I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 226

Back to the top, Ye Muyang went straight into the room.

The sound of opening the door caught the attention of the two women.

At this time, it’s not that the two women don’t want to get up but can’t get up. The paralysis caused by last night’s madness has continued until now.

When the two women saw Ye Muyang coming over, they were a little scared.

If Ye Muyang’s eyes are beastly, the two women feel that they will die.

“You…what are you doing back?”

“Linglong, there are some things I need to tell you.”

“Ah, looking for me? “Xue Linglong’s heart was startled, and she looked towards Qiu Ruoshui next to her with her eyes asking for help.

And Qiu Ruoshui also said that he is helpless, the sisters are used to sell it, right?

“Ale’s Spirit seems to have some problems.”

“Ah? What did you say?”

When I heard about Ale, Xue Linglong directly sat up, and countless spring lights appeared.

Then he covered up, and the waves suddenly surged, which made Ye Muyang’s eyelids jump wildly.

Xue Linglong quickly covered it with a quilt, and said: “What did you just say, Lele’s Spirit? There is a problem? What do you mean?”

“Ale’s Spirit is one Do you know the egg?”

Xue Linglong nodded said: “I know, because it is an egg, it is a waste of Spirit, so Lele has no cultivation talent.”

“This is just Appearance, Ale’s Spirit appearance is an egg, and her real Spirit is the inside of the egg. The inside of the egg is very weird and seems to be related to God.”

“God?” Xue Linglong and Qiu Ruoshui were shocked together.

What is God, and what is God?

“In short, it is a very powerful thing, but it is not necessarily a good thing.”

“What happens if it is not good, does Lele have a mortal danger? “

Xue Linglong asked.

“A Le may not die, but may not be your daughter A Le anymore.”

What does God mean to Ye Muyang?

The remnants of Mythological Era, and these gods do not seem to be as simple as leaving their inheritance. Take the example of Tang San inheriting Asura God, God will possess body possession!

And Ale, Ye Muyang has a very bad conjecture in his heart, that is, there is a god or a token of God in that egg. Once the egg hatches completely, then Ale again On the basis of lack of strength, it is easy to be body possession, once the body possession, Ale will not be that Ale.

“No, A Le is my only daughter, I can’t let her do something!” Xue Linglong panicked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Ale’s affairs. Everything is mine. I assure you that Ale will not be hurt at all!”

“Thank you. “

Xue Linglong pounced into Ye Muyang’s arms and said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, your business is mine. We don’t need to say thank you.”

Ye Muyang patted Xue Linglong’s jade back and said.

“Yes, don’t worry, Xue elder sister, he has a lot of means. Since he can find out, it means he can come up with a solution.”

“Hmm, Thank you too, Ruoshui younger sister.”

“Xue elder sister is really polite, we both have treated each other so frankly, and thank you, this sisterly friendship has faded.”


“Well, if Shui is right, our relationship is extraordinary. It’s all because you know my length, and I know your relationship.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

When the two women heard this, they immediately noticed something was wrong, and their faces became red after a brush.

“Linglong, why is your face so red? Are you sick? Husband, I must give you a good check. Let’s feel the heartbeat first.”

Ye Muyang is worried And said seriously.

With the imposing manner of climbing the peak, Ye Muyang slowly feels Xue Linglong’s heartbeat.

And I noticed that the Jade Rabbit in front of me kept thumping, showing countless oblates.

Suddenly, he fisted Ye Muyang in an annoyed manner, but he didn’t have any strength at all.

Ye Muyang originally wanted to do an in-depth examination, but was rejected by the two women.

The helpless Ye Muyang had to be driven out in a desperate manner.

Ye Muyang spent the whole day thinking about how to solve the problem of Ale Spirit.

That egg, Ye Muyang felt the breath of God, it seemed that God was recovering.

It is estimated that it will not be long before Ale’s Spirit will change.

The day passed quickly. Huo Wu was not idle in Drunken Linglong either. He took care of the business with Ale and got along fairly well.

At night, Ye Muyang lives in a room alone, Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong share a room. For the sake of the two women’s bodies, Ye Muyang dare not be too impudent.

However, the feeling of savory taste made him really linger.

I was speechless all night and passed quickly.

Today I still have to go to Xue Ye to detoxify, Xue Linglong takes it with him.

The past few days Xue Linglong’s complexion is getting better and better. It’s impossible to think that there is no change in the long drought and rain.

The spring is all over the face, and the lady’s breath is undoubtedly revealed.

Except in the Imperial Palace, Xue Linglong is pregnant with Ye Muyang all the way. It is not that Xue Linglong is unwilling to get up, but Ye Muyang Yang is really reluctant to let go.

Wen Ruan Nephrite is in her arms, Ye Muyang feels there is nothing more sexually blessed than this.

“Okay, I have taken advantage of it all the way, I should let it go. It’s all at the Imperial Palace.”

In the carriage, Xue Linglong straightened out the messy clothes , Said.

“Hey, good days always pass so fast.”

“Okay, don’t get cheap and sell well. I won’t run. It’s not when you are If you wanted to bully me, you would bully me. Didn’t it all fall into your hands that time.”

Ye Muyang laughed, and then suddenly grabbed a palm of his hand, and her mouth blocked Xue Linglong’s mouth. .

Xue Linglong couldn’t make a sound.

After releasing it, Xue Linglong didn’t say anything, but fiercely twisted the flesh of Ye Muyang’s waist.

Then he got off the carriage directly and left proudly.

Ye Muyang hurriedly followed.

“You said you have always been like this, what if one day becomes a human being?”

Xue Linglong is a little worried about Ye Muyang’s body.

As the old saying goes, the only land that is not ploughed is exhausted cattle. Ye Muyang will definitely be overwhelmed if he keeps doing this.

“You don’t have to worry about this lady, just like there are ten of you, I can handle it too.”

Ye Muyang said aggressively, patting his chest.

“Come on, I’ll tell you serious things, don’t be so serious with me.

And you are thinking about such things all the time, and what if the cultivation is abandoned? I don’t want to let you delay the cultivation and affect your future.”

“This lady really don’t have to worry about it. I dare not say anything else, just take the two things you said. Life and cultivation will not contradict me.”

“No, no! I have the final say on this matter. If you continue to be so uncontrollable, it will have an impact. I will go back If Shui discusses, there must be measures for this.”

“Ah? Really don’t worry.” The sex life is gone, how could Ye Muyang be willing, so he had to beg.

“Here, you can be honest with me. I’ll have the final say on this matter. It’s hard to chase after a word. What you say is useless.”

Give Ye Muyang a chance to complain and enter the Imperial Palace inner courtyard. There are countless eyes looking at it. Ye Muyang can only follow Xue Linglong’s back and behave properly.

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