I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 232

“Ye Muyang has begun to detoxify Xue Ye. I am afraid that my identity has long been suspected, and there is not much time for you.”

Bibi Dong frowned after hearing this.” Will it be dangerous?”

Qian Renxue was taken aback, is this a concern? It’s really rare!

After a long pause, Qian Renxue said: “I don’t know.”

“In Heaven Dou City, I have already arranged the manpower. Platinum bishop Salas will obey you. All the dispatches, just talk if you need to speak.”

“I know.”

Qian Renxue indifferently replied.

“Be careful!”

“I know.”

Qian Renxue doesn’t know how to reply, only these three words.

After Qian Renxue left, Bibi Dong held his forehead with one hand and sat on the chair.

Hu Liena soon went up to give Bibi Dong a massage.

“Nana, do you think we can solve those grievances between our mother and daughter?”

“teacher, sincere is the best way to go, and I think she will do what you like I understand.”

“Hey.” Bibi Dong sighed helplessly.

After pressing for a while, Hu Liena said: “teacher, do Spirit Hall really want to be an enemy of Ye Muyang?”

“It’s not that we want to be an enemy of him , But he just turned against us.”

“teacher, I think this Ye Muyang is very not simple. There is probably a very powerful force behind him. Two Tilted Douluo died in battle. This is true It’s too shocking.”

“Don’t be too surprised, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Chen Xin has this kind of strength. But what you said is that Ye Muyang might have terrifying power behind it. This is also very possible. Yes. But we have also investigated whether this person is not, and we can’t find out anything.

The more people like this, the more difficult it is. It’s really tricky to not get the handle.


However, there has been news recently that Ye Muyang is now in an entertainment venue called Drunken Linglong.

Some people have mentioned this before, I didn’t care, but I have to. Yes.

Tomorrow you go to Heaven Dou City, and watch for the teacher’s every move of Drunken Linglong.”


“Be careful Be safe and do not act recklessly. This Ye Muyang is a person with extremely strong innate talent. He will definitely be extraordinary in the future. If you encounter it head-on, don’t fight with him. Put Ye Muyang’s importance on top of Titled Douluo. I understand.”

“Don’t worry, teacher. I will definitely pay attention to safety.”

Hu Liena is very serious on the surface, but a little excited in her heart.

These days, I don’t know why I can dream of Ye Muyang in my dreams, and it’s the shy things that make her take more baths these days.

Out of Bibi Dong, Yan eagerly ran over.

“Nana, I found a fun place. You haven’t just returned from Slaughter City. You must not relax.”

“No, the teacher has arranged for me to go to Heaven tomorrow Dou City, there are still many things to prepare. There is no time and no thoughts.”

“Ah! Are you going out to do the task now? Why don’t you relax, you are just okay Come out of that ghost place in Slaughter City.”

“Yan! I hope you can face up to your own identity! As a member of Spirit Hall, you shouldn’t be like this for Heavenly Void, Spirit Hall At this critical moment, how can we be lazy, must devote ourselves to the career.

As a man, especially as a Spirit Hall person, you neglect!”

Hu Liena looks serious.

If Ye Muyang heard Hu Liena, he would definitely feel ashamed.

Look at what life Ye Muyang is now, many enchanting females are endless.

Returning to Ye Muyang at night, the drunk and exquisite Ye Muyang originally wanted to go back, but after thinking about it, I still didn’t go in and was cultivated for a night out.

Tomorrow is the last day of treatment for Xue Ye. The delay for a few days is to allow the toxins to seep out.

Soon, the sky broke and the snowy silhouette appeared soon.

But Ye Muyang’s eyes are somewhat resentful. Ye Muyang’s walk is half a month. Although not far away, Xue Linglong is not good to go to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

And Qiu Ruoshui, who is also a sister, also makes Xue Linglong feel puzzled. She seems to have something to worry about these days. Xue Linglong has asked several times, but Qiu Ruoshui always wants to say something and stop adding Shook his head.

“Let’s go, this is the last time. After the end, the turmoil of Heaven Dou Empire must have begun.”

“You mean Crown Prince forced the palace?”

“Forcing the palace? It is very possible, but it is not. You must jump over the wall in a hurry to wake up.”

“What wake up, I don’t believe you, but there is no evidence, neither do I Don’t dare to talk. You know that there are many people in the Imperial court who support Xue Qinghe. If this statement appears, the Imperial court will definitely say that this is a rumor, and a turmoil is really indispensable, especially at this time.”

sighed, Xue Linglong said again: “By the way, how is your place? Can you arrange it?”

“There was a little accident, some losses, but no harm.”

“What are you talking about! I’m a businessman, you took so many people away all at once. There are too many delays.

What a prodigal thing.”


Xue Linglong said angrily, and she didn’t know what Ye Muyang had pictured.

“Okay, I will make up for it when I come back. It will make you full.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile in her arms.

“humph.” Xue Linglong tenderly snorted straight away.

When I came to Xue Ye, it really surprised Ye Muyang. There were many acquaintances.

Zhu Family patriarch, Shangguan Family patriarch, Li Family patriarch these all are regulars.

Apart from this also came Yu Xiaogang and Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi is also following Ning Rongrong, which is more or less unexpected.

“Xiaoyou Ye, we meet again.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled and said hello.

“Xiaoyou Ye is it possible that is the Divine Doctor in Your Majesty’s mouth?”

“School Master Ning is overwhelmed. Divine Doctor is not considered to be able to detoxify a little. The three patriarchs still don’t believe it, but I think they probably believe it now.”

Ye Muyang moved towards the Sanwei teasingly said.

The three people quickly nodded and said they believed it.

Although the three of them did not explain what happened before, Ye Muyang did not have the intention to pursue it.

The treatment started soon, this time treatment takes a lot of time, about two and a half hours.

Finally under Ye Muyang’s resolution, Xue Ye regained his health.

“Many thanks little brother Ye, I should fulfill my promise, what do little brother Ye want?”

“Your Majesty is too polite, in fact, all these opportunities are Snow Boss brought me. If Your Majesty really wants to reward, then reward Snow Boss, so that I will do things under Snow Boss more conveniently in the future.”

“This… OK. “Xue Ye knew Ye Muyang didn’t care about this, so he agreed.

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