I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 423

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Next, the family celebrated with a banquet and shouted.

Liquor is "Golden Stem Dew", which is not only an item of great nourishment with a wonderful taste, but also a rare drink that can make Martial Artist feel drunk.

Yu Yanmei was also very happy to see the three girls breaking through. It was much harder to drink a few cups and drank more than 6 catties.

The other girls are also crazy, everyone drank 7 or 8 catties, even Su Erya also drank 2 catties.

I saw the blushes on the faces of the beauties, and the bright and intelligent eyes were dripping with water.

After drinking, the three falcons joined in.

After Exchanging Blood Realm, they like to eat cooked food more and more, and now they are interested in wine again.

Several girls are already half drunk, and they are happily filling the three spirit falcons with wine.

The body is placed here, and each falcon drank 10 catties!

They were exposed to alcohol for the first time, and they were unable to resist. They fell asleep on the ground...

Everyone was happy when they drank at noon until the sun went down. Went to the banquet.

Next, Lu Yao intends to study the "True Explanation of Moving Nian Yujian" sent by Zhou He

To take the enemy's first level with an imperial sword 500 kilometers away, just think about it. feel.

And the cruise missile I got back, can I use this method to develop it...

At this time, Li Pei winked at Liao Qi and Liao Ya quietly.

Liao Qi was in high spirits, but Liao Ya hesitantly said: "Why don't you forget it..."

"No!" Li Pei retorted:

"You forgot that every time we were fainted by him, we must take revenge today and let him see a woman if his legs are weak. Otherwise, with his temperament, he will get hundreds of sisters sooner or later."

Liao Ya hearing this, immediately no longer objected.

So, Lu Yao didn't even finish reading the general outline, and suddenly his left and right arms were hugged by Li Pei and Liao Qi.

The two women drank a lot of wine, their faces flushed with a smirk, and their eyes and eyebrows curled up.

"Lang Jun, it's getting late, let's rest early." After the two had finished speaking, they carried Lu Yao and ran into the house.

Lu Yao looked up. It's just 7:00... so hungry?

The three women felt the surging True Qi and strength all over, and confidently said: "Lu Yao, today I will let you know how good we are~"

Lu Yao Yi Listen, it turns out that the girls refused to accept the promotion of Innate and wanted to challenge his authority. Suddenly he disapproved:

"Even if the realm is the same, the strength is the difference between Heaven and Earth. Did you forget my two Divine Art fellow practitioners?"

Li Pei’s charming Said: "Lang Jun, have you forgotten that we also cultivation dragon roar Golden Bell Cover~ The gap is not as big as you thought."

Lu Yao was suddenly startled, he seemed to be overconfident indeed. After all, there are three enemies...

But at this time, he has already arrived in the room, and there is no time to think about it too much.

Everyone hit the stock as a sign, and there was a surging sound of vigorous clashes in the room.

After about two hours, the movement became smaller and smaller, and in the end it was almost nothing.

At this time, Liao Qi was condescending and said with a smile: "Lu Yao, haven't you eaten? Why are you running out?"

Li Pei also took out his handkerchief. Wiping the sweat on his forehead, he pretended to be twitched and said: "Lang Jun is no longer good, True Qi is exhausted."

I saw Lu Yao lying prostration. On the bed, there was a deep unwillingness on his face: "Damn it, I was careless!"

His physique is far better than any of the three women, but this kind of thing is that women take advantage, even more how is 1 on 3.

Same as Innate Realm, Lu Yao's strength is not yet strong enough to be crushed by 1v3.

Liao Qi moved a few more times before he was still full of meaning, and excitedly said: "Innate Realm is not in vain, and the physique has skyrocketed. This product is not an opponent at all."

Li Pei also repeatedly nodded echoed: "Give him this once a day, so you don't have to worry about him going out to get in trouble."

Lu Yao weakly interjected: "There is a kind to single out..."

"Junior Brother, you should rest well." Liao Ya gently advised, Yingyingshui pupil with a hint of joyful charm, and at the same time a hint of True Qi.

But Lu Yao didn't appreciate it. It was this girl who just knocked out nearly half of her health bar.

Li Pei dressed up and greeted: "After we are gone, let’s consolidate the realm and let Lang Jun have a good rest.

After that, she leaned over and bit Lu Yao’s earlobe Then, whispered quietly: "Continue tomorrow~"


When I thought of bringing them back to them with radioactive sources to assist in the cultivation, Lu Yao felt like a cocoon.


The girls are gone, only the fragrance is left.

"Martial Dao Cultivation Base must also be upgraded quickly, otherwise It really can't cure the three of them. "

Lu Yao hammered his waist and got up, and began to study "Dynamic Sense of the Imperial Sword"

I saw the opening of the article: The heart and the sword are united, divine sense is the imperial sword!

This spirit refinement secret technique is about letting the person possess the body to the sword, and the whole person’s thoughts are completely transferred to the sword, so that the sword becomes the body.

, It can increase the sword distance to the greatest extent, even thousands of miles!

"This secret technique is essentially about people's [thoughts]"

Lu Yao finished reading After that, it became clear in my heart: "Ordinary swords are like remote-controlled airplanes; and this method is the incarnation of the whole person into a sword. ”

After experiencing a series of cultivation of possessing body and manifesting, Lu Yao has mastered the method of "divine sense sword" very quickly.

I saw him imprison Sanleng Flying Sword, and then Divine Soul went out of his body to throw in, and in the blink of an eye he possessed Flying Sword, achieving "heart and sword".

Then, Lu Yao controlled Flying Sword and hovered.

At this time, he merged with Flying Sword, observing the world from the perspective of Flying Sword, looking at the surrounding scenery and the body on the ground, feeling like a bird.

Spirit refinement-related cultivation, no matter what the formidable power, is definitely very interesting.

Next, Lu Yao's "divine sense sword" flew a hundred kilometers away, piercing through several big trees one after another at the speed of sound. And boulders.

Even if it is so far away, the control is as smooth as silk without any delay or hindrance.

"Yes, not only the control distance, but also the formidable power Surge! "

" And I can use this method to make Flying Sword the eyes of the sky! Operate it as an'early warning machine'. "

Lu Yao thought of a variety of uses in an instant.

"But this method also has shortcomings. "

At this moment, Lu Yao's thoughts are attached to the sword and are in the air, but his body is in a state of unmanned command.

It can be controlled remotely, but can only be executed. Simple actions are like manipulating a "baby" in a game.

"Thoughts...that is, thinking. Now my mind is in the sword, and no one controls my body, which is interesting. It's not a big problem. "

Lu Yao played for a while, and he completely mastered "Dynamic Sword True Explanation"

This is the method of leaving the Aperture Realm. He shows Saint Realm cultivation, It's really simple.

"Very well, after learning this, it will be more convenient to fix the chaos in Beijing and Tianjin! "

Lu Yao humming a little song, came to the mountainside desolate place, took out the missile launcher and the 155 plus howitzer from the space-time bubble.

"Let me see who Not satisfied~"

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