I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 252

As the void rippled, three silhouettes appeared in front of everyone.

Hu Ben and Soul Horse!

These two pairs of old friend Ye Muyang are simply familiar.

And the young man between the two, Ye Muyang is also familiar, Tang San!

He is black clothed, and his whole body exudes a very strange aura.

Ye Muyang not at all felt that thick and ink-like killing intent, but all the weirdness from the evil Spirit Master!

“Young Master, these two Old Guys are very strong, and they are about to approach me.”

“What level are they?” The old white sound transmission came from my ear, making Ye Muyang was shocked.

“These two are both at level 98, and I am just a little bit higher than the two of them.

98 point five, although it may not be able to completely defeat, but take Young Master out of here The old slave dared to guarantee that no one would be able to stop them.”

For these two old friends, Ye Muyang knew that they were very strong. They were injured in the battle against them, and it was impossible to fully tell.

“Young Master, that young man is very strange, the old slave actually felt jealous in him.”

“He got the inheritance of God, you have this feeling Normal.”

“What!” Lao Bai was shocked instantly.

At the scene, Bibi Dong was also surprised. Her gaze stayed on Tang San’s body, unable to move away for a long time.

“Tang San! Unbelievable, unbelievable!”

Bibi Dong also felt the breath of God in Tang San’s body, which made Bibi Dong unable to believe his eyes.

At such a young age, he has the inheritance of God, and this Tang San is also twin spirits!

“Bibi Dong, long time no see!” Tang San looked at Bibi Dong with a very cold smile.

The Dai Mubai below was excited to death, and quickly said: “Little San!”

Tang San tilted his neck and looked towards Dai Mubai, only with a weird smile.

Dai Mubai pupil suddenly shrinks, Tang San has changed, become stronger and more terrifying, a strange feeling lingers in his heart, but Dai Mubai, who wanted to step forward, can’t hold his foot for a long time.

As the emperor of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Tiangong looked very ugly at this extremely Titled Douluo.

“Boss Dai, I’m here to help you control the Star Luo Empire.” Tang San fell to the ground and walked towards Dai Mubai.

hearing this, Dai Mubai didn’t have any joy in his heart. Tang San changed and he didn’t know him anymore. He must have some purpose in coming here suddenly.

“Little brother Ye, are you still coming out? I have watched it for a while.”

Hu Ben shouted directly at the moment.

“There are still people!”

Dai Tiangong and Bibi Dong were both surprised.

“Tiger Old Master is really sharp, long time no see everyone.”

Ye Muyang and Lao Bai appeared directly.

When you see Lao Bai, all Tilted Douluo are frowned.

“The old man was right, little brother Ye is not an ordinary person.”

“Of course, everyone present is an ordinary person.”

Ye Muyang Tao.

“Ye Muyang, die!”

Tang San saw Ye Muyang rushing over, Clear Sky Hammer appeared, and the Blue Silver Grass beside him was growing wildly.

At this moment, both Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass are black, and the black streamer flashes, which looks even stranger.

Lao Bai was stopped by Ye Muyang as soon as he was about to do it.

Aroused by the golden Spirit Bone, Ye Muyang’s right arm is directly armored, and the sharp claw can even break through the space.

The two immediately collided, and the space suddenly sounded numerous sonic booms.

At this moment, Tang San is a Spirit Emperor, but its burst of power is not inferior to any Spirit Saint, especially when the two Spirits are fully fired.

But what he met was Ye Muyang, who was not afraid of perverted existence even when dealing with Spirit Douluo.

The two separated with one blow, evenly matched.

“Tang San, it seems you have grown a lot.

I really don’t know what you two Old Guy did to him.”

Hu Ben hearing this , Chuckled and said: “little brother Ye, Tang San is now the Holy Son of our gods, with a lofty status, no less than you.”

“Holy Son? The gods?”

Everyone is thinking.

“Okay, Tang San. The two of us are evenly matched, there is no need to fight, don’t let others take advantage.”

After that, Ye Muyang looked towards Bibi Dong and smiled.

Bibi Dong smiled back in the same way, and then said to Dai Tiangong: “There are a lot of interesting things today, I will leave first.”

Then he directly took him. Two will leave.

Everyone on the field watched Bibi Dong leave, but no one shot.

“Since the scene is over, let’s go.”

Then Ye Muyang took Lao Bai and left here.

Tang San is back, Ye Muyang has to do some other deployments. Tang San is now getting stronger and stronger, and it has become the Holy Son of some kind of god. This has to make Ye Muyang vigilant. The twelve evil spirit messengers of the gods are also objects that Ye Muyang needs to consider.

Evil Spirit Masters grow up very quickly. As long as these evil Spirit Masters have the resources and time, they will definitely be a group of terrifying forces.

On Bibi Dong, there are even more thoughts. A Ye Muyang can do nothing, and now there is another Tang San.

Tang San, the son of Clear Sky Sect Tang Hao, has now become the Holy Son of the religious religion. He has been as the tide rises, the boat floats for a while, and he wants to kill Tang San. It is difficult to enter heavenly ascension.

Now she has to put some things on hold and do some other things.

Back to the temporary residence, Ye Muyang immediately told everyone about Tang San.

Tai Tan and Bai He look different.

After all, Tai Tan has already rejected Tang San, so he is mentally prepared.

But Bai He is Tang San’s grandfather, after all, this relationship is here, and it will be impossible to give up for a while.

Even though Clear Sky Sect disappointed himself, he still did not agree to let his clansman oppose Clear Sky Sect.

“Bai Patriarch, don’t worry, I will not let you be hostile to Clear Sky Sect. And Clear Sky Sect will not necessarily obey Tang San.”

“What do you mean “” Bai He said.

“Tang San is extremely weird right now, I don’t know exactly what it is like. If you see me in the future, I think you will understand.”

“Three brothers… …” Ning Rongrong was silent.

It was my own white moonlight, but now I don’t know how it is.

“Are you thinking about Tang San?”

Ye Muyang’s voice rang in my ears.

“No…no.” Ning Rongrong said intermittently.

Ye Muyang sat down next to Ning Rongrong, sighed then said: “I know you are thinking about him. It was because of this that I had a relationship with you.

It looks really a bit embarrassing now.”

Ning Rongrong was silent, not knowing what to say, and just sat here blankly.

“It’s not that I deliberately discredited Tang San, the current Tang San and the people you used to know are definitely two people, the whole person exudes a weirdness, and it doesn’t look like a good person.”

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