I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 240

On the other side, Ning Rongrong didn’t hide Zhu Zhuqing, everything was explained.

After all, Zhu Zhuqing doesn’t have most of the taboos, and said: “Rongrong, there are some things I think I still have to tell you. Do you know that Little Ao likes you?”

Ning Rongrong nodded, said: “Yes, when I was in Shrek Academy, I understood what he was thinking, but I didn’t accept it at all, Zhuqing, do you know? As a dísciple of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, two Both grandfather and father pamper me as Little Princess. I am very happy and happy to live, but I know that there are no years of peace, it is just that someone is carrying my weight.

Since Seven The experience of Treasure Glazed Tile School this time made me understand this truth. I can’t go on like this. I have to do something for Sect, because this is my responsibility. I can’t be willful and do whatever I want.

Little Ao is a very good person, but not suitable for me.”

“Is it because of the Spirit of his food system? But no one is sure that the food system must have no way out?”

“A way out? Maybe. But can he resist Spirit Hall? Can he stop the disaster for my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School?”

Ning Rongrong sighed then said .

She knows very well in her heart that they are both partners during the Shrek Academy period. It would be a very beautiful thing if they could match each other, but this is just what they think that’s all, in other words, standing Speaking is not painful.

“So you chose Ye Muyang, this…this enemy?”

“Zhuqing, I like you not to say this in the future, even if we are close sisters .

As I said before, some of Ye Muyang’s methods are indeed a bit despicable, but what is his deep hatred with Shrek not at all? Didn’t everything stem from that engagement?”

“Since there is a marriage contract, why do you want to go up there? Does Ye Muyang really like you?”

“I don’t know, but I know that my approach has saved me Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School!

If there is such a moment, wouldn’t you choose that way?”

Ning Rongrong asked rhetorically.

Zhu Zhuqing is thinking in his heart, what would his real choice be like if he really encountered such a situation?

“Zhuqing, I think you should be the most considerate of me. If Ye Muyang must force you to sleep with him at this time, he will help Boss Dai, how would you choose?”

“What did you say?! It’s totally outrageous!” Zhu Zhuqing was taken aback.

“I said, if this is the case, how would you choose?”

Zhu Zhuqing did not speak, in fact, Dai Mubai has been persuading herself to leave here secretly these days, she Knowing that Dai Mubai has no chance of winning in this battle, if he is faced with such a choice, maybe he will really agree with humiliation, but he will never let Dai Mubai know about it.

“Sister, I know what you think in your heart. We are not saints. We are all people with countless bonds. There are too many last resorts. Without any empathy, we shouldn’t blame Other people’s choice. In fact, what’s not at all in this world is just a noisy quarrel that’s all.”

Zhu Zhuqing was immediately infected when she saw Ning Rongrong, who was constantly emotional, and she seemed to really understand Difficulties of Ning Rongrong.

This difficulty forced her to make such a choice, and she also needed to force herself to adapt under this choice.

“Rongrong, I misunderstood you.”

“Sisters don’t say this, you and I are both difficult people, different from them, but also different from Xiao Wu .”

“Yes, Xiao Wu is a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast. Even if she has a family member, she is also a 100,000-year-old partner. Such a powerful partner must have the power to protect herself. .”

Two groups of people returned soon after.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing seemed to have a sharp heart, and each saw a lot of things in each other’s eyes.

“Ye Muyang, thank you very much anyway.”

Dai Mubai said.

“It’s good if you can accept it calmly. I’m just a trader and everyone has their own needs. I can’t help much. Besides, these are all the causes I planted. I will bear it.”

Ye Muyang said.

Ye Muyang then began to operate.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing sat cross-legged opposite each other, and both of them continuously recalled the memories of that period of time.

At the same time, the spirit power of the whole body needs to be continuously operated in order to continuously urge the power of the soul.

That memory was indeed very tormenting for the two of them, and they soon fell into pain.

“I’m starting now. You have to think about each other and return to that memory. Remember that you are invincible in the dream. This is your dream. Don’t be affected by me. When I was a tool without feelings.”

Then Taiyin Youying floated between the two of them. As they slowly rotated, the rays of light of purple and blue exuded, and the rays of light enveloped them. , The breath of the two gradually became mysterious.

“Soul Lotus!”

Ye Muyang gave a soft drink.

A transparent lotus flower appeared on each of them. The two lotus flowers gradually merged under the control of Ye Muyang, and then intersected with Taiyin Youying.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly and orderly manner, and the state of the two has reached unprecedented consistency, as if they are in harmony, you are in me and you are in me.

The people next to them felt that this scene was shocked for a long time and couldn’t recover.

Ye Muyang, who continued to cast spells on the side, frowned quickly. The spirit power consumption within the body is really terrifying. You must know that you are now a Spirit Saint and not an ordinary Spirit Saint. Through the hammer body The refinement and refinement of the golden light body within the body makes the veins within the body tenacious and thicker than the ordinary person, and the spirit power storage within the body is an inestimable amount, and the speed is now Consume, it will be exhausted in less than 5 minutes of time.

Gradually, Ye Muyang’s continuous output of spirit power has weakened a lot, and only this weakening made the state of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing deviate.

“Lao Bai!”

Lao Bai realized in an instant that his strong spirit power was directly poured into Ye Muyang’s within the body, and the state of the two men was made up in an instant.

But this is like a bottomless pit.

Ning Rongrong saw that something was wrong and directly launched the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to implement assistance.

“Stop Lao Bai, you can’t consume too much!”

Ye Muyang shouted at Lao Bai after one hour.

Once Lao Bai consumes too much, it will be extremely dangerous.

Lao Bai has lived for most of his life, naturally knowing the importance of things, and he just stopped.

Ye Muyang fiercely heart, bit his tongue and a drop of pale-gold blood essence fell on the lunar shadow, and the blue purple rays of light suddenly flourished, and the state of the two was maintained.

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