I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 254

Ye Muyang, who was scolded by pointing his nose, is still a little confused.

“Tomorrow, take us to find her tomorrow.”

Liu Wen Wan said.

“The child listens to the mother.”

Ye Muyang is helpless.

“When the time comes, mother, don’t force it. After all, everyone is good to get together and stay away.”

Liu Wenwan waved her hand directly, no longer wanted to hear Ye Muyang say more.

I was speechless all night, and came the next day.

Ye Muyang went to Star Dou Great Forest with Ye Yuan and Liu Wenwan.

Ye Muyang cleared the road along the way, and there was no obstacle.

Not far in front is the center of Star Dou Great Forest, the lake in the forest is also the habitat of Xiao Wu, Sky Azure Bull Python, Titan Giant Ape.

However, as soon as I stepped into the center, all around was an extremely dilapidated scene.

“What’s going on? Is it possible that someone came here first? Hunting Spirit Beast?”

Ye Yuan looked all around, the remaining power in the air was Legacy of Titled Douluo.

“Go ahead, that Xiao Wu must not suffer any damage.” Liu Wenwan frowned, her expression cold.

And Ye Muyang on the side doesn’t know why, the mother seems to value Xiao Wu very much, but what is good about Xiao Wu? Isn’t it a 100,000-year Spirit Beast that’s all, it shouldn’t have this The degree of attention is right.

“Mother, why do you care about this Xiao Wu?”

“Because Xiao Wu’s father.”

“What, her father?” Ye Muyang was surprised.

You must know that even Xiao Wu doesn’t know where her father went, and listening to my mother means she knows Xiao Wu’s father.

“Xiao Wu’s father has an extraordinary status in God Realm. You must have told you something about my father. At the beginning, my father from Xiao Wu in the lower realm specifically found me. In fact, if he hadn’t been there I won’t be able to come to the Douluo mainland safely.

He asked me to take care of Xiao Wu’s mother and daughter, and even take them away if he has the opportunity.

Dear baby, you know that our Ye Family was almost exposed in front of Spirit Hall. You are a little bastard, it’s useless at all. You messed up this matter, it’s a waste!”

Ye Muyang was directly scolded The ground lowered his head.

“Mother, to be honest, why didn’t you bring Xiao Wu back so that we cultivated our relationship since we were young, and we won’t be caught by others the early bird catches the worm.”

“This was not allowed by the family at the time, and it was also to protect Xiao Wu. At that time, your father and I did not fully grasp Ye Family. Your grandfather just passed away, unable to attend to other things. Only Xiao Wu was placed here in Star Dou Great. Forest is here.

I didn’t expect what fate you didn’t at all before.

Madam, if the girl is unwilling, you don’t have to force it.”

“Okay, okay, you two father and son have the same virtue, and the fight will be left to you later. If anyone dares to hurt Xiao Wu, just beat me to death!

Xiao Wu’s mother is dead. I don’t have the face to meet Xiao Wu’s father. If something happens to Xiao Wu, I won’t have to go back to God Realm.”

“Madam, I have nothing to say about you. I understand.

But there is something wrong with this, Yang’er is too carefree, I don’t care about it.”

Ye Yuan quickly said to Liu Wenwan.

“Do you dare?”

Liu Wenwan squinted and smiled.

Ye Muyang stared wide-eyed, he felt that a terrifying power was brewing in Mother Liu Wenwan. In front of this power, Ye Muyang felt that he could not even count as a fart.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand quickly.

The three people got closer, and there was a loud noise.

Several silhouettes flashed past.

“The people of Spirit Hall!”

Ye Muyang saw the familiar Spirit Hall two generals in it.

“Spirit Hall? is really soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed. At the time Xiao Wu’s mother seemed to have died in the hands of Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, if it weren’t for our late arrival. Those things won’t happen, this time must not be slowed down.”

I saw Liu Wenwan disappeared directly in place.

Then Ye Yuan also disappeared in place.

“Hey, hello! Take me!”

Ye Muyang suddenly found himself a burden.

In desperation, I had no choice but to rush forward.

Ye Muyang was discovered soon.

Ye Muyang was even more shocked that it was Tang San who fought Bibi Dong.

“Tang San, you are courting death!”

Bibi Dong also appeared here, looking at a black clothed Tang San with an angry face.

Titled Douluo, level 98, Hu Ben and Soul Horse, directly blocked Bibi Dong and the others.

“Ye Muyang? Didn’t expect you to come here too. Isn’t it true that the enemy is not meeting, the enemy is here, then all die here!”

Tang San has a hideous look.

This time he did not choose Blue Silver Grass, nor Clear Sky Hammer, but directly removed the cultivation sword within the body, and the extremely viscous killing intent filled the entire space in an instant. .

Those Spirit Beasts who follow the watchfulness directly fled in front of this Extreme killing intent.

“God’s inheritance! It’s amazing! There is an opportunity at such a young age, and this seat will keep you even more so!”

Bibi Dong coldly said.

Then he looked towards Ye Muyang and said: “Ye Muyang, how is the teamwork together? This seat is very clear about the grievances between you and Tang San. He has snatched your fiancee.”

“Fart! Bibi Dong, shut your mouth! Xiao Wu likes me, Ye Muyang is nothing.”

Tang San swung his sword, a bloody light directly Split out.

“Although you got the inheritance of the gods, it’s a pity, you still only have the realm of the Spirit Emperor!”

Bibi Dong’s scepter in his hand is blocked, and the blood is instantly annihilated.


An order was given immediately.

“The two poles are still Domain!” Yue Guan and Gui Mei directly used Spirit fusion skills.

Then Bibi Dong jumped out of two silhouettes again behind him, both of them were Tilted Douluo.

Ye Muyang was also surprised. Bibi Dong came to this Star Dou Great Forest and brought four Titled Douluo with him, plus himself, five more!

Such a force cannot be underestimated!

“The powerful Spirit fusion, it’s a pity that the level of the caster is too low.”

The bodies of Hu Ben and Soul Horse actually broke free directly.

But their actions are still restricted at all times.

“fuck off!”

Hu Ben screamed, the sound wave was extremely powerful.

Even Ye Muyang, who was some distance away, was shaken back several steps.

“Humans, I advise you to get out of here!”

The forest lake shook suddenly, and an extremely huge bull head came out.

It is the overlord of this Star Dou Great Forest, Sky Azure Bull Python.

Immediately there was another tremor on the ground, the ancient wood was pushed aside, and Titan Giant Ape came out.

Ye Muyang glanced around, what about Xiao Wu? Parents?

Why don’t you stop at this time? Too bad.

Such a scene is not something that I can mix in.

“Ye Muyang, what are you waiting for? Repel Tang San and join hands against these two beasts.”

Bibi Dong looked towards Ye Muyang with a sneer.

“Bibi Dong, you woman is really a bit vicious. At this time, she still wants to use me.” Ye Muyang said.

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