I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 237

At night, a tense atmosphere filled the entire Star Luo City.

“We have opened up the channels for both sides, and both sides have expressed their willingness to accept our help.”

Xue Linglong explained.

“How about the forces of the two sides? Introduction.”

Xue Linglong nodded, continued: “The Prince’s War is a battle between Dai Weisi and Dai Mubai against the Crown Prince. Star Luo Empire’s overall power is very strong and advocates military force. Generally speaking, Dai Weisi has a great advantage, but Dai Mubai is much weaker.

However, as far as I know, neither side is fully confident. Swallow the other party.

The main reason is the erratic nature of the real senior in the Imperial Family.”

“Why erratic?” Ye Muyang asked.

“According to my investigation, it was because the two princes were unable to use the standard Spirit Fusion of the Imperial Family. Dai Weisi’s wife died without the assistance of his partner. His Spirit Fusion could not be seen, and Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing seem to have had great problems in Spirit integration, and they couldn’t succeed.”

Ye Muyang was nodded after hearing this, the reason for all this still lies in his own body.

Although Dai Weisi’s wife died in the hands of Ning Rongrong, all of this was his own plan.

And this Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing may still be the repercussions left by their previous tyrannical meal against them.

“This, in fact, the real cause of the outbreak of the war seems to be related to Shrek Academy.” Xue Linglong looked towards Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun said.

Ning Rongrong was surprised. Of course she knew how Dai Weisi’s wife died. She died in her own hands. She used Tang San’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow, but all of this is Ye Muyang forced himself to do this.

It turns out that Ye Muyang arranged everything, and he actually planned everything a few years ago.

Ma Hongjun was taken aback and said: “Snow Boss, Shrek is involved? What does this mean?”

“According to rumors, Dai Weisi was on his way back to Star Luo Empire. They were intercepted and killed by Shrek. Of course, this is also a rumor. No one knows if Dai Weisi is looking for excuses for the war.”

“Nonsense, I’m Shrek. Although I didn’t like Dai Weisi at the time, I still didn’t want to intercept Dai Weisi. Besides, Dai Weisi was accompanied by an expert, so Shrek Academy simply couldn’t do it!” Ma Hongjun suddenly stood up from the seat.

And Ning Rongrong next to him pulled Ma Hongjun’s clothes corner and said, “fourth brother, don’t get excited. That person…I killed that person.”

Ning Rongrong is no longer willing to confess directly.

“Rongrong! You… why are you… so confused, why…”

Ma Hongjun, who was talking, looked towards Ye Muyang, suddenly seemed to understand, sad Surged up.

It turns out that Ye Muyang forced Rongrong to do this, and Ye Muyang’s purpose is probably to provoke a war, Ye Muyang, what a deep city!

“Since Dai Mubai is weak, let’s help Dai Mubai.”

Ye Muyang said.

“Help Dai Mubai? No, if I help Dai Mubai win and put it aside, I must have suffered heavy losses.”

Ye Muyang was a little helpless.

“Let’s come out and talk.” Then she took Xue Linglong out.

“What’s the matter with you? Why do you want to help Dai Mubai?” Xue Linglong was puzzled.

“Actually, this situation today was caused by me alone. I arranged the interception at the beginning, so I must understand the cause and effect today.”

“Understand Just understand why I want to help Dai Mubai, this will make me drunk and exquisite suffer a heavy loss, I don’t agree, don’t tell me anything else. My drunken and exquisite person is much more important to me than others!

Ye Muyang, how did you become like this, for a woman? I am a little suspicious of my gaze now, you told me before that your ambitions are very ambitious, now I see you The ambition is above the woman’s belly.”

Ye Muyang feels a little ashamed by Xue Linglong’s scolding. This period of time has indeed stayed on the woman’s belly for too long.

“Why, nothing to say?” Xue Linglong said.

“This, you are right about this.”

Ye Muyang is ashamed.

Xue Linglong actually doesn’t want to look like this, but she doesn’t want her man to be addicted to a woman’s belly forever. He should have a better career at this age in order to inspire fighting spirit for her man. , I have to do this, even if the relationship between the two is alienated because of this!

“Dai Mubai still wants to help, but another method.”

“What method?” Xue Linglong said.

“In this way, Zui Linglong will not move everything to find the path that is most conducive to the development of Zui Linglong.

I will go to Dai Mubai.”

“You? It would be dangerous to go deep into it. I don’t want you to take risks.” Xue Linglong shook her head.

“Don’t worry, take Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun and Lao Bai. There are not many people in the Imperial Palace who want to cause harm to us.

If it is Star Luo Imperial Family may not be a monolithic one, but it’s easy at this time.”

“What are you going to do?”

“In fact, our thinking has to be changed. I always cannot rely on external forces, and rely on our own recovery completely to leave no repercussions.

So we have to solve the problem from the root. Since they cannot get the support of the Imperial Family, let them Obtained, the reason for Spirit fusion lies in me. I don’t understand this cause and effect, can you say it is alright.”

“This… is fine, but there is not much time left for you.”

“Don’t worry, one of your most important tasks now is to protect your own safety, even if you destroy all the torches in the Star Luo Empire, you understand?”

“Got it.

But what would you do if I died?”

Xue Linglong asked with a smile.

Ye Muyang’s eyes flashed with the purple cold light, and said: “I will slaughter the entire Star Luo Empire and raze it to the ground.”

“It turns out I am so important Ah.” Xue Linglong blinked her eyes, said with a smile.

“You really underestimate your importance.” Ye Muyang said, holding Xue Linglong in his arms.

Xue Linglong clings to Ye Muyang’s ear and said: “This time, if you let Zuo Linglong take root in Star Luo Empire without damaging a little force, I will reward you well.”


“Reward? What reward?” Ye Muyang asked.

“Guess!” Then Ye Muyang pushed away and walked in.

“What a fairy.” Ye Muyang shook his head, the ashamed energy in his heart hadn’t passed yet, but luckily, he started to seduce himself again.

Then Ye Muyang followed in and explained their plans with Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong. When they heard Ye Muyang said to help Dai Mubai, their hearts were overjoyed, but they looked at Xue Linglong’s face , The two understood that perhaps this help was not the kind of help they thought.

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