I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 250

At the moment, in Spirit Hall, Bibi Dong above the first seat listened to the report below, with a strange expression.

“Can you find out why this happened in Star Luo Empire?”

“Back to Supreme Pontiff, I have already investigated it clearly. It is because a person called Drunk Linglong’s merchants left Star Luo Empire, which led to an important crisis in the economy of Star Luo Empire.”

“Drunk Linglong, merchant?”

Suddenly Bibi Dong remembered what.

In the past few years, she heard this drunk and exquisite name many times, and there are several in Spirit City in East, South, West, North. After investigation, Bibi Dong discovered this drunken and exquisite business The model is perfect, and of course it only refers to the business model.

But Bibi Dong, a merchant who likes the sun at high noon, is not too concerned about it. After all, this is a rich person, no matter how rich it is, it does not have much effect.

But when I heard it like this today, Bibi Dong suddenly took this drunk and exquisite seriously.

A merchant can make Star Luo Empire’s economy have huge fluctuations overnight, which Bibi Dong couldn’t think of.

“Who is in charge of this drunkenness?” Bibi Dong asked.

“A woman named Xue Linglong seems to be from the Heaven Dou Imperial Family.”

“A woman?!” Bibi Dong was surprised again.

Can a woman have such power? This person is not exactly the same as himself, one is the Peak of power and the other is the Peak of money.

“How much is this drunk and Linglong?” Bibi Dong asked again.

“This…this, I don’t know, but it is known that there is such an entertainment venue in every part of the continent.”


Bibi Dong heart startled.

This is more thorough than my own Spirit Hall.

But after another thought, Bibi Dong realized that this drunkenness is definitely not simple behind it. Even if an ordinary woman is backed by the Imperial Family, it is impossible to achieve such an achievement. Even more how is a relatively weak Heaven. Dou Imperial Family.

“Go, send someone to Xue Qinghe to ask what Xue Linglong is.”

Bibi Dong said.

Soon someone took action in Spirit Hall and brought the news back to Spirit Hall within half a day.

The message has only three characters and one name: Ye Muyang!

“Well, you are Ye Muyang! You really can’t be underestimated, it turns out that you have made so many arrangements in secret.”

Bibi Dong stood up and looked towards Star Luo Empire direction.

“Go, prepare the manpower, I have to go to Star Luo Empire in person.”

At the same time, Star Luo Empire is already what Ye Muyang said. In a group, war broke out in various places, and the affiliated kingdoms directly tore the faces of harmony, not to track the majesty of Star Luo Empire, and directly fought.

Dai Mubai is even more battered at the moment.

Things are completely different from what he imagined.

The slogan has been shouted out, and more and more people are rushing towards him.

The population is too large, and they are all civilians. These civilians were affected by the war and were displaced. After learning about Dai Mubai’s policies, they swarmed.

These people have absolutely no effect on Dai Mubai. Instead, they are cumbersome, with countless more mouths to eat!

“Head coach, we are completely out of money and can no longer accept people!”

The subordinate shouted helplessly.

At first, it was very convenient for him to manage. There were a lot of people under his hand, and people from all walks of life were also very motivated. It was fast to do things, but now it’s overcrowded. It has already become a stumbling block that drags them down.

“Follow the plan and expand towards the surroundings!”

Dai Mubai said cruelly and directly.

“But they are all civilians!”

“Step up training, Spirit Master will lead the soldiers to unify the surroundings. We must form a team to win by number The army!”

“Mubai, no! Too many personnel are used, Royal Father must not allow it.”

Zhu Zhuqing quickly reminded that once Dai Mubai has such a large number of personnel The action will inevitably cause those imperial families who are sitting on high ground to be jealous. Once those imperial families take a shot, the whole situation will be completely changed. “

“Zhuqing, I know what you said, but now we have to attack Dai Weisi before we are dragged down. War is the best way to resolve this pressure! “

“You! You are asking them to die! Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes widened.

“It is not to die, it is to fight for the glory of Empire! “

“Head coach, there are many more flyers like this outside!” “

Suddenly a subordinate ran in and passed the flyer in his hand.

Looking at the content on the flyer, Dai Mubai was shocked.

I quickly ran outside and saw a few silhouettes throwing these flyers in the air.

“Needle Tailed Swift Spirit! A very fast bird Spirit! “Looking at the sky Dai Mubai gloomy and uncertain.

“This Spirit, a subsidiary force of Clear Sky Sect! How come they got mixed in too! “

Zhu Zhuqing recognized it at a glance.

A leaflet floated in front of Zhu Zhuqing, and the leaflet recorded the economic solution.

Every detail and every action are clearly shown, and even every situation is explained in detail, as if they are afraid they can’t understand it.

However, Zhu Zhuqing was shocked. It is these narratives that coincide with Dai Mubai’s random thoughts!

“This…what is going on? “

Zhu Zhuqing’s arms trembled. This is a huge net. It’s lying there. It’s a shame!

What’s missing is the people who pull the net. Everyone knows this. It was a conspiracy, but I had to follow the leaflet.

“It must be Ye Muyang, it must be Ye Muyang! “Dai Mubai squeezed the flyer in his hand, looking extremely ugly.

“Then, can we fight this battle?” “

“Hit! Not only must we fight, we must also win! “

Dai Mubai threw the paper ball in his hand with an extremely cold expression.

Ye Muyang’s side, Bai He has returned.

“Very good, Bai Patriarch, you guys have worked so hard, go to rest, and then we will wait for a good show. “

Ye Muyang said to Bai He.

“Young Master Ye is really an expert, the method on the flyer is simply a magic method that old man has never heard of before. “

Bai He admires it very much.

Ye Muyang, however, is not too happy because this method of solving economic problems is too extreme, not a very good way. As long as Ye Muyang doesn’t think so.

Everyone leaves, only Ye Muyang and Xue Linglong are left.

“Sure enough, the man I like is not ordinary, this Yang Mou really makes people have to drill inside. “

Ye Muyang looked at Xue Linglong’s appearance and wanted to use her hands.

However, she was directly stopped by Xue Linglong and said: “If you don’t want these things to fail in the end, As a lady, I advise you to stop what you will do to me next. “

“Why? “

“Because I got news, Bibi Dong left Spirit City and came to Star Luo Empire. “

“What! “

Ye Muyang knows that Spirit will act, but he never thought that Bibi Dong would come in person. Right now Ye Muyang has to make some arrangements. Bibi Dong is not something he can fight alone.

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