I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 228

As night falls, the ancient wood of Senhua hides the moonlight.

The moonlight is revealed between the leaves, or one after another silver sword cuts through the darkness.

The branches grow wild, scattered like the horns of an old deer in the forest.

“Young Master, what shall we do next?”

Above the ancient trees, the two stood in a secret place.


“Young Master, it’s so late. Old slaves are all old bones. You have to fold Old Teng slaves.”


“Hey, Lao Bai, how have you been active for so many years, this old bones is probably aimed at decay.

We need to exercise more when we are old. I’ve been mixing up among a group of aunts.”

“Young Master, don’t you understand it, I’m experiencing the red dust and accumulating experience and insights.

Here we are. To the point, blindly dead cultivation is not possible. It must be understood, and this insight can be…”

“You get it, you will probably start a long talk later. You have to fight against it. This World is changing so fast, you can’t develop something new and novel.

Young Master, I have gained a lot of knowledge when I go out this time, God, you know, I’ve seen it all alive. Over.”

“Really? Young Master has seen a living god?!” Old Bai let out gleamed with his eyes.

“Of course, Young Master, what did I lie to you? A group of old bastard in the family guarded a pile of broken stone statues all day. What’s the use? It’s better to take a look at these things with them. Basically, They all have the footprints of gods.

And Lao Bai, let me tell you that now the continent of Douluo is different, and Mythological Era is about to restart. It’s a shame that you don’t come out to see this.”

“What?! Mythological Era restarted?”

Old Bai was shocked, Mythological Era restarted, which is an extraordinary thing. If it is restarted in that era, even Ye Family Concealment can also be affected.

The power of God is not what mortals like them can imagine.

“Young Master, this is a big deal. Have you ever reported it?”

“What’s the use of telling them, does Ye Family have a living god?” Ye Muyang brought Said with some contempt.

“This…this, the old slave doesn’t know, but Ye Family has existed for many years, maybe there is something out of Old Ancestor.”

“Yes, it’s useless The old fart can come out. It’s probably already out. If you can’t come out, it means it doesn’t.”

“Young Master, don’t be disrespectful to Old Ancestor.” Old White earnest and well-meant advised. Said.

This kind of thing was reminded by Ye Muyang’s father when he was young to Ye Muyang’s current age. Although the two father and son often quarrel, they don’t really look at Ye Family. Ye Family Elder and other elderly people were dissatisfied. But these two father and sons are surprisingly good. The son is better than Lao Tzu, which makes people in the clan love and hate.

“Okay, they are here, ready to fight.”

“Come? Where is it?” Lao Bai felt it as soon as he finished speaking.

Then he said again: “Young Master is so powerful, I can feel it from such a distance, it really makes the old slave blushed with shame.”

“This is the power of the Domain “

“Domain? Young Master, when did you release the Domain?”

Lao Bai was shocked again. He was always by Ye Muyang’s side but he never felt Ye There have been some fluctuations in Muyang.

“My Domain is always on and has not been closed.”

“Young Master, great!” Lao Bai didn’t say much, these people are already close. come.

Hundreds of silhouettes quickly shuttled through the forest. The most powerful one is Spirit Douluo.

This must be the vanguard. The really powerful one is Titled Douluo. This is the decisive factor affecting the battle.

“Titled Douluo is here, Young Master wants to hide my good breath.”

“Don’t worry, these people can’t detect my breath.”

Lao Bai looked over, and Ye Muyang was surrounded by a cloud of blue purple, and he looked very mysterious.

Old Baixin said that Young Master is Young Master. This situation is quite good.

Boom, the explosion sounded.

The battle has begun.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School suddenly released a bright brilliance, and the entire territory of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was illuminated.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

Countless sharp shouts sounded.

Suddenly, I saw the sky suddenly condensed a giant sword, and then the giant sword divided countless small swords.

“Myriad Swords Faces the Sect!”

That is sword dao Chen Xin, level 96 Peak Douluo, and he is extremely powerful.

“Young Master, this Tilted Douluo is not simple, it’s very strong.”

“How many Tilted Douluo does the other party have?”

“Four, There are two light and dark ones, but it’s worse than this.”

“Let’s go, let’s act.”

Ye Muyang floated straight down.

At this moment, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is in a mess, and countless people are killing like crazy.

“Sect Master, take Rongrong and leave here!”

Gu Rong shouted to Ning Fengzhi.

“Uncle Gu, Uncle Sword, I will help you, everyone advances and retreats together!”

Ning Fengzhi stood up directly, and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda revolved in the sky to release bright rays of light.

“Run? None of you can leave today!”

Two Titaned Douluo appeared directly in front of them.

“Snake Lance Douluo, Porcupinefish Douluo stabbed blood!

Spirit Hall, what do you want to do?” Ning Fengzhi said coldly.

“What are you doing? Everything is not obvious, and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is destroyed!”

“Only you two, it’s just a wishful thinking.” Chen Xin stood in the void, white clothed White hair is very elegant.

“There are still us!”

Two Tilted Douluo appeared again.

“Qianjun, drop the devil!” Ning Fengzhi was surprised again.

These two Titled Douluo are a pair of biological brothers, and they are very hard-hearted when they work together.

“Don’t say much, let’s fight.”

Chen Xin looked cold and Seven Kill Sword buzzed and trembled.

“Human and Sword Unity!”

Chen Xin is unconventional, directly using the secret technique, and his imposing manner is soaring wildly. All four Tilted Douluo are slightly frowned.

“Seven kills avatar!”

Immediately moved towards She Long and Stabbing Blood rushed up.

“Dare you dare to look down on me!”

“Rock dolphin!”

I saw two people one after the other, combined into With the Spirit Ability fusion technique, a spear stabbed out, and the void seemed to be pierced out of a hole.

“moving mountains and suppressing seas!”

This is Chen Xin’s eighth Spirit Ability, three sword shadows with the power of moving mountains and suppressing seas crashed down, and the air was everywhere It’s all explosive.

The two sides suddenly collided, and the sky and the ground were cracked, and all the surrounding vegetation was blasted into scum.

“pu. Puff.”

Two silhouettes were directly blasted out.

“Sword dao Chen Xin is so powerful as expected!”

She Long and the blood stabilizing body.

With this blow, the two were repelled, and the power was obvious.

“Our purpose was never to kill you, but to destroy Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. You can keep Ning Fengzhi, but can you keep Sect dísciple?”

Snake Lance Douluo laughed.

“All help!”

Ning Fengzhi was under tremendous pressure, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda urged to Extreme, with the intention of assisting everyone at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

“Father, I’ll help you!”

Ning Rongrong can’t hold back at this moment. Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda directly supports Ning Fengzhi. The support ability she brings is compared to Ning Fengzhi is even more aggressive.

“Supreme Pontiff said, pay more attention to this girl, even if Ning Fengzhi is not dead, this girl must die!”

Qianjun and Jiangmo have already focused on Ning Rongrong at this moment.

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