I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 224

Drunk Linglong, Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong looked towards Ye Muyang one after another, with a little anger in their eyes.

After Xue Linglong arranged Huo Wu’s place to live, she and Qiu Ruoshui started interrogating Ye Muyang.

“Say! How many more do you have!”

Qiu Ruoshui said directly.

Xue Linglong is also very angry. Ye Muyang has only been back for a few days, so why did he bring another one in a row.


Ye Muyang scratched his head and said sorry, not sure how to say it.

Xue Linglong sighed and raised her forehead.

“It’s over, I finally know the nature of this guy, I’m not satisfied!”

Ye Muyang had to step forward to comfort the two girls.

However, the two women couldn’t show Ye Muyang’s face at all, so they drove Ye Muyang out, but later they felt wrong.

“If we just drove out like this, will it make Huo Wu cheaper?”

Qiu Ruoshui also came back to his senses and said: “Indeed, then call him back , This is not to lead the wolf into the room, he must bully the two of us.”

“Let’s go find that Huo Wu.”

While the two women are ready to act, watch as soon as the door is opened. When Ye Muyang stood outside, he was smiling.

“What are you doing, get out of the way!” Xue Linglong said.

“Don’t let go, who will you two sleep with me tonight?”

The question of Ye Muyang immediately made the two women a little embarrassed.

I just forgot what they were going to do next.

“No one will accompany you to sleep.”

Ye Muyang went straight in, then closed the door directly, and then a restriction was attached to the door and window.

“What are you going to do?”

The two women were surprised when they saw Ye Muyang’s actions.

“I have a proposal, you two will be together tonight.”

“Stop dreaming, impossible.” The two women blushed and said together.

“Look, you are in such a tacit understanding now. Do you think you two can still run away tonight?”

Ye Muyang moved towards the two approached.

The two women panicked suddenly and motioned to each other what to do.

“Come on!”

While the two girls were hesitating, Ye Muyang rushed over and hugged them both.

Ye Muyang has already had intentions on such a day. Today, no matter what, the blessing of the people of Ye Muyang is set to enjoy.

“Let go of me, let me go!”

The two women struggled desperately, but such struggles were only to no avail.

Soon, the last moment was the sound of the two women struggling, and the next moment was the cheers rushing to the sky.

There was no more words and no more actions this night.

Everything seems so traditional and retro.

Time passed quickly, and Ye Muyang only woke up after three shots on the day.

The two women showed up in a group and pushed Ye Muyang out.

Sitting on the bed Ye Muyang was a satisfied one.

But at the same time, Ye Muyang also discovered a peculiarity. The two women felt completely different to him. Although it is indescribable, this feeling is particularly obvious.

The first time Ye Muyang may not have noticed it, but Ye Muyang felt it this time. It was very strange.

Is it because two different individuals show different feelings? Or is it because of my own subjective assumptions?

While thinking, the two women also slowly regained consciousness.

They looked at each other in embarrassment.

The two people’s last night can be regarded as a complete confession, they have seen each other’s embarrassment, and the sisterhood friendship has become more profound.

“Wake up?”

Ye Muyang’s voice came, and the two women closed their eyes again.

“Don’t pretend, I found it all.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

The two women have just opened their eyes, their faces are full of spring, but their eyes are full of resentment.

When he saw this, Ye Muyang moved slightly beside the two women.

As the two women exclaimed, they rushed over.

Finally Ye Muyang finished his morning exercises and stood up reluctantly.

The two women blinked with tears, and they were actually bullied again in the morning.

At the same time, the two women also have a deeper understanding of Ye Muyang’s strength. It seems that he can never be satisfied.

Ye Muyang walked out of the room and met Huo Wu just in time.

Huo Wu’s room is not far from here, it is next door to Qiu Ruoshui, but Qiu Ruoshui was in Xue Linglong’s room last night.

At this moment, Huo Wu Mental is not very good, he is wearing dark circles.

“Why, didn’t you sleep well, aren’t you used to it?”

Huo Wu looked at Ye Muyang and bit his lip, as if there was something hard to tell.

This is the highest floor of Drunken Linglong. There are three rooms in total, and there is an agency compartment below, which is set up for safety.

So no matter how Ye Muyang makes trouble, no one will hear anything, except for the people who live here.

And Huo Wu couldn’t fall asleep because of the noise last night, and the voice that came was very confused, Huo Wu couldn’t settle down even if he wanted cultivation.

“You…can you pay attention at night, the sound is too loud and noisy.”

Huo Wu whispered.

“This, sorry, I will pay attention to it later.” Ye Muyang is not embarrassed either, this is what he is proud of.

Go to the living room below.

A Le has been waiting for a long time. Since Ye Muyang came to Drunk and Linglong, A Le has not been there.

“Where is my mother?” A Le asked, with a bad look in his eyes and a bad tone of voice.

“She is still resting, just tell me what is going on.

Your mother has been busy with Emperor Xue Ye the past few days.”

Ale twitched his lips with a look of disbelief.

“The people from Yang Family are here, are you sure you want to go out and have a look?”

“Let’s go.” Hearing that the people from Yang Family came, Ye Muyang became interested .

It is certainly not a simple character that can make A Le come to find Xue Linglong, Ye Muyang must go and see.

Soon, on the next level, here is for general guests to discuss matters, this is also A Le deliberately, neglect!

Ye Muyang looks at it, the person headed is a middle age person.

“Lele, where is your mother?”

The middle age person stood up and asked.

“If you are here to find my mother, my mother is not here, if it is for this drunken industry, I tell you it is impossible.”

A Le is not polite.

“Lele, I am your Uncle, you…”

The middle age person’s helpless face is sad.

“Just tell me if you have anything, and I will see you off if you don’t tell me.”

“Don’t! Lele, I’m here today to see you.

What you said is also the bloodline of my Yang Family. Now that Yang Family is back, I naturally want you to recognize ancestors and return to the fold.”

“The bloodline of Yang Family? You guys? Recognize?” A Le asked back.

middle age person nodded, a look of hope.

“Good acting, you recognize it, but I don’t recognize it. How do you prove that I am a member of your Yang Family?”

A Le asked.

The middle-aged man frowned first, and then heard what A Le said with a smile: “What difficulty is there, Spirit, as long as your Spirit is a Yang Family gun, this is enough proof.”

The middle-aged man only feels stable in his heart. You must know that the Yang Family gun is more advanced than the Swan Spirit of the Heaven Dou Empire Imperial Family. Most children will inherit the Spirit of the stronger party, and of course it is not uncommon. There is a party with weak inheritance, but such situations are rare.

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