Do you mean we will harm Your Majesty?”

The face of the speaker The roughness.

Ye Muyang simply ignores him, even if he knows his name, he doesn’t care at all.

“Go out first.”

Xue Ye lightly said.

Several people looked at each other in blank dismay, and then retired with anger.

Outside the house, the rugged man spoke again, and said to the people who came out with him: “This Ye Muyang is too arrogant, it is really annoying to me.”

“Zhu patriarch Know this person?”

Another middle age person asked.

“Shangguan Family knows something. This son recently relied on his own strength and background to oppress my son.”

The speaker is Zhu Wen’s father, Juba , Is also the current patriarch of Zhu Family.

“Oh, what Zhu patriarch said, this Ye Muyang has an extraordinary background?”

Another middle age person asked. This person is Li Family patriarch.

“I heard that this person is from Spirit Hall.”

“Spirit Hall!”

Shangguan Family Master and Li Family patriarch were taken aback.

If it were the people of Spirit Hall, wouldn’t it be right now to lead a wolf into the room, Your Majesty is in danger!

“I am going to report Your Majesty as soon as possible, so that Your Majesty can take more precautions.”

“Brother Shagguan, Brother Li absolutely no! This Ye Muyang is a Princess belt Come, Your Majesty and Princess only solved their misunderstanding not long ago, and the relationship has improved.

If you report this way, you will definitely make Your Majesty feel that you are separating the relationship between the two of them. Not only does Your Majesty not I will listen to you, but I will punish you.”

“Brother Zhu made a lot of sense. I thought it was too simple.” Li patriarch said in a deep thought.

“Then what should we do now, can’t we wait like this?”

The faces of Shangguan Family Lord and Li patriarch showed anxiety and helplessness.

“This, we can go to His Highness Fourth Prince. As the prince, it is quite normal to worry about Your Majesty.”

Juba replied at this moment.


Shangguan Family master and Li patriarch suddenly hesitated.

Your Majesty poisoning is very weird. Many people suspect that the imperial family is behind the ghosts, and the only suspects are Eldest Prince Xue Qinghe and Fourth Prince Xue Beng.

“Will the Fourth Prince agree at this time?”

“Then we should also try it. This is our responsibility as the minister of the humerus.”

“Goodness, Brother Zhu said so!”

The three one after another snapped together and immediately moved towards Fourth Prince’s residence.

The treatment time is very long, Ye Muyang continuously neutralizes the toxins of Xue Ye within the body.

Two hours passed slowly, Ye Muyang also completely recovered.

“The treatment at this time is over. Your Majesty’s body is slowly recovering. It is estimated that you will be able to completely remove the toxins from Your Majesty within the body about ten times.

The main reason is that Your Majesty has been poisoned for too long.”

“Does little brother Ye have any opinion on my poisoning?” Xue Ye asked suddenly.

Xue Linglong next to her was taken aback, saying Ye Muyang don’t say something wrong.

Although the Crown Prince Xue Qinghe may be fake under Ye Muyang’s notification, there is no evidence to say that it would be confusing the Imperial Family, and the crime is serious.

“The poison of Your Majesty within the body is a kind of hybrid poison. It is more like a toxin when a variety of non-toxic things are mixed into the body, and this toxin is also a kind of Chronic, it takes a long time to attack.

And Your Majesty is onset at this time, it means that the time is long enough.”

“Well, little brother Ye analyzed well. .

The person who can poison me must be someone close to me. Does little brother Ye have any doubts?”

“Your Majesty praised me, I The method of detoxification is not really the right medicine, and I have no idea about this poisoner.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“so that’s how it is, fortunately little brother Ye.” Xue Ye showed a slightly disappointed look.

“If Your Majesty has nothing else to do, I will leave first.”

At this moment.

The guard came to pass the message. Said: “Your Majesty, Fourth Prince, please see you.”

Listen, Fourth Prince, Xue Beng, what is he here for? Ye Muyang has some doubts.

Soon with Xue Ye’s permission, Xue Beng walked in.

First, he respectfully greeted Xue Ye, then he bowed respectfully to Xue Linglong, then Poison Douluo Dugu Bo, and was surprised to see Ye Muyang.

“Imperial Father, has my body improved?”

“Don’t worry, thanks to little brother Ye, my condition has improved a lot.”

” Imperial Father, I recently investigated a lot of your poisoning and I have already had some eyebrows.”

Xue Beng said.

“Oh, let’s listen to it.” Xue Ye also became interested. He knew about his fourth son, and Dude was just pretending.

And Xue Beng looked towards Ye Muyang’s direction, looking hesitant.

“The little brother Ye is not an outsider, so just speak frankly.”

“Back to Imperial Father, I don’t mind this, but aunt…”

” Why, the Imperial Brother poisoning has something to do with me?” Xue Linglong was taken aback.

“This is not, but Yang Family.” Xue Beng no longer concealed it, and said.

Xue Linglong frowned suddenly.

“Yang Family? How could it be related to Yang Family?”

“Okay, let’s discuss this matter.”

Xue Ye speaks now Tao.

“Your Majesty, I will retire first.”

Ye Muyang didn’t have to stay any longer, so he spoke immediately.

Ye Muyang and Xue Linglong left, and before they took a few steps, Xue Beng, who came out, called Ye Muyang to stop.

“Brother Ye, you are finally back, the original promise?”

“His Royal Highness, don’t worry, I will do what I promised you, but you still have to proceed with caution at this moment. Be careful.”

“Naturally, understand.

By the way, brother Ye, I came here suddenly and it was actually Juba, Shangguanliang, and Li Jiao who were paying attention. They seemed to be very welcome You.

Brother Ye also have to be careful, easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark.”

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