I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 230

However, Lao Bai simply ignores them.

The task given to Lao Bai by Ye Muyang is very simple. It is to help Ye Muyang solve some people that Ye Muyang cannot solve.

At this moment, the female Spirit Douluo trembled. She saw the death of the two Spirit Douluo, and she died in one move. She also knew that Huyan Zhen, the Iron Pagoda, had rough skin. Thick, his defensive power is not as good as some Tilted Douluo. If he jumps again, he may be directly killed by a meteorite.

Suddenly, she felt an extremely dangerous breath fall on her body, and the female Spirit Douluo’s body trembled more severely.

Then he knelt on the ground with a plop, kowtow and cried out: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forgive me, I will never dare anymore, never dare anymore.”

Female Spirit Douluo kept kowtow until the dangerous breath moved away from her.

The four Titled Douluo in Spirit Hall looked very gloomy, and their voices did not respond. It was obvious that the other party looked down on them.

This makes several Titled Douluo who have always had a lofty identity very upset.

What should I do if I am in a bad mood? Run, don’t you still want to fight?

“Want to go? It’s not that easy!”

Chen Xin saw the intention of the four in an instant. At this moment, the situation reversed instantly, and Chen Xin no longer had to be terrified and over-cautious. .

I saw the breath of Chen Xin becoming more and more obscure and profound, and a natural phenomenon appeared directly in the sky.

In the original fiery-red sky, at this moment a piece of sword energy is formed in it.

“God and devil cut two!”

A beam of light suddenly fell into the area formed by the condensation of sword energy.

This beam of light is essentially a Heavenspan giant sword, with endless sharpness, piercing the sky and the earth, and climbing towards the Peak of the extinguishing soul.

“Chen Xin, you are so decisive!

Then don’t blame us.

Stab you and She Long to go first, and we will break!”


The two brothers Qianjun and Jiangmo said together.

“Okay, are you careful.” The two did not entangle too much.

Qianjun and Jiangmo directly moved towards Chen Xin’s Ninth Spirit Ability.

“Spirit Fusion Technique! Doomsday Destruction Curse!”

I saw Qianjun and Jiangmo directly merge together.

Then an extremely powerful force burst out from the fusion body of the two. This force is not for one person, but for everyone present.

“Today is death. Don’t think about it.”

The two merged roared.

Their queen embraces the entire Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School with their own bodies.


However, they only heard one word, as if they were frozen.

Suddenly they felt like they had thrown a punch with the power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to destroy everything, but they hit on the cotton, soft and without the slightest effort. , And there is no slight effect.

The boundless and powerful force is confined in a space under the control of Lao Bai.

The skills of the two sides collided suddenly, and suddenly heaven falls and earth rends.

The broken void showed countless void cracks, and then slowly healed.

The space bound by Lao Bai has long since become nothing, the earth is scorched and there is no sign of life at all.


Qianjun and Jiangmo made their final neighs, and finally turned into ashes with a cool breeze. Make Nothingness.

Chen Xin also spouted out of blood. He was also injured by the powerful force, but he has not yet damaged the foundation, which is not a big deal.

“Xiaoyou Ye, I once again replaced Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School with thousands of people to thank you. If it were not for you, this time I am afraid that Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will be completely finished.”

Ning Fengzhi said with emotion.

“School Master Ning, you are welcome. I have heard the news of Spirit Hall staff transfer before. I was worried about any big moves in Spirit Hall, so I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect it.”

“Xiaoyou Ye, I wonder if you can let that senior come out to see you?”

Ning Fengzhi looked towards the red light that has disappeared and said.

“This, Old Senior doesn’t like to communicate. I can substitute for something, if you are grateful, you don’t have to. Old Senior is a serene person. To be honest, I don’t really care about it.”

“Understand, understand.”

Ning Fengzhi said a few gossips, and then began to clean the battlefield.

Chen Xin and Gu Rong are still not idle, they must completely eradicate the remnants of Spirit Hall.

Ning Rongrong originally wanted to get involved, but was caught by Ye Muyang.

“Don’t cause trouble in the past, you will drag them down in the past.”

“Don’t worry, thank you indeed this time. My Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will repay you. “

“Repay? How do you think you should repay?”

Ye Muyang said.

“Meet your request, and will never let you make a loss-making business!”

Ning Rongrong replied.

“What if I said I want you?”

Ning Rongrong was stared wide-eyed at first.

Said: “Ye Muyang, are you crazy!”

“I’m not crazy, when these things are over, I will go to School Master Ning and tell School Master Ning that I came here or for you , I said I like you for a long time, and I want to propose to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

“hmph, Ye Muyang, you are absolutely wishful thinking. My father loves me very much, as long as I don’t agree, I’m father I would never agree.”

“Really? You should know that your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s catastrophe at this time was basically the consequence of the extermination of the sect, and I turned out to turn the tide of the battle directly. Strongly suppressed the four Tilted Douluo in Spirit Hall. My heroism is probably already firmly engraved in the minds of all the dísciples of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. If I propose to propose a marriage proposal, they will see you and me as talented women. Right.

All of you then petition School Master Ning. This is also a huge effective measure to stabilize the heart of Sect dísciple. In contrast, which one do you think School Master Ning will choose?”

“Ye Muyang, you are so mean!

You tell me, why are you pestering me and why? Can’t you let me go?” Ning Rongrong looked gloomy, she Do not understand.

“I want to be responsible to you. After all, I was a bit too much to you at the beginning. I don’t want you to live in struggle in the future. Your fate shouldn’t be like this.”

“no! My destiny was set the moment I met you, and it is destined to be painful for a lifetime!”

“No, I can change, trust me!” Ye Muyang stepped forward , Looks firm.

“Really? Do you love me? Are you willing to die for me?” Ning Rongrong asked.

“What can I do if you think so? And now I just want to make up for what I did.

We can give it a try, if you still don’t want It doesn’t matter if you leave.”

Then Ye Muyang said again: “I will continue to communicate with Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School during this period, but don’t think too much about it. It’s not a proposal.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will definitely hurt its vitality this time. This place has been damaged and cannot live in. I will send someone to help Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School rebuild.”

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