I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 229

“Four of you, let’s go together.”

Chen Xin looked at the four Tilted Douluo in Spirit Hall, his tone was flat, but he could feel the pride from it. Admirable.

The four Titled Douluo gestured to each other.

“Rock Dolphin Spike!”

She Long and Sting Blood stepped forward again, this time they weakened their attack and strengthened their defense.

The real purpose is not to defeat Chen Xin at all, but to contain Chen Xin.

Jiang Mo and Supreme Douluo also acted at this moment. The silhouette was erratic, and everything around the stick was swept away.

“Your opponent is me!”

Bone Douluo Gu Rong also rushed over, an extremely large Bone Dragon emerged behind him, and countless suddenly appeared on the ground at the next moment Bone spurs.

“Fucked, pull! Pull!”

Qianjun and Jiangma looked happy, they are not the real protagonists.

“Not good!”

Bone Douluo suddenly realized a bad feeling.

Subconsciously looking over, I saw a flaming eagle flashing in the sky suddenly.

“Chuck, Titled Douluo also only this.”

The woman said with a smile.

“Eighth Spirit Ability, the blood is boiling!”

Countless fluttering feathers have turned into flying snow and drifted everywhere, but each feather fell directly into a flaming flower. Burning flame.

“Sixth Spirit Ability, flying feathers all over the sky!”

Then this Spirit Douluo performed again, suddenly numerous fire spots appeared in the air, and the fire spot next moment shot out directly .

The targets of these fire feathers are Ning Rongrong and Ning Fengzhi.

“Sect Master!”

“Sect Master, be careful!”

“Sect Master, run away!”

Some Seven Treasure Glazed The dísciple of Tile School directly blocked those fire feathers, but how could they resist Spirit Douluo’s attack?

Their bodies were suddenly engulfed by flames and turned into ashes.

“overestimate one’s capabilities, Ning Fengzhi, don’t oppose Spirit Hall in your next life.”

The female Spirit Master said lightly.

Ning Fengzhi is just a Spirit Saint or a support system, there is no room for resistance in the face of his own attacks, and his daughter!


Chen Xin’s complexion changed drastically. It turns out that the purpose of these people is to delay themselves and Bone Douluo.

Seven Kill Sword was thrown outright, carrying countless sword light and sword energy rippling space.

“I want to save people, impossible!”

She Long and Stabbing Blood directly rushed towards Seven Kill Sword.

The rock dolphin thorn is used again. This is a Spirit Ability fusion, not a Spirit fusion, and the cost it brings is much smaller.


Seven Kill Sword was blocked, Chen Xin said in a low voice.

“If you want to kill them, you have to ask me.”

Suddenly the sky is red and apart from this has no color.

The expression of Spirit Douluo, a female Spirit Douluo who also belongs to Fire Attribute, changed suddenly.

Blurred out: “Titled Douluo!”

Then one silhouette appeared in front of everyone.

“Fusang Chengtian!”

That silhouette is Ye Muyang.

As soon as Ye Muyang appeared to release the second Spirit Ability, a huge ancient hibiscus tree stood in front of Ning Fengzhi and Ning Rongrong.

“get out of my sight!”

Then the Spirit Ability of the Golden Spirit Bone was suddenly released, and the golden giant hand directly patted the female Spirit Douluo.

The female Spirit Douluo’s complexion was even more complex. She felt that Ye Muyang’s breath fluctuates but is just a Spirit Saint. Such a Spirit Saint dared to scream in front of her Spirit Douluo. It’s really a courting death!

“Boy, it’s you who got away!”

The female Spirit Douluo was furious.

Then Spirit avatar appeared, and the imposing manner suddenly soared.

“It’s just right!”

I saw Ye Muyang all over his body with blue and purple rays of light.

The Yeyou state is turned on directly.

“Shadow Clone!”

Ye Muyang walked directly out of Ye Muyang’s body.

“dressing up as God, playing the devil.”

Ye Muyang sneered. “Blast!”

Suddenly, the sky was shaking and exploded into one piece.

Ning Rongrong at the back was completely stunned, and his mind was shocked.

Ye Muyang! Ye Muyang actually came to help Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School!

How dare he fight Spirit Hall?

At this moment, he is fighting a Spirit Douluo alone as a Spirit Saint for himself and his father!

And Ye Muyang is already Spirit Saint at the moment!

“Boy, I’m going to kill you!”

After the explosion, an extremely sharp voice came out.

It was the female Spirit Douluo. At this moment, I saw that female Spirit Douluo was very embarrassed, with torn clothes, scorched hair, and bloodshot all over her body.

“Kill me, you really can’t be a Spirit Douluo.”

Ye Muyang stood in the void with a calm expression.

“Boy, and us!”

Followed by a few silhouettes flashing.

Weevil Sect Master Huyan Zhen and Great Sword Sect Sect Master Liu Wuqing.

“One person fights three Spirit Douluo, I don’t know if you have this ability.”

Huyan Zhen coldly said.

“The Giant Sword!”

Liu Wuqing is a truly ruthless person. He moved towards Ye Muyang without saying a word and moved towards Ye Muyang with a giant sword.

“old bastard, really doesn’t talk about martial ethics.”

Ye Muyang dodges directly, but how can the power of giant sword be so simple? Giant sword directly suppresses a piece of Heaven and Earth, Imprison Ye Muyang.

“Eighth Spirit Ability, wild dragon elephant!”

Huyan Zhen didn’t care about the face when he saw the situation, so he started fighting.

“Lao Bai, kill them for me!”

Ye Muyang shouted directly.

The female Spirit Douluo reacted extremely quickly, she pulled away and left where she was. There was a Tilted Douluo around, which was perceived by Spirit Douluo sharply.

Ye Muyang said, the red sky began to change.

I saw countless meteors and meteorites falling down.


Huyan Zhen and Liu Ruqing complexion slightly changed.

So dense, its coercion is terrifying!

“Wild elephant protector!”

“Giant sword turn around!”

Seeing nowhere to dodge, the two made a defensive posture.

However, after all, they underestimated the power of meteorites, and the meteorite that fell one after another was no less powerful than a nuclear bomb.

In an instant, the ground was smashed out of the pit, and the ground under my feet trembled fiercely.

Even Chen Xin and Gu Rong who were in battle were greatly affected.

“What’s the matter? This is Tilted Douluo from there, why is it so powerful?”

The four people in Spirit Hall got together quickly.

Looking at the natural phenomenon in the sky above is also shocked and hard to look away.

“The fourth Spirit Ability, light impregnates all beings!”

Ye Muyang immediately releases the fourth Spirit Ability, this Spirit Ability is maximized through the formidable power of the moon rays of light, additional On all dísciples of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

The restored Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School dísciple stood up to fight again, and Ye Muyang’s silhouette this time was firmly imprinted in their hearts.

“Ye Xiaoyou.”

Ning Fengzhi stepped forward with gratitude on his face.

Ning Rongrong behind him didn’t know what to say. Ye Muyang’s behavior made her very disgusted, but now this kind of ambivalence made her difficult to change. After all, Ye Muyang saved Seven. Treasure Glazed Tile School!

“Who is Senior? We are from Spirit Hall!

My Spirit Hall has no intention of being an enemy of Senior.”

Spirit Hall four Tilted Douluo see Huyan Zhen and Liu Wuqing died tragically and had to speak at this moment.

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