I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 239

In the end, Dai Mubai was not allowed to unyielding, so he had no choice but to accept it.

“Ye Muyang, what are you going to do?” In the bottom of my heart, Dai Mubai still distrusts Ye Muyang.

“The root cause of your inability to integrate Spirit is actually in me, nothing more than lack of confidence that’s all. Now the 1st Step is to let you two regain confidence.”

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing looked at each other. The reason for speaking of which is simple, but it is very difficult to do.

is it possible that is to beat Ye Muyang on the spot with two of you? This is completely impossible. If Ye Muyang is waterproof, it will be meaningless. If Ye Muyang makes an all-out effort, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing know in their hearts that they cannot defeat him at all.

“How to do it?”

Dai Mubai said.

“Don’t make what I think is so simple, I know what you think in your heart, but this time changes from the root cause.

What is the root cause, follow the root cause It’s the unpleasant memory that’s all that needs to be deeply remembered to change everything.”


Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai suddenly stared wide-eyed, from the memory level To proceed, this was the first time the two of them heard of the method.

“Really feasible?” Ning Rongrong also felt incredible. Is Ye Muyang already so powerful? From the memory aspect.

Seeing these people cast incredible eyes, Ye Muyang humbled and said with a smile: “Don’t think that this is something terrible, but it’s just to create a dream, through this dream. Cover up, that memory is real, and what we are doing now is to cover up. It may be too long at this time, but I think it should be possible to survive this period of time. It can be extended to hypnosis!”

“Hypnosis? Sounds pretty good.” Dai Mubai nodded, as an approval.

“Since there is a way, but I know you will definitely not help us so easily, so tell me your request?”

Zhu Zhuqing said.

“It’s very simple. If you succeed, you will shelter all influence of Drunk and Linglong. How to shelter, someone will contact you next, presumably you will understand when the time comes.”

“Drunk and Linglong?!” Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were surprised!

This Drunken Linglong is a rather powerful folk force for the Star Luo Empire, especially in terms of financial resources, it is terrifying, even the prince Dai Mubai can’t figure out what it is. .

“Are you a drunk and exquisite person?”

Among them, the drunken and exquisite Xue Linglong, they know, is the drunken and exquisite leader, whose methods and courage are extremely admirable. A woman, a heroine.

Dai Mubai is also particularly aware that the Xue Boss is a who, and some embarrassing things that happened between himself and Ma Hongjun in Zui Linglong remind him.

“Boss Dai, I have a few words I want to talk to you.”

“It just so happens, I also have something.”

The two walked over On the other hand, Ning Rongrong went to talk with Zhu Zhuqing.

Leave Lao Bai and Ye Muyang.

“Young Master, do you really do this hypnosis? Use dreams to cover up real memories, you are definitely not as simple as it sounds.”

Lao Bai said to Ye Muyang I am very interested in hypnosis. If I learn it by myself, I will definitely help those Old Lady fortune-telling in the future.

“There will be some discrepancies, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Young Master should be more cautious. After all, this is not for fun, but about memory. This thing touches the Soul Domain. A little carelessness will make the subject Mental collapse and even cause a series of changes.”

“Don’t worry, the problem should be fine.”

Ye Muyang stretched out his palms, and a purple lotus appeared.

“This is… Taiyin Youying?!” It is really surprising that Young Master actually got such a Supreme Treasure.

“I will use this to operate later, there must be no surprises, and you are not nearby, it will not be too difficult to have Lao Bai you help out. After all, I am also the first time This is how it works.”

“Understood!” Lao Bai nodded, this is also his first time. It is really exciting to think about it. Even Tilted Douluo is not easy to touch things that touch the soul. Touched. “

On the other side, Ma Hongjun handed Dai Mubai a cigarette.

“Haha, good brother, you know me. “

Dai Mubai took it, said with a smile.

“This is the most expensive one in Zulinglong, and the taste is very good. “

“Why did you get mixed up with Ye Muyang, and this…”

The cigarette in his hand really tastes good. Dai Mubai knows that Ma Hongjun’s capital should be unattainable Yes, after all, he knows the price of this cigarette.

“Ye Muyang is the actual Helmsman of Drunken Linglong. Although Xue Linglong is in charge of Drunken Linglong, she still has to do something for Ye Muyang.

Now I am also working in Drunk Linglong, I am Ye Muyang’s subordinate. “

Ma Hongjun took a deep breath of cigarette, more with emotion.

“Remember compactness? We are getting along very well now, and I haven’t paid for nothing in the past few years. “

“Not bad, I believe you will not harm me, brother. “

“Boss Dai, Ye Muyang actually said very well, Spirit Hall is indeed much more dangerous than him.

Actually, I have thought a lot over the years, and found that everything was provoked by Shrek, and it was our preconceptions.

If we hadn’t interfered with their affairs in the first place, wouldn’t we have fallen into the current situation? “

“What do you mean? “Dai Mubai heard something abnormal.

“Dai Weisi’s wife, Zhu Zhuqing’s elder sister, was killed by Rongrong. “

“What! “Dai Mubai was shocked. Originally, when he heard Dai Weisi say that Shrek killed his wife, he felt that this was nothing but farting.

But didn’t expect it was not groundless.


“Boss Dai, don’t blame Rongrong. I think all of this is Ye Muyang’s tricks. I’m afraid it is for revenge for our intervention in their three people. “

Dai Mubai sighed leisurely.

“Ye Muyang, what a deep plot against ah, separate our brothers, start a war, and then enter the Star Luo Empire drunkenly and stay steady Basically, this step is all he plot against. “

“Boss Dai doesn’t have to be so pessimistic, Ye Muyang, I have been observing for a long time, Xue Linglong Xue Boss is indeed a very upright person, and this Xue Linglong should be Ye Muyang’s woman if I am right. , You said, how can the person that such a woman likes is a wicked person.

And now Rongrong is following him. “

“What? Rongrong…”Dai Mubai was even more surprised.

They both knew that Oscar liked Rongrong, and now Rongrong actually followed Ye Muyang, besides, this Ye Muyang is still their Shrek opponent. This is true. fortune plays with people, people are embarrassed.

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