I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 225

“Release Spirit and release Spirit. If it’s not what you expected, then you won’t bother me again.”

Ale replied coldly.

Then release Spirit directly.

Everyone is surprised that Spirit is outstanding, because Ale’s Spirit is not a Yang Family gun nor a swan Spirit, but an egg!

This egg still looks very strange, with strange patterns on it.


middle-aged man stared wide-eyed, with a look of disbelief.

“Now you are satisfied. Now that you have got the results you want, then you can leave instead of sending them.”

A Le started to push people directly.

The middle-aged man had a look of embarrassment on his face, and said: “A Le, why are we all a family, why do we have to fight each other hard, isn’t it good for everyone to be together?”

“Family? Did your Yang Family treat my mother as a family? I don’t care what your Yang Family had in the beginning, but I know that I have never eaten a bite of your Yang Family’s meal or drank your Yang Family’s. A drop of water. My mother is carrying everything these years. What did your Yang Family do? Even if you secretly send someone over to give some support, do you have it? Ask yourself, do you?”

At the back, A Le almost roared out.

The power bursting out of the small body directly suppressed all the Yang Family members present.

The look of the middle-aged man changes.

But at this moment he was blocked again and couldn’t say a word. Yang Family really didn’t send any help.

In the past few years, Yang Family has completely forgotten her two mothers and daughters. If it weren’t for the huge industry of Drunken Linglong, I’m afraid Yang Family will not have a relationship with Ale’s mother and daughter. After all, the help that these two mothers and daughters can bring to Yang Family is too small, and may even become a burden, but it is different now. Drunk Linglong’s industry is so large that Yang Family’s income is simply unimaginable. This is for the future rise of Yang Family. There will be vital help.

For this time, patriarch deliberately instructed Must to bring Drunk Linglong into the Yang Family, even by any means.

But the middle-aged man is an individual, how can he be indifferent if he is not a green man, even he thinks Yang Family’s approach is really excessive.

Thinking about it, the middle-aged man still confirmed the original decision in his heart, and must not give up, even by any means!

Drunk and Linglong, Yang Family must be determined!

“Ale, let’s call your mother out, I know your mother is here, but I don’t want to see us.

Yang Family’s original approach was really wrong. , But now we are thinking about making up. I hope your mother and daughter will give Yang Family this opportunity.”

“Send guests!”

A Le didn’t want to listen any more, and said directly in despair .

The drunken and exquisite guards came forward directly, holding a sharp weapon, and looked towards the Yang Family people with bad looks.

“Strength Clan’s person?”

Looking at the burly man who came up, the middle-aged man immediately recognized it.

“Everyone, please leave here.”

These burly men are not close to the Yang Family at all, they are suppressed in a powerful imposing manner.

“Let’s go!”

The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, then flung his sleeves and left.

Outside the drunk and Linglong, the faces of the Yang Family group turned into anger one after another.

“Fuck, a brothel, what right does she have to look down on my Yang Family?

It’s ridiculous. As a Princess, this Xue Linglong turned into a brothel. Yes, I don’t know what she is drunk and Linglong relying on.”

“Maybe it was Xue Linglong who sold herself under the name Princess!”

“Shut up !” The middle-aged man angrily shouted.

“Yang Erye, what can’t be said about this, everyone feels that’s just that’s all.”

“Yes, Yang Family, Yang Family I am afraid they have broken up with Xue Linglong and their mother and daughter, so what are they still worrying about now.

For me, we should send an expert to snatch Zui Linglong directly.”

“What do you know, there is expert help behind Zui Linglong, and the highest possibility is a Tilted Douluo.”

“Yang Erye, there is nothing to worry about, just one, my Yang Family how much Elite, when the time comes patriarch…”

“Shut up, no one is allowed to say it.” The middle-aged man only feels his brain hurts. These youngsters on the side really don’t have any brains, Yang Family can regain its brilliance when it falls into the hands of these brainless stunners?

Suddenly, the middle-aged man’s mind tightened, and his body instinctively made a dodge response.

Next moment I saw a big golden hand falling from the sky, and it smashed fiercely.


exclaimed the middle-aged man.

However, it was too late. Looking at the youngsters who came with him at the beginning, they have been photographed as scum, blood splashed on his face, and his brain suddenly went blank.

In a trance, he seemed to see that a big hand took the entire Yang Family directly away.

Wait for him to come back to his senses, and run back when he is crazy.

When I arrived at Yang Family and found that everything was intact, I fiercely sighed in relief.

“Jiro, you are back, how are things going?

You…you…what’s wrong with you?”

The old silhouette frowned and looked at Yang Erlang.

This person is Yang Family patriarch, Yang Wudi.

“Father, they are all dead.”

“Who is it? People from Xue Linglong did it?” Yang Wudi said coldly.

“I don’t know, it should be the people behind Xue Linglong.” Yang Erlang shook his head sadly.

“Father, this person is not simple, it’s probably the Tilted Douluo, right? Those few dísciples in our family are the result of their insult to Xue Linglong.”

“Look It’s the Imperial Family that protects Xue Linglong.”

“Father, don’t get drunk and Linglong’s idea. Xue Linglong now has the Imperial Family behind her. On the bright side, Strength Clan is still supporting them. We still Give up.”

“Strength Clan? Tai Tan, my old friend, it’s time to meet me.”

Drunk Linglong here, A Le quickly recovered In the mood, this surprised Ye Muyang.

“Is it all right?” Ye Muyang kindly and comforted.

“You are not a good thing either. Don’t use it to comfort me. My psychological quality is much better than you think.” Ale said indifferently.

“Can you release your Spirit again?”

“What to look at, it’s just an egg, it’s a waste of Spirit. I haven’t grown up in my cultivation for so many years. I simply It will not be cultivated.”

A Le said directly.

But he still released his egg Spirit.

Staring at this weird egg, Ye Muyang’s heart slammed, but on the surface it was calm.

“Since you can’t cultivation, don’t be cultivated.” Ye Muyang said.

Leave afterwards.

A Le was inexplicable for a while, but he couldn’t see it, so it was a fart.

Ale stared at his Spirit for a while, but he couldn’t see much.

He then put Spirit away.

At the moment when Spirit was being put away, the egg suddenly moved, and the pattern on it seemed to spread.

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