I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 426

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Elder of Joyous Sect-Duan Zhigui, a familiar came to Yuan Great Grandmaster's house.

All the guards at the door knew him, knowing that this was the celebrity in front of the master, and quickly bowed to salute.

Duan Zhigui walked into the gate at random and nodded. When he passed the gatehouse, he saw that there were many "Qinggui" officials waiting inside.

These were all escaped from the capital when the coalition forces invaded, and Yuan Kaisheng enthusiastically took them in.

Not only donated to the house, but also help with money if the conditions are not good. This kind of righteousness and wealth has attracted everyone's praise.

Duan Zhigui secretly praised Yuan Kaisheng for his high wrist. It didn't cost much, but this fame suddenly rose a lot.

"Serving such a master is much more comfortable than facing those bitches in the sect."

Duan Zhigui sighed with infinite emotion. Everyone thinks that Joyous Sect's Elder is a sweet pastry, there must be countless Bodhisattva to enjoy, but it is quite wrong.

It’s all the same sect. Who doesn’t know who, will inevitably lock up the money when you are in the house. Often you can’t get a good job all night, and after a long time, you will look at each other.

Moreover, Joyous Sect's core cultivation technique "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra" is very evil. To achieve Great Accomplishment, you must be able to cultivation.

So the Peak goods in the sect are not for ordinary people to get involved, this Elder's work is boring.

For a while, he walked quickly for a quarter of an hour before arriving at Yuan Kaisheng’s study, which shows the size of this house.

The area is no less than the Imperial Palace in terms of floor space and luxury. Ordinary person has to get lost for the first time.

But it’s nothing. Zhang Wenda Zhang Great Grandmaster built a steel plant in a corner of his backyard in order to express his determination to the "Westernization Movement". Such a heavily polluted factory has not affected normal life much...

The Great Grandmaster has the world's top martial power and must have the highest enjoyment. The big house can only be regarded as the most basic.


Enter the study room and see Yuan Kaisheng sitting behind the large sandalwood table. Duan Zhigui has a sad expression on his face:


"Master Yuan, you have to call the shots for me! How difficult it is for Martial Artist to leave bloodline, I am just such a son, even if there is a mistake first, I don't have to kill it on the spot!"

Yuan Kaisheng was reading a telegram, and he raised his head and said:

"He doesn’t have long eyes and can blame anyone. But don’t panic. Many people have contacted me to get together. Deal with that Lu Yao."

Duan Zhigui said: "You also want to take action? I can contact Sect Master. This time Joyous Sect has also lost many loyal vassals."

With Yuan Kaisheng's character, of course he won't be the first one. "Don't worry, let those who can't bear the temptation to talk about it."

Duan Zhigui respectfully said: "It's all up to you! Lu Yao is right against so many people at the same time, and he will definitely not end well."

Yuan Kaisheng said with a mocking expression: "This Lu Yao is a fool who can't distinguish the situation. He thinks that killing a few people can make a whole world at peace, and he can be a hero. No one knows that this world is already good. Evil has nothing to do, but it’s time for people to eat people."


Getting a satisfactory answer, Duan Zhigui carefully flattered a few words before he got up. Leave.

Serving the Great Grandmaster is no different from serving the emperor.

Weili belongs to itself. The Great Grandmaster also holds the power of life and death. With no difficulty, people can be consigned to eternal damnation.

Yuan Kaisheng’s study is close to the back house, and there are constantly young and beautiful women to-and-fro.

Most of them are fifteen or sixteen years old, and no one is over 18.

Duan Zhigui glanced, and the technique of observing women instantly revealed the beauty of these women, a little regretful:

"Yuan Great Grandmaster has narrowed! It's so good, but he only loves the most boring thing, which is a pity."

There are always people who don't like the tall and hot body of female Martial Artists.

With regret, Duan Zhigui walked back.

In the large Aristocratic Family, it is not easy to expand the movement method, so you can only move slowly and patiently.

During the period, I met several teams of women, some of which were sent here by myself, nodded to each other.

"Three thousand beauties in the harem, it is absolutely modest to use it here. Yuan Great Grandmaster's back house is only famous and worthy of more than 3000...Unfortunately, all of them are the most boring stuff."

While secretly slandering Yuan Kaisheng's taste, a woman suddenly came over from a distance, making Duan Zhigui's eyes suddenly bright!

"What a Top Grade! It seems that Yuan Great Grandmaster also knows the goods."

I saw this woman with enchanting curves, swaying her style, although she was a little older, But it adds countless styles.

She is the mother of Liao Ya and Liao Qi-Mrs. Xiao Qingxiao!

Ke Duan Zhigui looked at it twice, and pounded his chest secretly:

"The eyebrows are lumpy, and the eyes are calm and composed. At first glance, you can't get love all the year round, so Top Grade stunner is really a waste!"

But even if the woman of the Great Grandmaster didn't touch it, outsiders would not dare to take another look.

Duan Zhigui left Yuan Mansion with great sorrow.


On the Beijing side, Lu Yao launched missiles to explode the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and caused a great uproar. .

He launched 30 missiles and killed at least 800 people. 9 Chengdu is a Martial Artist above the Viscera Refinement level, and many great characters with names and surnames have been planted.

Many people are unbelievable. At this time, the Sect overwhelming majority who come to discuss life have a deep background. Mr. Lu actually said that he would engage in without the slightest hesitation!

Some people are also puzzled: Is Lu Zhenjun doing such a small matter?

But more people hate it! It's more hateful to cut people's wealth than to kill their parents.

The powers of today are in urgent need of labor and blood. "Working abroad" in exchange for countless silver and munitions, and even gold and other great benefits.

With Lu Yao in, Jinmen, the largest port in the north, cannot be used. It is really embarrassing that you can't get the wealth of the world.

So, the outside world has condemned Lu Yao's brutal behavior. The newspapers today called him "strength to bully the weak, cruel and unscrupulous", and tomorrow they said he was "violent, prostitious, extravagant and extremely martial."

Of course, the local newspapers in Beijing and Tianjin are anti-swearing, and the two sides are arguing.

There are rumors from the outside that several Great Grandmasters are going to come to ask for justice for the tragic death of the vassal Sect.

The outside world is full of disturbances, but Lu Yao didn't take these seriously.

At this moment, he is being entangled in Fran for debts.

The girl stared at the big shiny jade-green eyes, pinched her waist with her hands and fiercely said: "You promised my willingness before!"

This is Lu Yao I remembered that I "owed wages".

"It’s so fun to forget, don’t worry, don’t worry, just give it."

raised hand and beckoned, I saw Pipa flying out of my ears, and I saw it in the wind. Fall into the hands.

Fran's expression condensed: [This person actually has a magic weapon! How many good things does he have! ! ! 】

There is a blue star in the pipa, and Lu Yao drew a trace of the sword into the lake.

I didn't dare to make more. After all, Fran was a stranger, so she was afraid of accidents.

But didn't expect Fran to take it all with a slight inhalation, and she squinted her eyes to reveal a refreshing look: "Come on again~"

Lu Yao took out again Some handed over, Fran ate it again.

She danced involuntarily with her brilliant blonde hair, and said comfortably:

"Very good! These beliefs have helped me immensely. My dear holy Knight ~ can still Would you like some more~"

After getting acquainted, people often expose their nature. Fran hasn't shown grace, nobleness and heroism for a long time.

Lu Yao was about to take it from the pipa, but suddenly looked up to the sky, there are countless aspirations coming together!

"The positive aspirations of another world!?"

In Lu Yao's previous missile launch, all the gangsters and criminals who committed crimes were killed.

They are dead, the Beijing-Tianjin area will only become more peaceful and happy!

Therefore, the people at the bottom expressed their sincere admiration and turned into a gathering of heavenly aspirations.

Although the number is not large, it does make Lu Yao smile knowingly:

"How great is the ability to do so. Now my cultivation base has come up, I must let this The world becomes pleasing to the eye!"

After that, raise your hand and guide these willpowers to gather in the sword in the lake!

Fran was surprised, and then overjoyed, using the sword in the lake to eat all these positive Spiritual Fluctuations and turn them into resources!

"Hiccup, dear holy Knight, you are so loyal, I will not treat you badly~"

Fran Xiafei's cheeks, her eyes blurred, she was drunk The wine is generally retracted into the lake and the benefits of digestion are gone.

Lu Yao laughed ,

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