I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 249

Dai Mubai soon called for all members to fight outside. For a while, the crowd was surging, and many people got involved.

“I don’t see it, this is the power of the Imperial Family. Ye Muyang would have underestimated the power of Empire.”

Dai Mubai is very confident. Once these people are united Get up, then the efficiency of action can be increased, and then you can start the next step of the layout.

However, Zhu Zhuqing next to him is still worried.

“You suddenly admit so many people, but we don’t have that many money to supply. How should this be good?”

“It is precisely because there is no money that we should do this even more I have already thought about it. The next plan is to gather all the money and accumulate everyone’s assets to form a strong economic system. The division of labor is clear and everything is guaranteed. This will not be alleviated.

Maybe it is not perfect at the beginning and it is difficult to use it, but it is always necessary to set a precedent.”

“No one has used this method, but the risk is large enough without experience.” Zhu Zhuqing said.

“If it doesn’t work, we will expand directly and grab Dai Weisi!” Dai Mubai said coldly.

“He is your big brother after all. Brothers cannibalized each other. Is this really good?” Zhu Zhuqing still cannot accept it. Once this happens, there will be no room for reversal at all, Dai Mubai and Dai Weisi. Brothers must be a life and death situation.

“Zhuqing, this is our fate. It is irresistible, at least not now.”

On the other side, Ye Muyang keeps abreast of the situation of the Star Luo Empire.

“Dai Mubai has already taken action. He just gathered some people, and after he finished, he let out the meaning of guaranteeing everything. For a while, many people moved closer to him.

Dai Weisi didn’t make any moves, but the economic crisis also brought him a lot of trouble.

No, I just sent news here, hoping to get help.” Xue Linglong said .

“What attitude does the Imperial Family have now?” Ye Muyang asked.

“Since the Spirit integration of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing can proceed smoothly, many people in the Imperial Family have begun to lean towards Dai Mubai, but there is no accurate information about the economic crisis. The emperor did not express any stance, and even did not stop the two brothers from fighting each other.”

“Since we can’t fight, let’s put him on fire.” Ye Muyang said lightly.

“Bai Patriarch, everything is going according to plan.”

Bai He stepped forward and said: “Young Master Ye, don’t worry, this matter will start immediately. I think tomorrow You can see the effect.”

Then Bai He left here directly.

“What’s the situation in Spirit Hall?” Ye Muyang asked Xiang Xue Linglong again.

Spirit Hall is located at the junction of the two empires. Spirit Hall must know something about this.

“Spirit Hall is currently unclear, mainly because our spies can’t go deep and get definite information.”

“Must beware of Spirit Hall.”

Ye Muyang said.

“Boss, leave this to us.” Tai Long stepped forward.

“Once you fight, your Strength Clan may suffer huge damage.” Ye Muyang said.

“Boss rest assured, Strength Clan has developed rapidly in recent years, even if there is such a battle, there will be no much damage, and you can see how the gains have been in the past few years.”

“Okay, then leave it to you!.” Ye Muyang nodded and said.

Ning Rongrong sat next to him, looking depressed.

“I know that you are worried about your two partners. I have done what I said to help Dai Mubai. I successfully helped them to integrate Spirit, but Dai Mubai is really not authentic.

Of course I can understand that as a leader, there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a balanced situation, even if I am Dai Mubai, I will do it.

But understanding does not mean that Will be sympathetic, the world is full of benefits, the world’s hustle and bustle are all benefits.

If Dai Mubai accepts help with peace of mind, there will be no such things.”

“Boss Dai has gathered many people. If you want to win, you may not be able to succeed.” Ning Rongrong said.

“Many people count as a fart, what would he play without money? Don’t look at Dai Mubai’s high-profile shouting, but after tomorrow he will definitely regret his actions.

Wait and see, tomorrow, if Bai He can succeed, then all potential problems in Star Luo Empire will burst out.”

“What do you mean?” Ning Rongrong suddenly got out of the chair Stand up on top.

Ye Muyang’s behavior is that Ning Rongrong has never seen it before. She has never seen anyone use the economy to start a fight against an Empire, let alone succeed.

She can’t understand Ye Muyang’s approach at all.

“Don’t worry, no matter how hard you are, you can’t suffer Dai Mubai as the prince. As long as the emperor of Star Luo Empire takes action, we will immediately stop. At that time, Spirit Hall must be operating in it.”

“Ye Muyang! Once Spirit Hall takes control of Star Luo Empire, it will be a disaster for the whole continent! Bibi Dong wild ambition, you don’t know it.”

Ning Rongrong angrily said.

“What? What do you want me to do? Linglong and I are two businessmen. Do you still want us to fight against the entire Spirit Hall?

This is even two big Empire is afraid of the existence.” Ye Muyang said lightly.

“I…I…I didn’t mean that, I just don’t think you can go on anymore. If you let Spirit Hall take advantage of the loopholes, it will be too late to regret.”

“Regret? If I regret that I really regret helping Dai Mubai, he would have hit a person when he’s down, and want to pull drunk and exquisite into the war, why do you think that I will retaliate with virtue?

Since he is Dai Mubai is not benevolent, so don’t blame me Ye Muyang for being unrighteous.”

Ye Muyang said coldly.

When Xue Linglong saw this, she quickly pulled Ning Rongrong away.

She is not at all disgusted with the sister Ning Rongrong, but she is too empathetic.

“Sister Linglong, I’m sorry.” Ning Rongrong was a little ashamed, and Xue Linglong didn’t treat her badly at all.

“It’s okay. You are not to blame for this. I can understand you for your love and justice, but he has already decided that you should not persuade you anymore. It’s useless.

In the past few days, just stay with you and don’t say anything, otherwise I won’t be able to help you when your relationship drops to a freezing point.”

Ning Rongrong left with a sigh.

Xue Linglong returned and looked towards Ye Muyang and said: “You are really, knowing that she misses love and you still say such things.”

Ye Muyang pulled Xue Linglong into her arms In the middle, buried his head in the soft waves of Xue Linglong.

“It’s still you who save me the most.”

“Your method is really effective?” Xue Linglong grabbed Ye Muyang’s wandering claws.

“Yes, when the economy is bad enough to a certain extent, and Bai He is advocating from the rear, I think the Subsidiary Country of Star Luo Empire will be turbulent tomorrow. Their purpose is actually very simple, that is to snatch The resources that can survive, once the opening is opened, they can’t be easily taken away.

By then, the emperor of Star Luo Empire will not be able to sit still, and Spirit Hall will definitely take action.”

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