I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 234

dong dong dong, there is a knock on the door.

Huo Wu was the one who opened the door.

Huo Wu sniffed, frowned and said, “What’s the smell?”

Ye Muyang turned his head and looked at the messy table. It’s hard to say that the air is filled with The taste of excitement between the two.

Ye Muyang waved his hand to open the window to avoid being too embarrassed.

Then asked: “What’s the matter?”

Huo Wu didn’t think too much: “Ning Rongrong of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School came here and said he was here to find you. .

Xue Boss and Ale are not there, I don’t know how to arrange it, so I have to tell you.”

“I’ve come, let’s check it out.”


Ye Muyang walked with Huo Wu.

“Is there anything wrong with this Ning Rongrong coming to see you? I think she also brought some things, which is a little weird.”

“She is the same as you.”

“Same as me?” Huo Wu was taken aback, and then seemed to realize something, somewhat surprised.

“Do you regret it? If you regret it, you can leave.” Ye Muyang didn’t hide it, persuading him to retreat.

Huo Wu didn’t answer the conversation, but struggled in his heart.

When I came to Drunk Linglong the past few days, Huo Wu also understood a little bit. Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong have basically determined that they are Ye Muyang’s women. By the way, there is another one they haven’t seen for a long time. Shui Bingér, this counts as three.

Now there is another Ning Rongrong, who is not low in status, and each has its own merits, which immediately made Huo Wu a lot of vigilance.

Give up? It’s impossible!

Once you give up, you will feel that you are inferior to others from another aspect. Huo Wu is reluctant to see this situation.

“What’s the matter here, the more someone approaches you, the more it shows your excellence.

Besides, I don’t see any chaos and end. Irresponsible performance.”

“It’s really noble for you to think like this. In fact, I’m lascivious that’s all.”

Ye Muyang still has a Very clearly aware.

“Self-knowledge, it’s not bad.”

As for the topic he left, Huo Wu didn’t take the initiative to mention it.

The two quickly came in with Ning Rongrong.

Seeing Huo Wu, Ning Rongrong was also a little surprised, and looked towards Ye Muyang. Needless to say, he can understand the special relationship between Ye Muyang and Huo Wu.

Huo Wu was enthusiastic and said: “We are opponents on the ring, and we may be sisters in the future.”

Ning Rongrong also has a lot of psychological preparations, and he also has Repeatedly emphasized that this is for Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

Ning Rongrong nodded, there are not too many changes in his expression. If you come, you can be safe. As long as Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is intact, these sacrifices are worthwhile.

For this, Ye Muyang also told Xue Linglong that the residences of the few people have also moved. The small courtyard behind Drunken Linglong is fresh, elegant and spacious.

Today all moved under the direction of Ye Muyang.

Huo Wu and Ning Rongrong live next door so they can take care of them.

Ye Muyang does not have a room. The rooms of Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong are next door, and some distance from the rooms of Huo Wu and Ning Rongrong, this is specially arranged by Ye Muyang.

As for the reason, Huo Wu is very clear, otherwise, if you can’t sleep all night and all night.

In the room, Ning Rongrong is still a little worried. He is worried about what Ye Muyang will do to her.

But after waiting for a long time, although Ye Muyang didn’t wait for Ye Muyang, he waited for Huo Wu.

Huo Wu smiled, and he was a little surprised that a woman like Ning Rongrong actually rushed towards Ye Muyang.

Ning Rongrong seems a bit cautious.

“Don’t be cautious, did Ye Muyang tell you that you can leave at any time if you feel bad?”

Ning Rongrong nodded.

“Haha, it’s so stupid, you think you can leave here after you come in?”

“I didn’t want to leave, just to protect Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School that’s all “

“There have been many major events recently. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was destroyed, and Spirit Hall was under the hands. It seems that Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School did not escape this tribulation. You can find Ye Muyang. It is indeed a wise move to help. It seems that you are not very cold with Ye Muyang. It is really interesting to come here for your mission.” Huo Wu said.

“Are you Ye Muyang’s woman?” Ning Rongrong asked.

“Yes, you will be too.”

Ning Rongrong is silent, a little sad in his heart, but he must do this.

“Not willing? Grieved?” Huo Wu said.

“In fact, you are the Old Fourth here. The boss is Xue Linglongxue Boss, the second is Qiu Ruoshui from Tianshui, and the third is me. You have to call me elder sister according to the seniority.”

“Xue Linglong? Princess?” Ning Rongrong was startled.

“I just said that I thought you were a sister. Don’t spread it out, otherwise the big sister won’t be happy.”

“Princess and Ye Muyang are also in this relationship? “

“What’s so surprising, the big sister is dignified and elegant, elegant and poised?

Why, you don’t like Ye Muyang? He is amazing.

In fact, it’s normal that it’s difficult to accept for the time being. Ye Muyang, there are many women. It’s normal for everyone to have such rejection thoughts in their hearts. But Ye Muyang is also pretty good, at least not deceiving feelings and being irresponsible. .

He is very kind to his women.”

“Are you here to be a lobbyist for Ye Muyang?”

“Lobbyist? It’s not good to say that you are a bit high on yourself. Ye Muyang is not lacking at all. There is no shortage of you, and you are not a lot less. I just want to say that since you have made such a decision. Try to get closer to this side, it is a piece of advice from seniors.

If you regret yourself in the future, you will never have a chance.”

After that, Huo Wu Shaking his long legs and leaving, he said nothing. Whether he can become a sister depends on Ning Rongrong’s own good fortune.

Leaving here, Huo Wu went to Qiu Ruoshui. She didn’t know what happened to Qiu Ruoshui, but she didn’t dare to go in when she heard it.

Make sure Ye Muyang is not there, Huo Wu slipped in.

Qiu Ruoshui has woke up.

Seeing Huo Wu somewhat shy.

“Ye Muyang brought back another person, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Ning Rongrong.”

“He really didn’t let anyone go, but he would follow him.”

Qiu Ruoshui was a little speechless when she lay down. It might not be a bad thing to have more sisters.

“If Shui, didn’t you and Xue Boss have discussed the restriction on Ye Muyang? Why is this still happening today…”

“How do I know he is so terrifying, but I wanted to resolve some misunderstandings. It was so good that I almost got myself in. It’s crazy.”

“Ruoshui, you were really loud before. But we changed a place and were drunk. The small courtyard behind Linglong is very concealed. I am afraid it is Ye Muyang’s paradise.”

“This is fate, our choice!”

“Then I didn’t see it either. What regrets do you have when you arrive in Ruoshui,” Huo Wu said.

“No regrets, you have never experienced this kind of happiness. Naturally, you don’t know it.”

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