I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 248

Soon after, the two parties converged.

“Young Master Ye, we are here.”

Tai Tan Haohao Tangtang also brought many people.

Among them, Ye Muyang is a complete stranger.

“This is?”

Looked towards the old man walking side by side with Tai Tan, Ye Muyang was a little confused.

“Min patriarch, Bai He.”

“Bai Patriarch, happy meeting, happy meeting.” Ye Muyang said kindly.

“So young?” Bai He was a little surprised.

“Being young can indicate a great future.” Tai Tan echoed.

“In this way, Young Master Ye, I’m Bai He, I’m not a covert person, I’m here to seek better cooperation. To be honest, Tai Tan, the Old Guy’s chance The old man’s heart is moved.”

“Naturally, Tai Tan patriarch and you promised me will respond one after another without being stingy.

Not long ago, Tai Tan patriarch and I said that you big clans, it is also my honor to cooperate with you.”

Ye Muyang and Bai He hit it off.

At the same time, Ye Muyang also understands that Bai He is so willing. The first is that he can’t refuse the conditions. The second is that the Min clan is a bit severely withered, and fresh blood must be added, otherwise The Min Clan will really die in silence.

Before, he has been pinning his hopes on Clear Sky Sect, because his Min family and Clear Sky Sect are not only vassals, but also relatives.

However, all the sound transmission was like clay ox entering the sea, and he couldn’t get any response, which made him completely disappointed.

At this time, Tai Tan suddenly came to him. In order to convince himself, Tai Tan also told Bai He about the changes in his own clan. In just three or four years, the entire Strength Clan was completely renewed and full of vitality. Vitality has actually been developed a lot.

Ye Muyang told the two about the current situation, and the two basically understood the situation.

“Fighting an economic war? Using economy to bring down the country?!”

Bai He and Tai Tan were shocked. This is a method of warfare they have never thought of .

“No matter what you do, you have to ask for money. Money has always been a very important thing. Of course, you must first have the strength to save money.”

Ye Muyang said.

“Then what do we need to do?” Bai He asked.

This Ye Muyang showed Bai He a different place, money!

How important money is, Bai He knows very well that as Head of a Clan, most of his time is not for the dísciple cultivation in the clan, but for the food and clothing of every clansman Cost, in those difficult years, is extremely concerned.

“We don’t need to do anything at present. Once we start an economic war, there will be movement in the entire Star Luo Empire. This is not a place, but in the entire Empire, there will be movement in countless small countries. .

By then, the emperor who sits firmly in the city of Star Luo must be uneasy. This is not something that can be suppressed as simple as military force suppression.

First of all, each in the Empire Small countries must be dissatisfied because of the imbalanced economic distribution. This dissatisfaction extends from civilians to the Imperial Family.”

“Do we really have such a strong economic power?” Bai He doubted.

“Don’t worry, everything will be done.”

Ye Muyang believes in Xue Linglong. Maybe the power of Drunken Linglong is not terrifying, but it will definitely be able to Play unexpected things.

Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City, the residence of Dai Mubai.

Zhu Zhuqing was also very confused after hearing the news.

“Did you say that Ye Muyang found something?”

“Even if we found out, Ye Muyang’s temperament will definitely affect us, Even if you didn’t find it, it would have moved Dai Weisi.

But now he has left directly, it’s very weird in it!”

The two of them were dumbfounded. At that time, someone came to report.

“What’s the matter?” Dai Mubai said.

“Back to the coach, we…we have no money.”

“No money? What’s the matter? What do you mean?” Dai Mubai was taken aback for a while, as he was Prince, what does it mean to have no money!

“According to your instructions, the families of the three self-approved dead men received due compensation. After purchasing today, we found that we don’t have much money.”

Subordinates replied.

“No money, impossible, what you bought costs so much money!” Dai Mubai looked incredulous.

“I don’t know why today’s prices have risen so sharply. We have to maintain the food and clothing costs of everyone, but also keep the military expenses of the war.

So there is no excess money. , Once the military expenditure is spent, we may not be able to sustain this war for too long.”

“Prices have risen drastically? Who did this! My until now in Star Luo Empire controls prices. Pay attention to good quality and low price, how can it rise so much?”

“This…this, my subordinates don’t know.

Some vendors that were everywhere have now disappeared, and some Larger shops are still struggling to maintain, but according to them, if their previous home has left, they will not support it for too long, and they will face bankruptcy and closure soon.”

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing looked at each other.

The two soon understood.

Zui Linglong, the two Empires, are very famous entertainment venues, but this entertainment venue is just a deep-rooted appearance. In recent years of investigation, Dai Mubai found that behind Zui Linglong is an extremely complete Commercial interest groups control extremely large financial and material resources.

Now that Drunk Linglong left, Star Luo Empire immediately experienced various situations.

Everything is so closely related!


Star Luo Empire, which has always been military force inheritance, has never taken economic seriously.

“Don’t I have a businessman in Star Luo Empire who can compete with Drunk Linglong?”

“Go back to the coach, the subordinates don’t know.”

” Okay, let’s go on.”

“But, coach, we have no money.” The subordinate continued.

“I see, I will resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Dai Mubai said.

“Understood, it turns out that Drunk Linglong didn’t at all leave. They were doing all this.

But they too underestimated an Empire, but they were on the That’s all, Ye Muyang’s methods are really contemptuous.”

After thinking about it, Dai Mubai didn’t take seriously.

Ye Muyang What is it for? Money is a fart, but a bargaining chip that’s all. As long as you raise your arms, you will definitely have responders. As long as you gather everyone together, isn’t this going to be fast? It’s solved.

“Do you have a solution?” Zhu Zhuqing asked, looking at Dai Mubai’s relaxed look.

“Yes. Ye Muyang really underestimated the power of Empire, now I will implement the call.”

Dai Mubai got up, full of fighting spirit.

“Zhuqing, you always supervise Dai Weisi’s activities. During this time, there can be no slack. I think he should be faced with this situation like me.”

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