I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 424

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After Lu Yao spirit refinement is revealed, if you have enough energy to incarnate a human power bank, the charging efficiency of Star Pass can reach 20% per day.

So now he doesn't care about a little consumption, the missiles and artillery are ready to be taken out!

While fighting crimes, you can also practice the manipulation of Star Spirit Power. It can be called one move, two gains ~

However, people in the world cannot be blamed without teaching. Modern people's moral standards demand them, so Lu Yao gave these people a chance.

But if you still don’t repent, don’t blame someone else for being vicious and merciless!

Lu Yao looked towards missile launch vehicle.

This is an army green Raytheon truck with 4 rows of wheels, equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

454 kilograms of high-explosive warheads are enough to blast the ground into a large pit with a depth of 5 meters and a diameter of 15 meters;

Because it is used to fight Martial Artist, only the "heavy-duty" warhead is calculated. The coverage of "detonation shock wave" is about half the size of a football field.

But the missile has neither a terrain matching system nor a satellite-based global positioning and navigation system. At best, it is just a large "sky-drilling monkey".

Lu Yao relies on the power of spirit refinement to turn this large "Drilling Monkey" into a flying sword with precise control!

Start the guided missile vehicle, adjust the launch bay, and align it roughly in the direction of Jinmen, which is the hardest-hit area where Martial Artist is raging.

Press the launch button, and the 6-meter-long missile spewed fierce fire and white smoke, and suddenly flew out of the launch capsule!

And Lu Yao’s Divine Soul also came out of the body at this time, possessed on this missile, and went to the sky with it~

When he flew out for 10 kilometers, Lu Yao was already completely Controlling this missile, you can even play in circles in the sky.

The capital is less than 200 kilometers away from Tianjin, and the Tomahawk cruise missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers. Lu Yao can fly a few steep turns in the sky and observe the situation.

"Let me see which little cute wins the first prize~"



Although the coalition forces of the great powers landed here, the damage was quite serious.

But after all, it is a giant trading port, and it is not difficult to restore the prosperity of the past. Therefore, the ownerless shops and houses have become the targets of competition from all walks of life.

The most bloody and fierce competition is definitely the wharf and port. This kind of place is called Treasure Gathering Pot.

At this moment, in a teahouse at Baihe Wharf, the 5 Tigers Sect executives who occupy this place are discussing matters.

"The Giant Whale Gang really no longer sells people. Their ships are now carrying salt."

"Iron Palm Gang also went out of the city at night, and they didn't need the land they looted. "

When they met on the mountain before, the two gangs said that they would no longer engage in messy things, but they did what they said.

However, it was unanimously mocked by 5 Tigers Sect.

Vice Sect Master Chang Wei took the lead in sarcasm: "A bunch of counsellors are scared like this after being said a few words. It's just right to leave, let's grab the vacant site!"

The next gang of Hall Masters echoed:

"That's it! There is a bargain and don't account for bastard! Grab tnd!"

"The giant whales are out of help, let's find Golden Lotus Teacher’s boat!"

When the community is enthusiastic, there are also veteran and respectful people who say:

"These small households do not have a backing, and they can’t get much benefit. They are wise after leaving. Lift."

"It’s Mr. Lu, shall we be more low-key? At least stop the sale of human teeth, which is too eye-catching."

Out, countless brawny man screamed loudly:

"A big business that accounts for 40% of the profit, how can you stop and stop!"

"I think Mr. Lu is also That is to say, how can you take this little thing seriously."

Vice Sect Master Chang Wei even beat the table and said: "danger lurks within the riches and honour, don't persuade! Let's lean on our backs Zeng Erye, this is the younger brother of Great Grandmaster Zeng, who dares to attack!"

After arguing and arguing, everyone looked towards the sect master who was always silent.

5 Tigers Sect sect master is a big guy with a square face. He collected debts for the casino in his early years, and his eyes were extremely grim.

At this moment, he is looking at the ships full of cargo on the canal outside the window.

Many of the ships carrying living people are the legendary overseas laborers, commonly known as "piggy".

These good-looking people will be "blood slaves" who will give vampire blood to drink; the older ones will be used as coolies for coal mining and railway repair.

5 Tigers Sect sect master really couldn’t afford to let this profitable business go, and set the tone after a moment of indulgence: “Business can’t be stopped, but the progress has to be accelerated!

The few hugs The land deeds are not sold, and they are all tied up in sacks to sink into the river tonight; the piglets in their hands are shipped overseas overnight!

But for the sake of safety, hold two thighs more. In the future, the girl will be picked up from the country. Let’s let the Bodhisattva from Joyous Sect go through it first. They will ship overseas if they don’t need it.

As long as the background is deep enough, no matter who wants to move us, we have to think about it!"

When the big guys heard "Joyous Sect", they were immediately happy: "Joyous Sect is good! It would be great if Bodhisattva can meet each other and have a good time~"

Chang Wei is even more proud of said. with a smile: "What about Lu Yao even if spirit refinement is a sage? The entire Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area is several hundred li. I don't know how many people are asking for life, but how can I see it! Isn't he not fond of beauty and cultivation? Do you still want to cultivated ~"

Everyone agrees.

5 Tigers Sect sect master said with a smile: "Okay, all pull yourself together! This Golden Gate is where our 5 Tigers Sect will be based in the future. If we get it right, this will be a lifetime of wealth!"

"Sect master, don't worry! We can save it!"

Just when they got up to do something, there was a sudden violent breaking through the air!

However, under the action of thrust and inertia, cruise missiles come with a long trail at the speed of sound!

At this moment, the lowest cultivation base in the crowd also included Viscera Refinement, the sect master of Exchanging Blood Realm, and Chang Wei immediately reacted, and everyone showed terrified look and fled!

"It's Flying Sword? Why such a big movement!"

"Run away! Jump into the canal Flying Sword and you can't do anything!"

For thousands of years, the Flying Sword of spirit refinement powerhouse has long been no secret, and I have learned how to avoid everyone.

At this moment, they all showed their divine ability to escape. Chang Wei ran so fast, with a hint of regret and resentment in his heart:

"How can this Lu Yao be so real! Isn't it just grabbing a few? A shop, I caught a few kids and sold it. Is that a small matter?"

The next second, everyone had just run 20 meters before leaving the teahouse, and the missile had penetrated the roof and hit it in. After turning a corner, he got into Chang Wei's arms.

Chang Wei holds the missile courage entirely to break! Think with your ass and know that this is definitely not a good thing!

He was brought involuntarily to the sect master by the huge kinetic energy! In the next instant, when two horrified eyes were looking at each other, a dazzling fire appeared, followed by a deafening loud noise!

I saw a terrifying detonation shock wave, turning this antique teahouse into powder on the spot.

5 Tigers Sect's high-rise buildings are broken down into pieces like falling into a shredder, and sprayed with various construction waste to all directions, it is nothing more than the higher the cultivation base, the more complete the corpse.

Of course, Changwei holding missiles is impossible and complete anyway.

The helpers who were sailing on the river looked at the big pits suddenly appearing on the ground with a look of horror. In the sky, sundries continued to fall quickly, and the scene was full of unpleasant burnt smells. .

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