I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 253

After everyone left, Dai Tiangong immediately issued an order. The Crown Prince’s position was put on hold, and the two princes put out the battle. The entire Star Luo Empire was therefore divided into two, but the entire Star Luo Empire not at all reacted. Withered, the people do not live.

War can’t solve anything, so I have to make things worse.

At this moment, Ye Muyang also has no time to delay. He left with everyone and returned to Heaven Dou City. Ye Muyang also needs to settle the place where the Min Clan stayed.

However, returning to Zui Linglong, there was something that shocked Ye Muyang.

Two Ye Muyang’s very familiar silhouettes are being drunk and exquisite.

Qiu Ruoshui is exceptionally well-behaved in front of the two.

Lao Bai immediately stomped and walked behind them.

“Father, mother? Why are you two here!”

Ye Muyang was shocked for a long time.

Qiu Ruoshui, who is next to him, feels even more nervous. It really is Ye Muyang’s parents!

“Yeah, my son is back.”

Ye Muyang’s mother, Liu Wenwan stood up all of a sudden, moved towards Ye Muyang and ran over here.

However, as soon as he passed Ye Muyang, he missed it and hugged Xue Linglong beside Ye Muyang.

Xue Linglong was flustered and didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Daughter-in-law, mother, I recognize, you have the breath of my son!”

Liu Wenwan was a little uncomfortable.

“Ah—yes…yes.” Xue Linglong was a little embarrassed. After all, her age and Ye Muyang don’t match well, and…

In short, it’s embarrassing, say no Come out.

“Don’t worry about those who don’t have it. I like you, my daughter-in-law.

If Shui told me about you, a very nice woman.”

Liu Wenwan said with a smile.

Xue Linglong only relaxed a little now, but being so held by Liu Wenwan still makes Xue Linglong very uncomfortable.

“Mother, why are you here suddenly?” Ye Muyang asked with a black line.

“Why, don’t you welcome your mother and me?” Xue Linglong’s eyes widened, but the hand holding Xue Linglong remained unchanged, and she did not let go, as if she was worried that Xue Linglong would run away.


“Go, find your father, and your father has something to tell you.”

Liu Wenwan sent Ye Muyang away directly, and then Leaving with Xue Linglong and Qiu Ruoshui and whispering.

“Father.” Ye Muyang was reluctant.

“No matter how capable you are, you are still my son.”

“I know, I know, it’s your son.” Ye Muyang waved his hands indifferently.

Ye Muyang’s father, Ye Yuan looked up and down Ye Muyang and nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, it seems that you have already got the inheritance of a Golden Crow, and you must have recovered some memories.”

I heard the words of father Ye Yuan, Ye Muyang Suddenly surprised.

“How do you know?”

“Don’t worry about how I knew, I just came here to tell you. Your mother and I are leaving.”

“Leaving? What and what? Dad, can you make it clear?” Ye Muyang was a question mark.

“Now that you have grown up, I won’t hide it from you.

Do you know how your grandfather died?”

“How to die Yes?” Ye Muyang raised his eyebrows, how could this also involve his grandfather who has been dead for many years.

“Your mother is not actually a person from this continent, she can also be called a god.

At the time someone was chasing and killing your mother, your grandfather was severely injured when she shot it. After that, he left the world.”

“God? My mother is a god? Dad, you haven’t cracked a joke, right? Why would you be attracted to you if my mother is a god? Even your innate talent can see A little bit, but I shouldn’t get my mother’s favor.” Ye Muyang urged.

“smelly brat, how did you talk to your dad, your dad, I’m not at all you think so rubbish. When you’re stronger, I’ll tell you who our enemy is, which is about About your previous life.”

“Previous life?”

“Yes, previous life, previous life, I’m still your father.”

“Ah, Is it so tricky?” Ye Muyang was taken aback.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, I brought you something.”

Then Ye Yuan spread his hands.

On the left hand is a light group. This light group Ye Muyang couldn’t be more familiar. It is one of the inheritances of Golden Crow.

As for the right hand, Ye Muyang doesn’t know.

“Golden Crow inheritance, presumably you also know that there are six remaining ones you need to find yourself.

As for this, it is called Primal Chaos Bell, also called Donghuang Bell.”

“East Emperor Bell?! Didn’t it mean it disappeared?” Ye Muyang couldn’t move his eyes for a long time.

“No, this is a fake, the real thing is on me.”

“Damn, dad, you gave me a fake.” Ye Muyang was speechless, his eyes turned Dislike it.

Ye Yuan disdainful smile said: “Don’t say the real thing, you may not be able to control this fake thing.

All these things are for you, this fake Primal Chaos Bell is also a patriarch token, Ye Family will be handed over to you in the future.”

“Father, you and your mother left. I may not control those Old Guys.” I think of the family members. Those stubborn old bastards, Ye Muyang was helpless.

“Don’t worry, your father, I told them a long time ago, they dare not defy your order. Besides, with the Primal Chaos Bell, they dare not make a mistake.”

“Father, what you said, tell them, shouldn’t they be repaired again?”

Ye Yuan coughed twice and didn’t speak. Those Old Guys are too stubborn, and they are also compelled by circumstances. of.

Seeing the look of father, Ye Muyang nodded, said: “Father, I suspect that you are definitely what you did when my mother saw you.”

“smelly brat, think It’s not like being beaten, dare to arrange your father!” Ye Yuan directly stared wide-eyed.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

Ye Muyang waved his hand quickly, and then took away the things from the cheap old father.

At this moment, Liu Wenwan also came back, and Xue Linglong and Qiu Ruoshui behind them were not only shy, but also very docile and well-behaved.

Then Liu Wenwan came to Ye Muyang and said, “Son, good job. You two daughters-in-law are very satisfied with your mother. It’s up to you to let your mother hold your grandson.”

When Liu Wenwan said this, Qiu Ruoshui and Xue Linglong were embarrassed.

“By the way, what happened to the marriage that my mother set for you?”

Up to now, Liu Wenwan hasn’t found Xiao Wu’s one hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast.

“Mother, it turns out that this is your bad idea.”

“Isn’t it long enough!”

Liu Wenwan grabbed Ye Muyang’s ear directly, Said: “Say, what’s the matter?”

Soon, Ye Muyang was forced to say everything about Xiao Wu.

However, when I look at my parents, not only do they have no sympathy, but they both look contemptuous.

“My mother, why did I give birth to this useless thing like you!”

Liu Wenwan was speechless.

“Mother, if you don’t have it, then you’re gone. Besides, you see that there are two daughters-in-laws, and you don’t care about which one.”

“You know what a fart!” Liu Wenwan said directly.

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