I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 235

Xue Linglong came back at night.

“Ye Muyang, Ye Muyang!”

He looked a little worried.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Muyang asked.

“Something happened to Star Luo Empire.”

“Something happened? What do you mean?” The attention to Star Luo Empire Ye Muyang is not very high.

Because Star Luo Empire is not as stable as Heaven Dou Empire, of course, the stability of Heaven Dou Empire is only on the surface.

And Star Luo Empire is very obvious. There are a lot of struggles within the Imperial Family, and they are hostile to each other, while Star Luo Empire advocates military force and has too many disturbances.

“The two princes of the Star Luo Empire broke completely. I got the news that the Star Luo Empire may have a huge turmoil tonight, and there may be countless deaths and injuries.”

“Drunk Linglong is in Star Luo. What is the layout of Empire?”

Ye Muyang asked.

“Star Luo Empire has more turmoil, so Drunklinglong is a very popular entertainment venue. Star Luo’s influence is stronger than Heaven Dou.

Strength Many people from Clan went there.”

“I understand, I will go to Star Luo Empire soon.”

Ye Muyang said.

“I will go with you!”

Ning Rongrong came over and said: “Dai Mubai is the prince of Star Luo Empire and my big brother, I must go Help him!”

“Then I can’t take you there anymore.

I didn’t go to help anyone, but to completely remove our forces. The ground is firmly in the Star Luo Empire.”

“Even if you are not with me, I will pass by. I can’t stand by and watch!”

Ning Rongrong is very determined.

Ye Muyang is frowned, and Ning Rongrong insists on doing this, and he can’t stand by.

“Follow me, but you are not allowed to act arbitrarily!”

Ye Muyang said helplessly.

“How can I go, too?” Xue Linglong said next to her.

“I’m going to be more convincing, those people may not be very familiar with you, and I can also watch Miss Ning from the side.”

“This trip is a bit dangerous, I I don’t want you to be hurt.” Although Xue Linglong said it was reasonable, Ye Muyang was still worried about it.

“No, not with you by my side, wouldn’t you protect me?” Xue Linglong said with a smile.

“Okay.” Ye Muyang pulled Xue Linglong’s hand.

Soon since the drunken carriage began to act.

Ye Muyang is naturally impossible and it is like this. Lao Bai is naturally indispensable.

Zui Linglong has prepared two carriages. One is specially prepared for Lao Bai. After all, Xue Linglong knows the true identity of Lao Bai. She is a respected senior and is currently only one Ye Family. People, Xue Linglong has never dared to be negligent.

In the carriage, Ye Muyang does not care about Ning Rongrong’s eyes, and directly pulls Xue Linglong into his arms.

Xue Linglong wants to save face, especially when she is shy under Ning Rongrong’s eyes.

“Princess, I know your business.”

Here Ning Rongrong seemed a bit redundant, so I had to speak to break the embarrassment.

“Let you laugh.”

Xue Linglong glared at Ye Muyang and said sorry after adjusting her hair.

“No, Princess looks amazing, these all are normal. I have heard of some of Princess’s encounters. Now Princess can be regarded as being able to see the moon and the moon. God won’t let one dare Women who dare to fight have been wronged for a lifetime.”

“hahaha, Miss Ning, what I said is really good. Miss Ning is also very beautiful and generous, everyone is pretty.

For partners I am not afraid of danger and admire it.” Xue Linglong said with a smile.

“Princess is overwhelmed.” Faced with Xue Linglong, Ning Rongrong was still very solemn.

“Don’t always be called Princess Princess, or you just call me Xueelder sister like Huo Wu, and I hope you don’t dislike it.”

“Of course not I will dislike it. Snow elder sister and I seem to have no difference in age, and snow elder sister is more feminine than me, much more beautiful than me.”

“Speaking of this appearance, it is much worse. After he got him, he found a lot of spiritual medicine before, which made my appearance look similar to those of you little girls. I am not a person who disagrees with the old, just have a good time.”

“don’t say this, I said it will make your appearance unchanged.” Ye Muyang took Xue Linglong into her arms again.

The helpless Xue Linglong simply didn’t get up and lay in Ye Muyang’s arms.

“Listen, this guy will be able to talk smartly. You probably haven’t been deceived by him, younger sister, right?”

Xue Linglong said angrily.

Ning Rongrong did not speak, Ye Muyang has never spoken sweetly to herself, but she tortured herself a lot before.

“The younger sister is from Shrek, isn’t it?”

“Well, I was in Shrek cultivation before.”

“Oh, it’s a fate. Shrek is having a youngster named Ma Hongjun working under me Drunk Linglong, and he also came to Star Luo Empire not long ago.” Xue Linglong said.

“fourth brother!” Ning Rongrong was slightly surprised.

In the beginning, Ning Rongrong was forcibly taken away by the father, and she didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to Shrek. Later, she went back to Shrek, but things have remained the same, but people have changed.

Although Shrek Academy has received a lot of funding and has gradually expanded in scale, she has never seen one of her former partners.

Now that she got news from the fourth brother Ma Hongjun, it really surprised her.

“It seems that I know each other. This Ma Hongjun is still very self-motivated. He holds a high position among the drunk and exquisite, and is now working under Tai Long.”

“I heard that the fourth brother got married. What is going on? Does Xue elder sister know about this?”

“Of course, I pay attention to every motivated hand, he Since I got married, I have been relieved. I am no longer as impetuous as before. I am a subordinate worthy of reuse.”

“That’s good, the fourth brother has a home, and I hope that our Shrek Seven Devils Come the better.”

While speaking, Ning Rongrong looked towards Ye Muyang.

Ye Muyang has a great connection with the third brother and Xiao Wu. It shouldn’t be the three of them, there must be room for reconciliation.

Ye Muyang said: “I met your third brother. His life is much heavier than you think.”

Ning Rongrong Mental became nervous and worried about Ye. Muyang embarrassed Tang San again.

It seems that Ning Rongrong’s look has changed Dao Transformation: “I didn’t embarrass Tang San. Tang San got a lot of opportunities. It depends on his own destiny.”


“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with the third brother?”

Ning Rongrong was anxious.

“Why? Are you worried when you hear Tang San’s life or death? You don’t think about your third brother until now, do you?” Ye Muyang said lightly.

Xue Linglong in her arms heard something.

He quickly patted Ye Muyang on the chest to signal him not to do this.

hearing this, Ning Rongrong slowly recovered, saying: “I will not regret the things I promised. If you want to come and fetch them anytime, anywhere, I’m still clean. Don’t worry. Pass me.”

“I never force others, I said you can leave if you want to leave.” Ye Muyang said

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