I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 247

“It’s on fire, it’s on fire!”

Suddenly there were countless shouts all around the residence.

Ye Muyang stopped suddenly and drove directly from Xue Linglong to the outside.

At the same time, Lao Bai, who heard the movement, also drove out.

At this moment, the two found that all around the residence was blazing fire, and the flames lit up half of the area at night.

“Old Bai, find out who the person who set the fire was!”

Ye Muyang’s face was full of anger.

Then soaring in the sky, spirit power pouring down, countless flames moved towards Ye Muyang swept away, all swallowed.

Lao Bai moved extremely quickly, and quickly caught three black clothed persons.

The actions of the black clothed person were discovered, and all of them dispersed as birds and beasts, moving quickly.

Even though Lao Bai is a powerhouse at the Titled Douluo level, he cannot take care of everything.

The fire was quickly extinguished in the hands of Ye Muyang, but the outside of the residence was already burnt to a halt. It was exceptionally dilapidated, and the scorched atmosphere filled the audience.

Inside the house, all people were evacuated.

Xue Linglong walked out, the blush on her face already covered by sullen anger.

A discerning person knows that someone is targeting Drunk Linglong!

“Say, who made you do it?”

Ye Muyang came to Lao Bai’s side and looked at the three black clothed persons who were kneeling on the ground.

However, as soon as the black clothed person moved, he was instantly stopped by Lao Bai.

The majestic spirit power congested the three black clothed persons tightly, making them immobile.

“Taking poison? Don’t look at the old man who is who!”

Old white is coldly snorted.

Then with a wave of the long sleeves, the three of them were blown away, and the teeth hiding Poison Drug were shot out.

“Come on, who instructed you to do it?”

Ye Muyang is already a little impatient.

“It’s Dai Weisi, it’s Dai Weisi!

It was Prince Dai Weisi who asked us to do this.

He said just let us set a fire. Yes.”

The three of them knelt on the ground and said in fear.

“Dai Weisi!”

Xue Linglong came, her expression very gloomy.

Dai Weisi’s move is obviously provocative. Is this completely drunk and exquisite not in his eyes?

“Dai Weisi?

This Dai Weisi, I have warned him, didn’t expect him to dare to do so.”

Ye Muyang towards the third People go.

“Let us go, we just set fire, we don’t know anything, we didn’t kill.”

The three quickly pleaded.

“Arson? Will a person who set fire carry a Poison Drug for suicide?”

Ye Muyang looked towards the three said.

A panic flashed across the eyes of the three of them, and then quickly raised their hands and moved towards their foreheads!

Lao Bai’s movements are not unpleasant, and his big old hand directly grabbed one of them by the head.

Then the spirit power turned on, and the person directly vomited with violent eyes and looked terrifying.

This is Lao Bai performing Soul Searching Technique.

The two black clothed persons next to them saw that they were about to be exposed and directly judged themselves.

Soon Lao Bai had a harvest.

“Young Master, not Dai Weisi, but Dai Mubai!”

Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun who rushed over also heard it and couldn’t believe it.

“Dai Mubai, it’s really a good method.”

The Xue Linglong next to Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun ignored Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun, frigid irony and scorching satire said.

“Find a place where you can talk and talk again.”

Ye Muyang led a group of people out of the street.

In the room, Ye Muyang sat on a chair thinking.

“Ye Muyang, is there any misunderstanding in this?”

Ning Rongrong said quickly.

She knows what this means. Not only will Dai Mubai lose the help of Drunken Linglong, but she will also provoke an enemy like Ye Muyang.

“Misunderstanding? What else can be misunderstanding.

When we were leaving, don’t you think that the soldiers lying in ambush?

I have been waiting for a long time?

Why didn’t Lao Bai find the ambush of these people when he left.

Perhaps it was also arranged by Dai Mubai, just to let me take the initiative to go with Dai Weisi is hostile.”

“No, Boss Dai is not such a person.

Isn’t the Spirit Douluo among those people already determined to be Spirit Hall? How could Boss Dai cooperate with Spirit Hall!” Ning Rongrong explained anxiously.

“After you Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has gone through these things, don’t you understand that there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits.

Maybe Spirit Hall will attack you Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School You will be preconceived and hostile to Spirit Hall, but your hostility does not necessarily mean that others are also hostile.

Besides, Dai Mubai and Spirit Hall not at all have a deep hatred. The conflict between them is not because of Shrek. Different camps now have different benefits!” Ning Rongrong can’t say anything anymore. Maybe she thinks Dai Mubai is compelled by circumstances, but even though he’s compelled by circumstances, he still did it. And exposed.

He thought Ye Muyang was too simple.

“Since the truth of the matter has been revealed, then we have to adjust the current strategic actions.”

Xue Linglong coldly said.

“Yes, go find all the Tai Tan clan, we don’t need too many people, we just need a force that can completely protect ourselves.”

Ye Muyang said.

“I plan to start with the economy of Star Luo Empire for the 1st Step. For so many years, I have not fully occupied the entire economic system, but without me, I can completely stop it for a while .

We will have a lot of things to do during this period of time.” Xue Linglong said.

“To be on the safe side, all members quit Star Luo Empire and stay on the border between the two empires.”

Soon a series of actions from Zui Linglong began.

On Dai Mubai’s side, I always feel a little worried today. Most of the people he sent out have returned, but three are missing.

Today he heard rumors on the street that three arsonists died, seeming to be self-decision.

But the news is very vague, Dai Mubai can’t grasp it a bit.

“Report, the latest news!”

Soon there was news to Dai Mubai.

“Drunk Linglong’s all influence all acted today, but their actions are extremely strange, but moved towards the direction where Star Luo Empire left.”

Dai Mubai who heard the news Confused directly.

It doesn’t make sense. He may not know what the temperament of this drunken master Xue Linglong is, but he definitely understands the temperament of Ye Muyang. This is a master who will not suffer at all.

“Is the news accurate, have you followed the few people I specifically confessed?”

“There are all concerned, a lot of them, all on the way to leave Star Luo Empire .”

At this moment, Dai Mubai became even more confused. Is he gone? Is this gone?

After being humiliated, just left?

The more I think about Dai Mubai, the more I feel wrong, there must be some conspiracy in it.

After signalling his subordinates to leave, Dai Mubai fell into deep thought. What conspiracy was brewing.

On the other side, Tai Tan of Strength Clan is leading people moved towards the place that Ye Muyang said.

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