I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 425

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Under the control of Lu Yao, the cruise missile has really become a Flying Sword, such as the command of the arm and the hitting where it points.

The formidable power is similar to the fierce blow of the golden body, Lu Yao can also play out the manifestation of his own mind, but the pleasure is incomparable.

Hovering in the sky, it is really fun to find that the target will bring justice to the day after tomorrow.

At this moment, Lu Yao finds the fun of playing the sky-drilling monkey to blow up the snowman as a child.

And not only is it fun, it is also an excellent way of cultivation.

Controlling a cruise missile weighing 1.2 tons is not easy.

This thing is essentially a rocket that has the brake pedal removed and stepped on to the bottom. Lu Yao can only be guided by Star Spirit Power with skill. Every turn and direction adjustment requires the Peak's control ability. .

In this way, it is really fun and cultivation, which can be called entertaining and entertaining.

Of course, such a beautiful thing must be launched again. When Lu Yao was about to launch the second missile, Liao Qi suddenly came over.

The movement of the cruise missile launch was very loud. After hearing this, the girl came over and looked curiously, staring wide-eyed and looking left and right: "What are you doing?"

" Dare to meet me!" Lu Yao hugged her, fiercely tickling her while fiercely ravaged: "I'm so good to you, you actually deal with me with Li Pei!"

"Itchy~Don't scratch ~"Liao Qi is very sensitive and afraid of tickles, and suddenly laughed miserably, and at the same time defended: "Li Pei said you will definitely find other women, so if you see women, your legs will be soft~"

"Am I such a person?"

Liao Qi heavily nodded: "My sister said, you were dying at the time and you were still thinking about her body. You can be called the evil spirit in the sex. You admitted it yourself."


Lu Yao was speechless and complained to himself that Liao Ya said everything.

"Okay, well, just ignore this. You help me protect the law, I have to continue."

"Oh, you can do it."

Lu Yao fired the missile, and then Divine Soul came out of his body to control it.

The tail flames and white smoke emitted from the missile ignition covered the entire launch vehicle, soaring into the sky in the violent rumbling sound!

Liao Qi looked at Lang Jun who had become sluggish, kissed him with a smile, and then dragged Xiangji and stared at him unblinkingly.

The girl feels that her current life is just like Divine Immortal, and she is also an Innate Realm. I can’t even think about it if I put it in the past.

"It was really the most correct decision I made in my life to pick him up from the street!"


Jinmen, Shuangshan Temple.

The monks in the temple flee to death, and this place has now become the residence of the Golden Lotus Sect.

After visiting Lu Yao, King Hu Fa has reported all he has seen and heard.

"Qin loses its deer, and the world is chasing together. This soaring Lu Zhenjun should have won the Supreme Treasure of the pre-Qin period. How to deal with it depends on the plan of the middle and high-level teachers. "

Wang Fa Wang wore a daoist robe made of silk, which was woven with silver thread and shone in the sun.

He calculated in his mind that he came to the great hall in the temple.

I saw the original Buddha statues were all removed and replaced with three Zhang high Maitreya statues. There are countless people in ragged clothes kneeling in worship.

The devout still kowtows on the ground, and then put the little belongings on his body into the tribute box.

Golden Lotus teaches the Qilu area exclusively, and there is simply no shortage of money, which is a necessary means to condense faith.

I saw countless aspirations gathered in the Maitreya statue. King Hu Fa was nodded, very satisfied.

However, he is extremely disdainful of ordinary people:

"Sure enough, human nature is inferior. No one believes in the peace, and preaching is like a grandson. Once in troubled times, he will take God. The Buddha was suing, and rushed up to worship like crazy."

Just as he was feeling emotional, a loud thunderous noise suddenly came from the direction of the dock.

Wang Fa Wang frowned: "I used guns to grab the site? It's not that you can't use firearms. Where can the outsiders break the rules?"

A dozen kilometers away, Even if he is a spirit refinement, the fetal breath cannot be heard clearly.

After a while, there was another loud noise.

Wang Fa Wang didn't think it was right. He was about to let people see what was going on, when his godson took the initiative to report.

"Godfather! Good news!" A big guy with a money rattail rushed over. This outfit looked like he came from outside the customs.

This person exclaimed excitedly: "5 Tigers Sect, the Yellow River Gang was blown down!"

"Blasted down?"

"Yes ~It’s flattened! It’s said that there was a fire that flew from the sky, it should be the hand of Lu Zhenjun."

Wang Fa Wang suddenly understood: "The surname Lu will definitely kill people and establish power. These two I’m not lucky enough to hit the muzzle. That’s right, you quickly go and take up the vacated site."

"Isn’t I going to go here? The manpower has been assembled." Finally, there are some big guys. Anxiously said: "But godfather, I do the same business as 5 Tigers Sect, won't I also do this?" It’s a miscellaneous fish that can’t get on the table. Lu Zhenjun just picks up one or two Liwei at random, how can he really offend the top sects that are suppressed by the golden body."

The big man thought about it, it was indeed For this reason, the Golden Lotus Sect has the top sect suppressed by the golden powerhouse, and even Zuo Gong dare not offend him easily, so he must be fine.

"God father, then the child went. Must grab the dock for you!"

After speaking, he bowed his head and finally came outside the courtyard. There were countless Martial Artist holding a weapon is waiting here.

Great prestigious families all pay attention to food. Golden Lotus teaches that as one of the top sects in the world, it is too cheap to go to the court to grab territory.

Therefore, the high-ranking faction tends to support some small Sects when the thugs charge forward, and they only need to sit in the back and wait for the benefits.

This brawny man with a money rat tail is one of the many gangs fostered by Golden Lotus.

Wang Fa Wang smiled and cheered up a group of people: "Work hard, and you will be rewarded if you have done a good job!"

"Many thanks Fa Wang took it!"

For these people at the bottom of the line, Hu Fa Wang is not conducive to showing his gentle side, so that he will be desperately desperate.

But his face suddenly changed in the next second! I saw a flash of fire flying rapidly in the sky!

After all, he is a good hand at spirit refinement. King Hu Fa noticed the attack from the sky in advance, and jumped back one second before the missile fell!

In the loud noise of heaven shaking, earth shattering, countless sand, gravel and soil were blown into the sky, and the raging shock wave swept everything.

After a long while, King Hu Fa pulled away the construction waste covered on his body and staggered to his feet.

The gorgeous daoist robe on his body has become a beggar outfit, the entire back house of the Golden Lotus teaching station is gone, and the great hall is also on the verge of collapse.

He looked at the miserable situation in front of him and was about to say something, and only heard a burst of exclamation. It turned out that the great hall was slowly collapsing, causing a cloud of smoke.

"Lu Yao! You are bold!"


At this moment, not only Golden Lotus teaches, but also Jin door!

Flying tiger gang that forced villagers to plant smoke in Shanggu; Water Margin looting people around Stone Gate; sea sand gang cargo ship that carried piglets on the sea.

Regardless of whether these gangs have backing or not, whether they are backed by the golden powerhouse or not, all the gangs are attacked by cruise missiles if they do evil things to affect stability!

For a time, there was an uproar from the north to the south!

This newly promoted Lu Zhenjun, actually risked the world's bad faith, and offended almost all the top powers in one go!

And the one who hates him most is definitely "Joyous Sect" Duan Zhigui Elder, who lost his beloved son.

At this moment, this Elder Duan ran to the backer's house and cried.

And his patron is Yuan Kaisheng Yuan Great Grandmaster.

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