I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 227

The two-hour treatment ended soon.

Back to Zui Linglong, Tai Tan found her.

“Young Master Ye, today Yang Family patriarch Yang Wudi is here.”

“Breaking Clan, did he come to win you back to Clear Sky Sect?” Ye Muyang asked .

“No, Young Master Ye can rest assured. Strength Clan has decided to follow Young Master Ye. I have completely ended the grievances of Clear Sky Sect and I will not mix it up.

Yang Wudi did come to win me over. What he meant was to let me merge Strength Clan with his Breaking Clan and become a stronger force. I don’t at all agree.”

“You can Recognize the situation.” Ye Muyang said.

“Of course, Young Master Ye has a very close relationship with Snow Boss, and Snow Boss is unwilling to have contact with Yang Family. In the future, Young Master Ye will be on the opposite side of Yang Family, but I still have to remind Now, Young Master Ye, Yang Wudi is estimated to be Tilted Douluo’s level. When I saw it yesterday, I couldn’t see through this old fellow.”

Tai Tan said.

“No need to worry.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

“Young Master Ye, Yang Family still needs to be cautious.”

“By the way, I remember you are the four subsidiary Sects of Clear Sky Sect, see if you can convince others Several forces of drunk and linglong united with me. How about the preferential treatment I drunk and linglong for them is equal to your Strength Clan?”


Tai Tan some Hesitating, he didn’t care about persuading them, but worried that it would offend Clear Sky Sect.

“Young Master Ye, so if Clear Sky Sect knows about it, it will definitely hit us.”

“Don’t worry about this, you can do it without worry, everything I will carry it.

It’s best if you can convince them all.”

“Well, I will try my best.”

“OK , I will pass you a set of secret technique called Mysterious Heaven Skill. With this, you can make up for your Strength Clan’s shortcomings. It is a reward for your Strength Clan.”

“many thanks Young Master Ye, my Strength Clan followed Young Master Ye, and I have achieved tremendous development over the years. Both financial and military force have been greatly improved.

Even the population has increased a lot.”


“Tai Long gave birth to a child with Xuewu, which is not a small happy event for my Strength Clan.”

“Congratulations Ye Muyang also felt a little surprised. He didn’t expect Tai Long to be so fast. This made Ye Muyang a little envious.

No, Ye Muyang also needs to quickly implement the family incense continuation plan.

Day by day, Ye Muyang doesn’t have much to do except to remove toxins for Xue Ye.

I was thinking of implementing the plan to continue the family incense, but Xue Linglong and Qiu Ruoshui not only did not cooperate at all, but also deliberately restrained, which made Ye Muyang speechless.

My heart is itchy again.

And Huo Wu wore a miniskirt and dangled his slender legs from time to time in front of him, which really made him more uncomfortable.

“Huo Wu younger sister, you…”

Qiu Ruoshui pushes away Huo Wu’s room.

The scene before her suddenly petrified her.

Then screamed.

“Ye Muyang, what are you doing!”

Qiu Ruoshui saw that Ye Muyang was forcing Huo Wu!

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

Ye Muyang quickly got up.

“What’s the misunderstanding, I clearly saw you bullying Huo Wu younger sister, Ye Muyang, I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

Qiu Ruoshui has a look on her face Angry, this is really angry. If Huo Wu is voluntary, it’s okay, but it’s definitely not possible to use a strong one!

“No, I don’t!”

Ye Muyang quickly explained.

He is forced, obviously half pushing and half pushing. Although Huo Wu refuses in his mouth, his body is extremely honest.

And he looked towards Huo Wu, only to see Huo Wu grabbing the skirt corner, shyly not daring to look up.

It was like being bullied and afraid to speak.

Ye Muyang feels like he fell into the Yellow River and can’t wash it well. Besides, there is no Yellow River in Douluo. This is really yellow mud falling into the crotch, not shit or shit.

“Go out, go out!”

Qiu Ruoshui blasted Ye Muyang out with anger.

The helpless Ye Muyang wanted to explain but had no chance, so she had to pray for Huo Wu to explain the entire process of development.

Went out, very depressed.

“What’s the matter?”

Xue Linglong came from a distance and asked Ye Muyang when she saw Ye Muyang’s frustrated face.

“Nothing. Didn’t you go busy with business? Why did you come back?” Ye Muyang asked.

“You let the forces I’m staring at take action. Spirit Hall has recently had a lot of manpower mobilization, divided into several groups.

Mainly for Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

“Is the message reliable?” Ye Muyang asked.

“Reliable, it’s the surrender Wu Meng, you should know it.”

“Wu Meng? I know, I know, is there anything happening in Star Dou Great Forest “

“There is not yet, but Star Dou Great Forest has a lot of entrances, and there may be omissions.”

Xue Linglong replied.

“Then transfer other people back to increase the detection of Star Dou Great Forest.”

“Why keep staring at Star Dou Great Forest? The workload can be It’s very big. You must know that every day all experienced people will come and go to Star Dou Great Forest.”

“Fortunately, lady, when the time comes, besides, husband, I’ve gotten busy lately.”

Ye Muyang is a little reluctant.

“Some plans may have to be postponed again.”

“What plan? How can I help?” Xue Linglong asked, in these aspects, I can share that for Ye Muyang. It would be a great thing.

“Of course you can help, but I have to be there, otherwise things will definitely not succeed.”

“Look at me, since you can do what I can’t do. “

Snow Linglong is coldly snorted and said.

“Yeah, it’s really hard to tell.” Ye Muyang looked amused at Xue Linglong’s serious face.

“hmph, you just talk about it.” Xue Linglong was not convinced.

“The thing about making a villain, how can you succeed without me.”

Xue Linglong’s face flushed all of a sudden, and she said smashingly. Said: “Not serious.”

“What’s not serious, what I said is serious, I still don’t have a child. When the time comes, I guess I will be criticized again. Fan, especially my mother, she really likes little children.”


When it comes to Ye Muyang’s parents, Xue Linglong always feels ashamed, she The age gap with Ye Muyang is indeed a problem.

“I’m leaving first, I’m worried that the delay will change.”

“Okay.” Xue Linglong has not yet came back to his senses, Ye Muyang said so today, but let it Began to worry.

Out of Drunken Linglong, Ye Muyang went straight to find Lao Bai.

This time, Spirit Hall, under the instruction of Bibi Dong, must have made a lot of action. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile may encounter a great calamity, Tilted Douluo will naturally have it, and I cannot challenge Tilted Douluo by myself. , The risk factor is too high.

Bringing Lao Bai is much safer.

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