I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 251

Learning that Bibi Dong rushed to Star Luo Empire, Ye Muyang hurriedly brought back all Strength Clan.

“Boss, how come Bibi Dong is here?” Tai Long said.

“You ask me how I know, don’t meet force with force with Bibi Dong. Now we are not opponents.”

Ye Muyang replied.

After taking Strength Clan to the temporary reserve, Ye Muyang took Lao Bai to Star Luo Empire again.

At this moment, the battle of Star Luo Empire has begun.

Dai Mubai not at all personally participated in the war, these people are just used as cannon fodder to consume Dai Weisi.

Dai Weisi’s face is very gloomy. Dai Mubai’s hand is really a huge obstacle to him. Even though these are all civilians who have been trained in a short time, they can’t hold up the crowd.

In an instant, there was war everywhere, and countless refugees fled.

“Mubai, if you continue to do so, too many civilians will be affected and the foundation of Star Luo Empire will be shaken!”

Zhu Zhuqing is very clear that civilians are the foundation of Empire. Although the people who hold power at Peak are powerful, without these civilians, the entire Star Luo Empire will no longer exist.

Imperial Family, Zhu Zhuqing hopes now. She hopes that the Imperial Family will take action as soon as possible. Now the entire Star Luo Empire is gradually falling apart.

“Take all these civilians in, and then continue to plunge into the war.”

“Mubai, you will lose the hearts of the people like this. Even if you win, these people will not Convince you.”

“Zhuqing, winner is the king, loser is the villain, as long as I win, then I can be stable.

I also know this method is extreme, but You can see that our situation is getting better.

Dai Weisi has been in decline every day, and all of our converged wealth has been invested in the war and many difficulties have been solved.

But Zhuqing, you You must know that this is a war, and people will always die.

Either he will die or we will die!”

Dai Mubai continued to accept refugees after he finished speaking.

However, when he arrived at the scene, he found that he still underestimated the impact of the war disaster. There were too many refugees.

Dai Mubai became the focus of the audience as soon as he appeared.

At this moment, Dai Mubai is not at all dressed in Chinese clothes, but the same as these refugees who wear torn clothes.

This is what Dai Mubai did deliberately to comfort these refugees.

Dai Mubai who came to the scene didn’t say much, just shouted.

“This Imperial Prince is with you!”

A hustle and bustle sounded among the refugees. Some followed them to the death, while others told of suffering.

“Head coach, there is news that Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong moved towards Star Luo Empire is coming.”

“What!” Upon hearing this, Dai Mubai was shocked instantly.

The purpose of Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s arrival at this time is obvious.

Looking towards the Imperial Palace, Dai Mubai still held his mind, and didn’t need to fight it himself when the sky fell.

“Don’t pay attention, we just continue to do our things.”

Dai Mubai said to his subordinates.

“Head coach, war ahead.”

“Report!” Dai Mubai instantly scored 12 points Mental.

“Dai Weisi killed all our soldiers in Iron Rock City.”

“What! Kill all of us, how is it possible!”

Dai Mubai I was shocked for an instant. Even if those who were trained for a short time were civilians, they were all impossible.

“Dai Weisi emptied the Iron Stone City. When our people entered, they were ambushed. The whole Iron Stone City was transformed into a furnace.

The molten iron was melted in an instant , No one survived!”

“Damn, how could Dai Weisi have such means?!”

Dai Mubai was puzzled.

“Yes…Ye Muyang!”

“Ye Muyang!” Dai Mubai stared wide-eyed, did Ye Muyang help Dai Weisi? !

“Ye Muyang, you are dead!”

Next moment Dai Mubai came to realize that Ye Muyang has participated in the prince dispute, then he will become the enemy of the entire Imperial Family.

You don’t need to do it yourself.

At the same time, on Ye Muyang’s side, the Battle of Iron Stone City completely frightened Dai Weisi.

“Ye Muyang, do you represent Zui Linglong?”

Dai Weisi asked.

“No, it’s me.

Now you can fight back. You have seen Dai Mubai’s methods. Why don’t you follow suit?”

Ye Muyang asked.

Dai Weisi sneered, and then said: “Dai Mubai thought he could win, but he didn’t know that he had already failed.”

Dai Weisi not at all talk more about the reason for this.

Then he said: “Many thanks for your help at this moment. After I win, I will agree to your request at that time, as long as it is reasonable.”

“No, for you and me I can’t believe it. I helped Dai Mubai before and didn’t expect him to abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal, so this is my breath for myself.”

“Since you have said so, then I It doesn’t matter, anyway, no favor is the best.”

“Remind you, Bibi Dong has come to Star Luo Empire.”

After that, Ye Muyang took Lao Bai left.

Leave Dai Weisi alone in thinking.

The war situation is unpredictable. Dai Mubai has continuously invested in the population, and the results of the heavy casualties are not great.

For a while, these civilians were alarmed and began to fight timidly. After all, they are ordinary persons, and they also understand that they are cannon fodder-level existences. Whatever is with them is fart.

At this time, Bibi Dong entered Star Luo City directly with a high profile without any cover.

At the moment Bibi Dong entered, the Imperial Family moved instantly.

The emperor of Star Luo Empire, who has never appeared, finally appeared.

Behind him are two brothers Dai Mubai and Dai Weisi.

“What is the so-called Supreme Pontiff here?” Emperor Dai Tiangong said.

“Spirit City is tired of waiting, come to your Star Luo City to find out if there are any new things.”

Bibi Dong casually, but it can put a lot of pressure on several people.

Does this mean stay for a while?

“Star Luo City does not welcome Supreme Pontiff.”

Dai Tiangong didn’t hide the slightest bit, so he said so.

“What if this seat wants to enter?” Bibi Dong continued.

Then there were four shadows directly behind Dai Tiangong.

“Star Luo Empire is really hidden for so many years, there are actually five Tilted Douluo, I don’t know who is more and who is less than my Spirit Hall.”

Behind Bibi Dong is Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan and Ghost Douluo Gui Mei.

At this moment, the two of them are guarding one another, without the slightest retreat.

“There are still people around here, won’t you come out and see?”

Bibi Dong said suddenly.

Ye Muyang in the void in the dark was startled, while Lao Bai shook his head.

Ye Muyang suddenly understood that Bibi Dong was not talking about himself and Lao Bai.

“This is Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff now?

I still remember when Supreme Pontiff was called Qian Daoliu when we were here. That guy is strong, and now I don’t know that guy. How is it? I really miss those days of being chased and killed.

But you, the current Supreme Pontiff, is also very good. Your young cultivation base is so amazing.”

A sound familiar to Ye Muyang sounded.

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