I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 427

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After Lu Yao exploded around, the area around Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei instantly became Haiyan and clear.

The entire world is a lot quieter and pleasing to the eye a lot without the garbage.

Although it is still broken, the foundation is still there after all, and it is only a matter of time before it can recover.

And Lu Yao put 30 "Diamond Monkeys", not all of them are playing, but also a great harvest.

Riding the 1.2-ton rocket in deep space, every time he adjusts his direction and every time he dives, he has a deeper understanding of the possession of Divine Soul and the sword of divine sense.

It is no exaggeration to say that now his control of Divine Soul and Star Spirit Power is as good as Peak, and there is nothing to improve in technique.

In this way, Flying Sword must be more dexterous and formidable power greater!

What made Lu Yao didn't expect is that there are unexpected benefits in Martial Dao cultivation.


After dismissing Fran who came to "seeking salary", Lu Yao immediately began to conduct daily Martial Dao Cultivation.

Innate Realm’s cultivation mainly uses Innate True Qi to refine the acupuncture points of the whole body, and the ultimate goal is to condense "the true body without leakage."

When Innate, the acupuncture points of the whole body are opened, and the bridge between Heaven and Earth is penetrated; while the non-leakage boundary is the other way round, it is to close the opened acupuncture points to lock the essence from leaking.

When the whole body becomes a self-made world and becomes one, the real body without leakage will become one.

After reaching this step, the recipient will increase to 180 years old and can maintain Peak battle strength to death.

The improvement of battle strength is second. The greatest significance of non-leakage is that this is the beginning of the liberation of individual life to a higher level and the evolution of the future!

"And for me, I have to break the border and explode those three stinky girls sooner!"

When the physique is almost the same, women are in an absolute crushing position, so Lu Yao has been bullied a little bit miserably in bed in recent days.

Don't talk about 1V3, his 1V2 is very strenuous, and every day he is freshly squeezed is in sage time.

"I'm the third Divine Art, and I will make you proud for a few days!"

So, Lu Yao played a 12-point Spiritual Cultivation to practice.

Currently, his Martial Dao cultivation is based on the two Divine Art of fellow practitioners "dragon roar Golden Bell Cover" and "Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique", supplemented by "Dropping Dragon Palm".

These three top martial arts are naturally extremely efficient, but it is a pity that the course of "Jianglong Palm" is the opposite of the previous two, and it is always impossible to "three works at the same time."

At the same time, these are three kinds of Absolute Art after all, which consumes a lot of energy, and it takes at least 8 hours a day to achieve the best results.

Lu Yao often gets delayed if he gets busy a little.

But there is no way, the power will not fall from the sky for no reason, only if you pay, you can gain.

At this moment, Lu Yao first runs two Divine Art to clean up the acupoints along the Ren Du Meridian.

I saw his body faintly reflect fluorescence in the sun, and his skin is like a metal material.

Although the muscles explode, they are not exaggerated, full of natural and smooth beauty, and the lines are beautiful to the extreme.

The tempering degree of this body is definitely regarded as the batch of cream of the crop in Innate Realm, and only the core true biography of Great prestigious families can stand a battle.

But he himself was not very satisfied. Martial Dao can quickly cultivation through various tonics and massage in the early stage, but at the later stage has to be done step by step, the progress is slow, and the contrast is too big.

Not enjoying the rocket-like cultivation speed, Lu Yao is a bit disappointed. But there is no way, there must be accumulation to make a qualitative change.

As he packed up his mood and prepared to continue his work, he suddenly thought:

"My control of Star Spirit Power has reached the limit, and even rockets can be controlled, can that Control True Qi?"

"It is known that Star Spirit Power can make things follow the pre-set trajectory like simple programming..."

"Can it pass Star Spirit? Power allows True Qi and True Qi to run automatically. In this way, can it be fully automated?"

Out of curiosity, Lu Yao immediately tried it.

Concentrating on holding his breath, thinking sinking, Star Spirit Power immersed in his body, in harmony with True Qi.

True Qi immediately became agile, following the route set by Lu Yao in advance, automatically cultivation "Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique".

This is the most secure cultivation technique. Even if a normal person wants to practice cultivation deviation, it is very difficult.

Under the guidance of inner interest, True Qi only takes a quarter of an hour to do the work!

Lu Yao was overjoyed immediately: "There is a show! Although the speed is slower by about 14, I don't need to look after myself. This is fully automatic! Unmanaged, you can cultivation by yourself when you eat and sleep!"

With excitement, he then tried something harder.

Immersed in Star Spirit Power again, set up a good luck route in advance just like a simple programming intention, and let the two Divine Art "dragon roar Golden Bell Cover" and "Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique" operate automatically.

These are two dumb skills, the cultivation is not difficult, and it is still unsurprisingly successful!

Lu Yao is very happy: "As a mature top Divine Art, it is time for you to learn to cultivated by yourself!"

"Then the last step is to let Jiang Longzhang join in. , Sanmen Divine Art...Fully automatic fellow practitioners!!!"

Just as Lu Yao was about to start, he suddenly stopped.

Martial Dao has reached the high realm. There are risks in cultivation and break-through. Impatient and greedy are the most avoided.

For the sake of safety, Lu Yao decided to be safer and ask Yu Yanmei for help.

With her, there will be no major event. And... Lu Yao really wanted to see her.

I calmed my mind, started the movement method and came to the mountain where Yu Yanmei often stayed.


When Lu Yao came, she happened to see Yu Yanmei holding her beloved Longquan sword, standing on the top of the mountain.

There is a huge amount of Innate True Qi in No-Leaking Realm, which even makes Longquan sword swallow a foot-long sword light.

I saw a dark shadow flashing by, and a piece of and the others high hard rock instantly turned into a dozen pieces, like a potato.

Lu Yao said with a smile: "Yu Grandmaster, how about raising a sword~"

Yu Yanmei collects the sword and returns it to its sheath, her eyes are as clear and soft as clear water: "You are here , What's the matter?"

This female Grandmaster has amazing long legs and is very tall, 3 fingers taller than Lu Yao.

He is tall and slender and graceful, with a light and graceful figure, and a slender waist.

Lu Yao secretly admired, and at the same time expressed his intention: "I have come up with a way, you can take care of it, so you can save any accidents."

Yu Yanmei nodded, and then reached out to help. On Lu Yao's neck: "I'll watch it for you, let's start."

Lu Yao's heart was immediately calm, and he started experimenting with his grand blueprint with confidence and boldness.

The most difficult part nowadays is to automatically cultivation "Dragon Palm".

Lu Yao took the initiative to cultivate it again, and at the same time cultivation, carefully wrote down the path and training strength of each key.

Then cautiously immersed in Star Spirit Power, let True Qi do it by himself.

I saw True Qi walking through the Du Channel and going through the Hand Yang Is Bright Large Intestine Meridian, and then returning to the Ren Channel to go around the Taiyin Lung Meridian of the hand. The whole process was smooth and smooth. cultivation again!

Lu Yao happily jumped three feet high: "Ha, it's done!"

Three Divine Art fellow practitioners, speed is not simple addition, but square multiplication , The speed exploded several times.

Moreover, it can also cultivation Star Spirit Power at the same time, so that the Spirit Refinement cultivation base does not fall. The rocket-like cultivation speed is back!

Yu Yanmei whispered: "This is the Dual Cultivation of spirit refinement powerhouse? It is amazing."

"Dual Cultivation? I thought it was created by myself... "

"No, there was a spirit refinement powerhouse doing this before the Qin Dynasty."

Yu Yanmei's voice is soft and crisp, which makes you awake and forgetful, so I added it at this moment. One sentence: "But you can do it very well, I am very envious."

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